AnVir Task Manager Free Download Latest Version for Windows

Last Updated: 22-01-2019  AnVir Task Manager is a desktop developer that lets you make some adjustments in your Windows PC. Download this Task Management Tool that is used to take complete control over all processing running on your system software. It will provide you with complete information about your system programs. Download this AnVir Task Manager 2018 Latest Version. Whereas, it is compatible with both 32-Bit as well as 64-Bit software.

AnVir Task Manager Free Download Overview:

Well, the main aim of this security software is to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic from different websites to overcome internet issues. It also used to check the malicious threats which are hidden in your system. It alerts you if any virus infected you system applications automatically. You can minimize your system crashes, hang-ups, restart problems, and speed up your system performance. Sometimes when you download any application accidentally you might unknowingly download harmful software, in that situation, this software warns you to detect or it automatically blocks that software. Moreover, it can also secure you from online activities that try to hack your personal information. It cleans all your browsing history to hide from online tracers. Further, it also destroys all unwanted junk files, useless files and keeps your system space free. AnVir Task Manager image, AnVir Task Manager Free Download picture, AnVir Task Manager Portable screenshoot, AnVir Task Manager Download for Windows 10 image In fact, you can also know the information of processors including memory usage, CPU, executable name with full priority, working hours, username, etc. Well, it has the advanced technology that is the tray icon that is used to know the current information on memory usage. Whereas, it has more options to provide on your system taskbar to utilize easily with one click. AnVir Task Manager is the software that maintains your PC to improve your system optimizer and to keep your system stable. Download this AnVir Task Manager Portable version free download for Windows 10 to secure your system from all kinds of issues.

Free Task Management Tool Key Features:

  • It is used to display the list of information which goes on your system processor, applications, programmes, etc. and more.
  • It maintains your system software to control all the online threats and it detects automatically before it spreads to the system applications.

AnVir Task Manager image, AnVir Task Manager Free Download picture, AnVir Task Manager Portable screenshoot, AnVir Task Manager Download for Windows 10 image

  • It gets rid of viruses including spyware, malware. ransomware, trojan, rootkit, etc.
  • Well, it also secures your internet activities and monitors your system to make sure it is safe.
  • If any unwanted software gets downloaded on your system which is harmful, it automatically removes them.
  • Moreover, it prevents clutters, crashes from your system and keeps your system performance smooth.
  • This software can also provide your current program information.
  • It cures the infected system safely without any frustrations and it also repairs all kinds of issues which slow downs the PC.

AnVir Task Manager System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)

Memory: 1GB RAM

Hard Disk Space: 1GB or more

Processor: Intel Pentium

AnVir Task Manager Conclusion:

AnVir Task Manager gives the detailed information about your Windows programmes, applications, processors, etc. Download this ultimate software to make secure of your system issues before it harms your system software. It also gives your current memory usage on your monitor.

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