Comodo Internet Security 10 Free Download for Windows 7/8/10

Last Updated on 8-10-2018

Overview of Comodo Internet Security 10:

Comodo Internet Security is the Free Security Tool for PC to protect against all online threats. This is one of the free products of Comodo Security Solutions. It offers Online Shopping and Banking Security that helps the user to buy online with confidence. As usual, it forms a Firewall for the software application in order to allow the User to recommend programs to access the internet. It provides protection with the advanced technology of Sandbox to detect behavioral changes in the programs running background.

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Comodo Internet Security is available in three versions: Free, Pro and Complete. These Products completely differs in advanced levels of protection. Besides, it offers Tech Support, Cloud Storage, as well as Wi-Fi Security, in the Premium Versions.

Whenever the Internet users increases, even the Web Security Softwares should also upgrade. In general, most of the beginners prefer Free Products for their PC Security, when compared to all the Internet security, Comodo placed on top 10 Web Security providers. On top of that Comodo Internet Security is one of the Comodo Free Products.

Download and install the Comodo Internet Security for all Windows versions that support both 32-bit and 64-bit of multiple OS.

Why Comodo Internet Security 10?

Comodo Internet Security 10 has secret tools which make it stand apart from other Security products. Not only that, Default deny protection is the special feature on Comodo which lists all the Safe and Spam programs separately. Whenever it encounters any new program it compares with Safe & Spam list and takes immediate action. On the other hand, it also allows you to back up the files and a secure online virtual vault. Includes 50GB of free backup space.

Comodo Internet Security Features:

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Sandbox Technology:

Sandbox environment created virtually on the system to report Experts to resolve the issues of suspicious programs. Sometimes while installing new programs spyware may not detect on Computer. But after some time, it gets the original state to corrupt the system. This type of software’s allowed to run in Sandbox for Expert Solution.

Safe List:

Furthermore, it manages a database of 2Million trusted applications which blocks the unknown files and Saves a lot of time for User.

Security over Shopping:

Moreover, it Blocks all the viruses to protect the PC from dangerous activities like Spying on Personal data and also Credentials.

Defense+ Technology:

Additionally, the feature will help the user in protecting the critical system files by blocking the malware before it installs.

Malware Blocking:

Spam sites have malicious code embedded in it which is impossible for the user to detect them by Manual Searching. But Comodo Internet Security Scans all the WebPages for Malware Threats and blocks the Websites from loading on Browser.

Gaming Mode:

Having a Smooth Work-Flow or Gaming Experience contributes an increase in the Productivity of User. Comodo Software Turns Off all the unnecessary background Processes in order to provide more efficient Processing for important Programs.

Therefore, along with all the above functions comodo internet security not only offers the best protection as per your needs but also keeps you and your PC safe from all the web-based threats.

Comodo Internet Security 10 Pros and Cons:


  • It offers Cloud Storage
  • The program comes with SandBox Technology
  • Low Usage of System resources


  • Low Performance of Anti-Phishing Protection
  • Bit Challenging for Beginners to use the advanced features

Comodo Internet Security System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 Bit)
  • CPU Model: Intel Pentium 3 processor or Later
  • RAM: 152MB of Installed Memory or Above
  • Disk Space: 400MB of free hard disk space
  • File size: 5.11MB

Download Comodo Internet Security Latest Version
Windows 32Bit

Windows 64Bit

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