Download Avant Browser Free For Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64 Bit)

Avant Browser free download for Windows is the High-Speed Web Browser for Windows PC. It has all the Features of Most Popular Internet Browsers. Video Grabber, Fast Download Manager, Low System Resources usage, Ad Blocker are the Special Tools available in Avant other than Similar Internet Browsers. It mainly slows down downloading of the unnecessary files in web pages to boost the performance of the Web Browser. It also Supports Multitasking and allows you to handle all the Web pages in one single browser. Similar to Internet Downloading Manager Software, it grabs all the videos on the web page and lets the user download with a Click.

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Why Choose Avant Browser?

Because Avant Browser mainly increases the loading speed of the Web page by stopping all the data which works as flash files. It uses low System Memory for continuous Running of application. The Important Reasons to Choose Avant Browser are: it is the Best choice as a Secondary browser in PC, Video Downloading System, Ad-Blocker, and also fast Web Browsing. As Mentioned, Avant is the Best Choice for a PC which requires a secondary web Browser if User needs to work on other Email account or Other Web Server. It Mainly helps the Web Designers/Developers to test their Web pages in a different Browser. Download the videos on Web sites with few Clicks through the embedded Video Downloader.

Features of Avant Browser Free Download:

Avant Browser Portable, Download Avant, Avant Download, Avant Browser, Avant PC, Download Avant Browser, Avant Browser 2017

Video Grabber: It helps the user to download the Videos on the Website with a Click. It always grabs the video files on a web page. This offers quick navigation to the Media Files

Ad-Blocker: No Need to install special Add-On in a browser for Blocking Ads on Web pages. Because Avant has already embedded an Ad-Blocker in the browser itself.

Bookmark Access: Access all the bookmarks saved in Avant from anywhere in the world with an internet Connection. It developed an Online Bookmark Portal for the user in order to access the saved Bookmarks with ID and Password.

Fast Downloader: It also accelerates the Downloading Speed of Media files from Email and Web sites.

Auto-Fill: Avant responds to every Form Filling webpages if it could save the data or Paste the Previously Saved details. These features can save a lot of Time for Users.

Avant Browser Pros and Cons:


  • Simple User Interface
  • Fast Web-Browsing
  • Video Grabber
  • Low System resource usage


  • Not Compatible with Every System

Avant Browser System Requirements:

  • It is available for Windows XP/Vista/7
  • It requires 128MB RAM and 100MB Disk Space

Download the Latest Version of Avant Browser for Windows XP/Vista/7(32/64 Bit):

Windows 32-Bit

Windows 64-Bit

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