Download Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro Security Free 30 Days Trial

Ad-Aware Pro Security offers Advanced Tools for Complete Protection of System to Withstand Spyware and Antivirus. It provides different Algorithms to block every Malware attack. It has a huge list of Features & Tools. Among the tools, Gaming and Work Mode are the Most Important Features to support the user with Efficient System Processing. It maintains Security over PC with Multiple Tools: Firewall, Malware Tracer & Remover (even from External Media Files), Web Protection with Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spyware & Download Scanner.
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Why choose Ad-Aware Pro Security?

Ad-Aware Products like Complete Security, Pro Security, and Antivirus differ in few tools. When we Consider Ad-Aware Pro Security among other software, it has Excellent Virus Scanner, and Two-way protected Firewall along with other Common Features like Sand Box Emulator, The Web, and PC security.

Ad-Aware Pro Security Features:

Ad Aware Pro Security, Ad Aware, Ad Aware Free, Ad Aware Spyware, Ad Aware Pro, Ad Aware Lavasoft

  • Ad-Aware Pro Security has Quick Virus Scanner to trace out all the Viruses in the system.
  • It verifies all the Downloads and also blocks the files if found any suspicious programs.
  • Work and Game Mode are the two Features added based on research of User issues. This tool provides Continuous and Efficient System Processing to the user by hiding all the notification, Updates and Alerts.
  • With all the frequently updated Unsafe Links Database, It halts the Bad Web pages before it starts Loading on Browser.
  • Stay Protected with Online Banking and Shopping Security to prevent Cyber Crimes through Spying on Credentials.
  • Continuously monitors all the Networks in the System and Filters the Connected system Networks to prevent intruder attacks.
  • Spyware is the Known for causing Damage to the PC without User Notice by entering through trusted software support. This Spyware can detect by Adware Pro Security and also blocks the Functioning instantly.
  • The Real-Time Protection tool monitors continuously to detect the Suspicious Programs and blocks the Malware Programs Functioning which could Cause Harm to System Files.
  • Sandbox Technology helps to handle the background running Programs which has no User Intervention.
  • All the Links on different Social Media Pages are verified to ensure Full Control over the Personal Data of User.
  • Every External Drive Connected to the system is scanned before it displays the user and reports the malware programs.
  • Firewall Tool in this Security Software filters the data over Networks in both incoming and outgoing states to Stay Safe.

Ad-Aware Pro Security Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Firewall Tool works best in blocking the network-based issues
  • This Antivirus Program Traces most of the infected files


  • No Parental Controls to support the Home Network for Internet Access
  • Not an Effective Anti-Phishing Tool

Ad-Aware Pro Security System Requirements:

  • It is available for Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 Bit) Operating System
  • It requires 1GB RAM and 1.8GB HDD Space for running the application

Download Ad-Aware Pro Security Free 30 Days Trial For Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 Bit)

Click the below link to download the latest Version of Ad-Aware Pro Security and It is Valid for Only 30 days.

Windows 32-Bit

Windows 64-Bit

Ad Aware Pro Security, Ad Aware, Ad Aware Free, Ad Aware Spyware, Ad Aware Pro, Ad Aware LavasoftRead This Before you Download:  After Downloading, you will be Navigate to a Page(Similar to Above image) where you have to Provide an Email address to get the Product key for Activation of Trial Version.

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