Thinkfree Office Neo 4.0 Full Version Download for Free

Thinkfree Office Neo 4.0 is a free office suite that comes with all Microsoft Office tools. You can effortlessly download and run the latest version of this software in kind of system with minimum system requirements.

Overview of Thinkfree Office Neo 4.0 Full Version:

By using free office suite the user can perform several types of functions. It can help you to improve the performance and productivity at work and home. With the help of this, you can create professional presentations, excel sheets, text documents with a minimal amount of effort.

WPS Office, Apache OpenOffice is free office suites and a good competitor for ThinkFree suites even though they are free. But it only offers basic tools. The application looks and feels same as MS office and in some situations it directly copied. Especially in the word document looks. It is useful for the beginners to create the word processing documents in the easy and accurate way.Thinkfree Office 4.0, Word Processor, Office Suite, Thinkfree Office Logo, Thinkfree Office Screenshot, Thinkfree Office ImagesThe free sophisticated software helps the users to create all types of files. After finishing the presentation you can directly save them in the cloud storage or immediately share them.

The program packed with three functions namely Show which helps you to create presentations, Calc for developed for complex calculations. And the last one is writing that helps the users to easily write the documents. Furthermore, it includes a file manager that lets you easily upload the files to the cloud. It allows to store the files up to 1 GB without any charge but you need to create an account.

Features of Thinkfree Office Neo Latest Version:

  • The application works perfectly with our native apps as well as the web. And it is well organized that allows all types of users get around without any experience.
  • The program compatible with Microsoft Office documents which have the possibility to save the files directly as PDF format.
  • The presentation can be saved in the JPG or PNG pictures and emailed them directly from the main window. And also export them to your iPod using the wizard.
  • Additionally, you can edit the text style, Add text, update Table and insert the pictures/ clips arts from the hard drive.
  • The user can also manage the documents in a Thinkfree office with the help of Windows mobile or Android device for free.

Thinkfree Office 4.0, Word Processor, Office Suite, Thinkfree Office Logo, Thinkfree Office Screenshot, Thinkfree Office Images

  • With the help of few clicks the user can edit plenty of files no matter, it is a word, spreadsheet, Presentation. The program effortlessly creates all type of files in few minutes depending upon the system resources.
  • The newly updated office clipboard remembers previous 24 textual or graphical items. That you’ve had copied and enables the users to paste them into another document.
  • Effortlessly convert the existing files into the editable word, cell and preview the edited documents and export the files using a single click.
  • The software inbuilt with the SYSTRAN that has the capacity to translate the content in 10 languages without any impact on the original content.
  • The program provides real-time protection that will prevent from code execution, also guard your important data and another document.

System Requirments for Thinkfree Office:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (32 Bit and 64 Bit).

Processor: Intel/AMD 1.2 GHz.

RAM: 512 MB.

Hard Disk: 500 MB.

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