TinyWall Firewall Free Download for Windows 7/8/10

Last Updated: 23rd October 2018

TinyWall Firewall is the Simple and Lightweight Security Software. It is an Open Source Software for Windows Operating System. This Security Program placed in the Top 10 Firewall Tools. It works with other security software like Antivirus. The Key Features of TinyWall Firewall are automatic blocking of anonymous programs, Avoid all the Trojans which may try to modify the settings of System, and also detects the Malware Programs. TinyWall firewall always maintains a database of Whitelist which includes safe Programs and Every time a program enters the System, the Firewall verifies the new program with Whitelist & Blocks it is Spam.

This Firewall mainly developed to restrict all the Unwanted and unnecessary Programs from accessing the System. Normal Computer can get access to all the Softwares without any filtering of malicious programs, Here, Firewall comes into place to act as a Security Guard to allow only the safe Programs to enter PC.

Why choose TinyWall Firewall?

TinyWall is the Excellent Firewall for Windows Operating System. It mainly Safeguards System from against all Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and Threats. The Strong reason to opt for TinyWall Firewall is Blocking of Annoying Popup. It also allows the user to make changes in the settings to create an Exception for a Safe Program Manually.

Key Features of TinyWall Firewall:

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  • It maintains a Database of all safe Programs for blocking all the Malware software.
  • Blocking all the Unnecessary and Spam Alerts.
  • Detects all the Malicious Programs and blocks all threats which try to access the System.
  • It also maintains a blocklist of Domains and Gets regular Updates to trace them immediately & Stops processing.
  • Moreover, this Firewall is just a Click away for users through integration on right click Menu.
  • Before it blocks a Program, it alerts the user to check it can update into whitelist or remove it.
  • Once, TinyWall Installed on your PC, it takes full control of Network Access and Allows only applications that listed in TinyWall Database.
  • It allows Users to View the Complete Dashboard of Running as well as Inactive application.
  • Overall, it safeguards the System Network which might be a source for Trojans and Threats.

TinyWall Firewall Pros and Cons:


  • Free and Open Source.
  • Lightweight Firewall.
  • Also, it blocks all Pop-Ups.


  • Not Compatible with Windows XP.
  • Manual Settings are Needed to Unblock alerts of Safe Programs.

TinyWall Firewall System Requirements:

  • It is Available for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 Bit/ 64 Bit)
  • It Requires Microsoft.Net Framework 3.5
  • No Other Special Requirements of RAM and Hard Disk Space

Download the Latest Version of TinyWall for Windows (32/64 Bit)

Click the below link to Download the Full Version of TinyWall Firewall. It is a Setup File and Compatible with Windows Vista or Later.

–>> “Windows 32 Bit”<<–

–>> “Windows 64 Bit”<<–

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