Torch Browser Free Offline Installer Download

Torch Browser is a feature-packed internet browser that allows you to browse the internet safely and very fastly. As soon as possible, the interested users download & install Torch Browser Offline Installer for both the 32 bit or 64 bit Windows PC or laptop.

Overview of Torch Browser Offline Installer Free:

The Torch Browser is a Chromium-based web browser, and it is integrated with advanced features. And a lot of customizable tweaks that offer a pleasant browsing experience. Like other popular web browsers, it is available to download for free. So, the interested ones don’t make any delay in downloading it. With this Offline Installer software, you can directly install on offline mode without required internet connection.

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The most important thing is the Torch Browser is based on Chromium. Hence, you can handle this browser at ease or without any intricacy if you are presently using Google Chrome. If you previously used a Google Chrome application. This app contains ultimate internet tools that provide tremendous help to share websites through social networks, and successfully accelerate downloads.

It possesses a well-structured and straightforward interface. Because the users able to see all the included traits in an application very clearly. It can access included all options at ease. This application supports Windows OS and Mac OS X devices. To download this software successfully on a device, the minimum amount of system resources are sufficient. Finally, it is easy to use a web browser for both novice and advanced users, so try to download it.

The Main Features of Torch Browser Free Download:

  • This fast, powerful, and feature-rich browser comes with Media Grabber trait that permits to download videos. And audio files much rapidly directly from the internet merely with a single or one click.
  • It is integrated with Torch Player, although because of this trait, the users can play the videos to a finish of downloading.
  • This tool includes a very convenient download manager. The users download the files and videos with high speed.

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  • By visiting the Facebook with the help of this browser, and by clicking on the Facelift button, you can change the background, colors, and fonts of Facebook efficiently.
  • It presents a free music player feature that allows you to make your own playlist and play, pause and adjust the volume of music much easily without leaving the current tab.
  • This best browser software is drag-and-drop support other than that the users at ease share the up to date information with social networks directly from the browser.
  • The users can create bookmarks and check browsing history successfully. Apart from that, one can use the private mode option in order to browse the internet without leaving any traces.
  • Torch Browser Offline Installer can install offline mode without require an active internet connection.
  • It automatically blocks spam emails, malicious websites, unsafe links, and damaged downloads before reach your PC.
  • Finally, The Free Download of Torch Browser helps to secure your PC and identity against hackers and third-party applications.

System Requirements for Torch Browser for Windows 7/10:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 100 MB of free hard disk space

Download Torch Browser for Windows

Click the suggested below link in order to download the great and ultimate Torch Browser application on a PC. This free and best browser is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

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