Download UVK Ultra Virus Killer 10.5 Free Portable Installer

UVK Ultra Virus Killer 10.5 is an Effective and Complete Virus Removal tool. Along with Malware Detection, It also fixes the common issues of System which interfere with the Processing of applications. Initially, it was developed with only Malware tools. But Later on with every possible update the UVK Team have added Utility tools to make it a Multi-Functional tool. Features like Smart Uninstaller, Quick Management, System Booster, and repair are the handy tools included to make the tasks easy to handle. This tool picks all the temporary & Shortcut files and reports the user before it deletes to ignore the required files.

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Why Choose Ultra Virus Killer?

Ultra Virus Killer has multiple tools to hit the Malware and Viruses in the system. It plays a Major role in tracing all the Suspicious Programs which intends to cause the distraction to the Applications and even for Web Browser. Sometimes Browser may infect with Malicious Programs, this allows the Trojans to enter the PC and interrupt the user with Popup Ads and other unnecessary Scams.

Features of UVK Ultra Virus Killer 10.5:

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System Booster:

System Booster helps to boost the system files with Complete Clean-up process. It mainly clears the Unwanted and Unused Folders.

Smart Uninstaller:

The user may suffer a lot to uninstall a Complex program, and Here, The Smart Uninstaller collects all the files related to a Specific Software and erased permanently. It also takes measures to avoid reinstalling without user notice.

Quick User Management:

This Feature facilitates the user with simple Interface for managing all the tasks at Ease.

System Immunization:

It also prevents the settings of PC from changes by which Trojans enters the PC without any hurdles.

System Repair:

It Helps to Fix the Maintenance, as well as, other Common issues of PC. It is an Important Tool of UVK Software to active the Malware removal in case of critical System Health.

Ultra Adware Killer:

In addition, it Blocks all the Advertisement and Scam Based Programs from entering the PC.

System Manager:

System Manager is a Single Multi-Functional Tool to handle Memory, Processor, and File Backups with individual tool embedded in it. This tool helps to manage all the tasks with allocated RAM and Memory in order to run the application smoothly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of UVK Ultra Virus Killer 10.5:


  • Blocks Pop Ads ON Website
  • Removes Malicious Programs


  • Bit Old Interface

System Requirements of UVK Ultra Virus Killer 10.5:

  • It is Available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • It requires 256MB RAM and 1GB HDD Space for running application

Download UVK Ultra Virus Killer 10.5 Portable Installer:

Click the below link to Download the Latest Version of Ultra Virus Killer. It is a Full version and Portable setup file to install on different PCs.

–>>”Windows 32-Bit“<<–

–>>”Windows 64-Bit“<<–

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