Abelssoft StartupStar Trial Version for Windows 10/7

Download Abelssoft StartupStar Trial Version for Windows 10/7, as it not only controls several applications to minimize the startup time but, also blocks applications which try to include themselves into the list of startup programs. Moreover, this startup optimizer for Windows includes a backup center which is capable of recovering all the changes made since starting the program. Besides, the trial version of this best startup optimizer supports various versions of Windows operating system such as Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and you may also download and install it on both x86 and x64 configurations. Interested users can also try PC Optimizer Pro Trial Version for Windows 7 as it can also allow you to manage startup programs.

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Abelssoft StartupStar Free Download Review:

Have you ever come across a situation in which your PC slows down as a result of adding too many startup programs? While using the system, users may add several programs to the list of startup programs knowingly or unknowingly. When there are fewer startup programs, users may not feel like their device startup time is increasing but, gradually when the number of startup programs increases you will experience higher startup times and your productivity might come down to a large extent. So experts highly recommend you to install a top-class startup optimizer which can reduce, or control the startup applications so that they would not impact your PC’s startup time.

Abelssoft has designed StartupStar Free Download to remove or block startup time improving programs so that they might not impact your PC startup time and daily productivity. More importantly, this best startup optimizer displays the entire list of startup programs so that you can choose which programs you would like to keep and which ones to remove. Apart from this, it also includes a task scheduler that can disable all the startup entries present in the scheduler at the specified time. Interested users who willing to install the trial version of StartupStar can scroll to the bottom of the post and click on the download button and initiate the installation process.

Salient Features of Abelssoft StartupStar for Windows 10/7:

  • With the help of dashboard in Abelssoft StartupStar for Windows 10/7, users can view all the deleted entries, programs automatically running in the background, and even the status of all the startup entries.
  • Further, this free startup optimizer can also delay several startup entries, and users do have the option to activate, deactivate, block, or even delete them.
  • Furthermore, the best startup optimizer includes a task scheduler that allows you to schedule a particular task daily, weekly, monthly, on every bootup, or every logon.
  • Besides, users do have the option to add several programs to the startup list manually, and they can also choose the program to be started as an administrator, and later on, they can also choose the type of startup.
  • Moreover, this startup optimizer for Windows also includes an autostart firewall that runs in the background to directly alert you when programs are added to the startup.
  • Apart from these features, the backup center in this software provides users an opportunity to undo the changes since starting the program or users can also choose to recover all the changes since a specific date.

Abelssoft StartupStar System Requirements:

  • OS: It supports Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or later.
  • RAM: 512 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.

Abelssoft StartupStar Conclusion:

On the whole, Abelssoft StartupStar is one of the top class startup optimizers which can effectively bring down the startup time, by controlling the applications. Additionally, it also contains an autostart firewall that can notify you when programs are added to the startup.

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