Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 Free Trial Download (2020)

Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 Latest Version helps you backup your essential files and folders. It is one of the best backup software for Windows PC that is easy to use and reliable. Ashampoo Backup 2020 Free Trial is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7 PC.

These days, most users save their important files and documents in their local disk without knowing the risk. Windows users lose their data due to various data-loss situations like a virus attack, ransomware, operating system failure, or hard disk damage. Sometimes, you can also lose the data because of sudden power loss or while moving files from one directory to another.

Hence, having a backup of your valuable data is very useful as you quickly recover your lost files without any issues. You will find dozens of back up software on the internet, both paid and free. But it is necessary that you install a software, which is reliable, easy-to-use, and offers more features. Therefore, we suggest you to Download Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 Latest Version for your Windows PC.

Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 Free Download Overview:

Ashampoo is a well-known organization that developed several system utilities like Uninstaller, WinOptimizer, Burning Studio, Movie Studio, PDF Software, Converters, and more. And of its most popular product is the Ashampoo Backup Pro 14, which is used and trusted by people worldwide.

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With Ashampoo Backup Software, you can choose to backup specific files or entire hard disk. There are several options for you to save your backups, such as local disk, external drives, or cloud storage. Besides that, it also compresses the output file to save disk space and allows you to encrypt it for security. Moreover, it stores multiple versions of your files, and also saves backup reports for future references.

Keep reading as we provide a usage guide and a brief explanation of all the features.

How to Back Up your data using Ashampoo Backup Pro 14:

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to use this backup software on your Windows PC.

  • First, you need to select the output/destination storage location.
  • Next, you can choose to backup selected files, folders, partitions, or entire hard disk, including program settings and operating system.
  • After that, it asks whether you want to encrypt the backup files with a password.
  • If you set a password, then you need to select the encryption level and the compression type.

Ashampoo Backup Pro Images, Ashampoo Backup Free Screenshots, Ashampoo Backup Pro User Interface, Ashampoo Backup Pro, Backup Software, Backup Tool

  • Next, you can schedule the backup task as per your convenience.
  • The program asks you to choose the report type, and then you can make version settings.
  • Finally, it shows an overview of all the options you selected so that you can go back and make necessary changes if required.
  • You can click on the backup button to save the backup plan. Then, you can click on the Start Backup Now button to begin the process whenever you want.

Features Offered by Ashampoo Backup Pro 2020 Trial Version:

Multiple Storage Options:

Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 is an advanced backup tool suitable for both basic and advanced users. As you click on the New Backup Plan option, you can choose to store the backup on your local drive or cloud storage. By selecting the local disk, you will get to store the backup on any partition or removable device. It also lets you save the backup files in the cloud storage like Dropbox, G-Drive, OneDrive, Strato, 1&1, MegantaCloud, OwnCloud, NexCloud, or WebDAV Server.

Backup Options:

You can choose to backup individual files and folders or create an Image Backup. The Image Backup option will backup all and partitions and hard disks connected to your PC. With the Image Backup, you can also restore your Operating System. But it takes longer and more space when compared to individual files backup. Moreover, you can also choose to backup file properties like symlinks, permission settings, and more. 

You can select files by their file type like text documents, pictures, movies, music, or make a custom selection. It also lets you backup internet data like emails, calendars, bookmarks, settings, and extensions from web browsers and email clients. Furthermore, you can also exclude specific files and folders from the selection. 


Ashampoo Backup Free Trial also makes sure all your data is safe by allowing you to set a password. It protects your backup with AES-256 encryption, which isn’t easy to break. Note that Ashampoo Backup Pro does not provide any password recovery option. 

Therefore, if you lost or forgot the password, you cannot access or restore your backup. Moreover, you can also choose the encryption strength between AES-256, Cast-128, AES-128, or Blowfish. 

Ashampoo Backup Pro Images, Ashampoo Backup Free Screenshots, Ashampoo Backup Pro User Interface, Ashampoo Backup Pro, Backup Software, Backup Tool


Having another copy of your data may occupy your disk space can cause low disk space issues. Therefore, Ashampoo Backup 2020 lets you compress the backups so that they utilize less space on your PC. You can also choose the compression type between the following:

  • Zlib (Medium Compression & Fast Speed)
  • Quick LZMA (Good Compression & Medium Speed)
  • LZMA Normal (Very Good Compression & Slow Speed)
  • LZMA Best (Excellent Compression & Very Slow Speed)
  • No Compression (No Compression & Very Fast Speed)

You can choose the compression option that is more suitable for you. By default, it compresses the data with Zlib compression.

Scheduled Backup:

You can also schedule Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 to backup the data on a selected date and time. You can pick a daily backup, weekly backup, or advanced backup, in which you can add multiple entries. Moreover, if the device is switched off during the scheduled time, you can choose to backup files on the next startup or skip the task. Besides that, you can also schedule the Backup Software to shut down your PC automatically after completing the backup plan.

Backup Reports:

Another unique feature of this Backup Tool for Windows is that it creates and saves reports of backups performed. You can choose to keep a short description with statistic information, normal summary & reports, or detailed information about each file.

Version Management:

Ashampoo Backup Free Trial stores several versions of your files so that you can recover the file version you wanted. Under the version settings, you can decide to keep the current version only or delete the older version after some days.

Disk Checker:

The Disk Checker Tool by Ashampoo Backup checks your disks and partitions for potential errors. It also shows a brief detail about all your partitions like total disk space, number of files, indexes, bad sector, and more.

Ashampoo Backup Pro Images, Ashampoo Backup Free Screenshots, Ashampoo Backup Pro User Interface, Ashampoo Backup Pro, Backup Software, Backup Tool

Rescue System:

Using the Rescue System option, you can back up the Windows Operating system and other settings on your USB drive, CD, or DVD. In case your PC does not start due to an error in the Operating System, you can use the Rescue System disc or USB drive to restore your PC to its previous condition. 

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System Requirements to Download Ashampoo Backup 2020:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory
  • File Size: 93 MB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free disk space

Conclusion on Ashampoo Backup Free Trial:

In Conclusion, the backup software by Ashampoo lets you backup your important data and restore it when required. If you have valuable data, memorable media files, or important business documents, you must use backup software. 

You can recover accidentally deleted or formatted data using Data Recovery Software, but it is not possible to recover data lost due to virus attacks, hard disk failure, or other critical conditions. Therefore, it is wise to store your data safe on different storage devices or cloud storage by using Ashampoo Backup Free Trial Version.

You can store your data but also compress and encrypt it to save disk space and add protection. Besides that, you can choose the level of compression and encryption, depending on your necessity. Moreover, you can also create multiple tasks and schedule them accordingly as per your convenience.

Therefore, click on the below link to Download Ashampoo Backup Pro 14 Free Trial and try out all the features. This Ashampoo Backup 2020 Latest Version backup tool supports Windows 7, 8, and 10 PC on both 32 and 64-bit Operating Systems.

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