Avant Browser Free Download Latest Version for Windows 7/10

Avant Browser Ultimate is the full-featured browser that brings you the new level browsing experience. It is designed with multi-processing and three rendering engines built-in, Trident, Gecko, and Webkit, the engines behind Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome respectively. Download the latest version of Avant Browser free for your Windows 32-bit and 64-bit. Get the free Avant Browser Ultimate by clicking on the download button. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Avant Browser Free Download Latest Version Overview:

Avant Browser Ultimate is the fast web browser that gives you a high level of the browsing experience. The free web browser designed with built-in three rendering engines that are Trident, Gecko, and Webkit. While browsing the web, you can choose any rendering engine as default. If your default engine cannot render you proper web pages, you can choose another one. Moreover, you can render the different rendering engines for each web page you search in Avant Browser settings. It allows you to process the multiple web pages at a time with its multi-processing feature. It gives you the crash-free internet browsing as well as reliable browsing. The free web browser has the video sniffer that can find the videos on browsing websites, so, lets you download with the single click. Moreover, it includes the built-in multi-threaded downloader that can download the multiple files from web pages or and e-mail boxes very fast.

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The Avant Browser blocks the flash animations or advertising on web pages to provide you safe and hassle-free browsing. It provides many options to block the downloading of unwanted pictures, videos, sounds, etc. So that you can save the bandwidth and increase the speed of webpage loading. The Avant Browser has a simple and user-friendly interface that helps you to surf the web quickly and safely. It is the lowest memory usage browser on the Windows platform but gives you high performance than other browsers. You can avoid the memory leaks in Avant Browser because it will release the all occupied memory after the tab closed.

The most useful feature of this best web browser is auto-fill that helps to fill out the username and password automatically and login to websites with a single click. You do have to enter the password and user name each time you log in to websites. Additionally, it provides an option to auto-fill the details when Avant Browser starts up.  Download Avant Browser Ultimate free latest version for Windows, lets you surf the web without limitations. 

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Avant Browser Free Download for Windows 7/10 Key Features:

  • The Avant Browser is the well-designed web browser for PC that provides multi-processing that gives you crash-free internet browsing and high reliability.
  • It supports the split view feature that allows you to view multiple different websites at a time. Thus, you can watch the online video while reading web news.
  • Moreover, it has the detached browser Window that allows you to watch YouTube or chat with friends while you work with other applications like Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • The Avant Online Bookmarks enables you to access bookmarks from anywhere, office, home, or an internet cafe. It does delete your data even if you install the Windows OS.
  • The free Avant Browser developed a new technology that solves the problem of freezing the browsers because of using Ajax technology on websites.
  • Besides, the AD/Popup blocker efficiently blocks the web pages and filter the web ad content. You can easily block annoying web ads using this ad-blocker and get smooth web browsing.
  • The flash files on the web are 85+ advertising that is large and normally takes 95% size of the web page that you are visiting. Using the flash animation filter can block flash files with a single click and get fast web browsing speed.

Avant Browser Images, Avant Browser Photos, Avant Browser Pictures, Avant Browser Screenshots, Avant Browser logos

  • It can fill your online form with a single click, like opening the bookmark. All web pages saved under [AutoFill->Startup] folder will be logged in automatically when Avant Browser startup.
  • You can access the bookmarks with Avant online bookmarks from anywhere and anytime. No need to worry when you re-install Windows because bookmarks file format can protect your privacy on a shared computer.
  • With its mouse gesture feature, you can control the Avant browser by drawing on a command line.
  • It can block the popup, ads with it’s added to Ad-block list.

Avant Browser System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8 and 10(both 23-bit and 64-bit)
  • Processor: 300 MHz
  • RAM: 128 MB memory
  • Hard Disk Drive: 10 MB of free space required.

Avant Browser Latest Version for Windows 7/10 Conclusion:

Overall, Avant Browser is the fastest and best internet web browser for Windows that helps to provide fast and secure browsing. It provides many features to safely surf the internet. Download the Avant browser for those who want to surf the web fast.

Click on the below-mentioned download button to download the Avant browser ultimate.

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