AVG AntiVirus Review 2020 Updated Version

Through AVG AntiVirus Review 2020 Updated Version, we wanted to explain several features of the security software such as behavior shield, web shield, email shield, different types of scans, and many more. We advise you to read the entire AVG AntiVirus Review so that you can have a thorough understanding of all the features available in the program. After going through all the features of the free antivirus for Windows, we advise you to click on the download button available below the article to get you the executable file of AVG AntiVirus 2020.

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Is AVG Antivirus Free?

Yes, 2020 AVG Antivirus is available for free download in our software library. To let you know more about AVG Antivirus Free Download, it includes protection that can secure your computer from various viruses and even infected email attachments. This security software also displays when was the last virus scan performed and even when did the program update virus definition.

What’s New In AVG Antivirus Updated Version?

The 2020 AVG Antivirus Updated Version has included the password protection feature that can prevent unauthorized access to various parts of antivirus software. As a result, unauthorized people will not be able to perform any unwanted activity by using this security software.

AVG AntiVirus Review 2020:

AVG is one of the most popular security software producers that can protect user’s PCs from various viruses and other malware programs that can severely harm your PC. Let us discuss some of the security products manufactured by AVG, and later on, we shall discuss some of the features of AVG AntiVirus to let you have an overview of its features. The list of products manufactured by AVG includes AVG AntiVirus, AVG Internet Security, AVG TuneUp, AVG Ultimate, AVG Driver Updater, AVG Secure VPN, and AVG Secure Browser. As AVG AntiVirus Free Download comes with basic protection, users who are looking for full protection that prevents hacker attacks and secures your online privacy. However, AVG AntiVirus for Windows 10/ 7 is good enough to secure user’s PC from most evolving threats, and it works well for users who are looking for low-level security.

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AVG AntiVirus for Windows 10/7 Key Features:

File Shield:

Did your PC ever pick up viruses while downloading music files, photos, or even when you visit various websites online? As part of regular online activity, most of the internet users visit multiple websites and also download several files which they might feel are necessary. In such circumstances, users are very likely to be prone to virus or malware infections.

Through AVG AntiVirus Review 2020, we would like to tell you that this program includes a file shield that can effectively scan for any file added to or opened on your PC. Moreover, this best antivirus software also scans all auto-run items when any removable media is attached to your device. By doing so, AVG AntiVirus for Windows 10/7 can detect any possible auto-run viruses. Along with this, it also allows users to enable or disable various options such as scan only recommended extensions, or scan all files, scan programs while executing, and even scan files while opening and writing.


Have you ever been a victim of rootkits programs that can steal your sensitive information or even disable your antivirus protection? There are multiple instances across the world in which people lose their confidential details, such as banking credentials, login ID, passwords, and many more. Apart from this, even virus attacks and PUPs that can damage your files and also reduce your PC performance.

In AVG AntiVirus Review of Updated Version, we would like to let you know that this program includes core defense for blocking malware in real-time. Moreover, users can also download AVG AntiVirus 2020 for Windows, as it can analyze unrecognized files by using CyberCapture Technology that defends and warns you about new threats so that you can keep your PC safe and secure. This security software is also capable of automatically fixing the virus-infected files. By reading the AVG AntiVirus Review, you will get to know that this program can resolve corrupted files. If addressing the file corruption is not possible, it immediately moves the file to the quarantine.

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Behavior Shield:

At times, there is a chance that the virus definitions might not be updated, and the antivirus solutions may not be able to detect the latest viruses produced by cybercriminals. In such circumstances, your device might get affected due to various emerging threats and cause huge damages that can corrupt your files and slow down your PC. So experts highly recommend users to install security software that can detect and block various suspicious files proactively before they cause any damage to the device.

Through the 2020 AVG AntiVirus Review, we would like to let you know that AVG AntiVirus for Windows 10/7 includes a behavioral shield that can detect any suspicious file based on the virus definitions updates. You do have the option to enable or disable the behavioral protection but, AVG strongly recommends you not disable it, as it can detect various evolving threats even if the virus definition database is not up-to-date. In case if you feel this component is blocking multiple safe items, you may add those items to the exception list so that it will not restrict you from accessing any of them.

Web Shield:

Have you ever unknowingly accessed any malicious website that has the potential to spread viruses and malware through the downloads and even by running malicious scripts? In the recent past, cybercriminals utilized many websites to attack user’s devices when they download files or documents. So to secure user’s PCs across the world, different antivirus programs have come up with a web shield that can prevent users from accessing infected websites.

In the AVG AntiVirus Review of the updated version, we would like to let you know that this program includes a web shield that can block multiple web attacks and even unsafe downloads. Moreover, users can also enable HTTPS scanning to scan various encrypted websites. More importantly, by using the script scanning, this program prevents browsers and other applications from running potentially malicious scripts. It is also capable of blocking unknown threats from the web and outside sources.

Email Shield:

Are you aware of infected email attachments that can carry malware along with them to infect your device? There are multiple instances in which cybercriminals tend to attach infected files or documents to the emails which they send to various users for encrypting their essential data. In order to protect user’s data from malware programs that come along with infected email attachments, different antivirus software have introduced an email protection feature that can effectively scan all incoming and outgoing emails.

With the help of an email shield available in AVG AntiVirus 2020 Updated Version, you can scan all inbound and outbound emails to block all unsafe email attachments. Moreover, you may also enable the option that can display any text to mark in the subject of mail containing a virus. Through AVG AntiVirus Review, we also want to let you know that this program can add a signature to the end of sent emails.


AVG AntiVirus 2020 Updated Version includes different types of scans such as computer scan, deep scan, USB/DVD scan, file or folder scan, performance scan, and boot-time scan. All these scans have their importance and are very advantageous at times to save time or identify threats that reside deep inside your PC.

In AVG AntiVirus Review, we will try to explain all types of scans present in the program so that you can take advantage of them as per your preferences. The deep scan option available in the AVG AntiVirus Updated Version allows you to choose the scan areas such as all hard disks or system drive. You may also enable options to scan all removable media, modules loaded in memory, CD-ROM & DVD drives, UEFI boot, or even for various rootkit programs. File and Folder scan present in this security software can scan all types of archives by default.

Whereas, the deep scan option is capable of scanning archive types commonly used for storing purposes such as ZIP, RAR, and other executable or installer archives. Users can choose a performance scan for identifying system junk and PC health problems, junk programs, and scanning for programs slowing down your PC. Apart from the above scanning options, you may also choose the boot-time scan to scan for any auto-start programs that can harm your PC.

All the above scan options allow users to perform automatic actions such as fix automatically, move files to quarantine, or delete them when any threats are detected. Further, this security software allows users to generate a report file and shut down the PC after finishing the scan.

Do Not Disturb Mode:

There are different instances in which people might not want to have any disturbance while they are working on critical tasks in fullscreen. In such situations, it is essential to silence all notifications and updates temporarily so that they can perform their activities without any disturbance.

Through AVG AntiVirus Review, we wanted to tell you that the updated version of AVG AntiVirus for Windows 10/7 includes a do not disturb mode, which can allow you to enable the option to silence notifications from third-party apps. By using the option silence notifications from third-party apps, you can block all alerts while running the chosen apps in full screen. You may also select the option that can silence all AVG pop-ups, warnings, and scheduled scans while running apps in full screen. You can also pause Windows updates from reducing your gaming performance.


There might be various instances in which AVG AntiVirus 2020 may detect infected items while performing different types of scans. In such situations, it becomes essential for users to separate them from the rest of the PC. By reading the AVG AntiVirus Review, users can get to know that this program includes a quarantine folder consists of an isolated space where you can securely store potentially dangerous files or send them to AVG threat labs for in-depth analysis. Users can also set the maximum size of the quarantine as per their preference, and if it is set to zero, it means that there is no size limitation for the quarantine folder.

File Shredder:

At times users may delete all their sensitive files and folders, which they feel might put their privacy at risk. But, they are not fully aware of the situations in which the deleted files can be recovered to cause serious privacy breaches. Users may think that who can recover the sensitive data when the device is present in their location. The chances of getting back the sensitive files when the PC is with the user are limited. But, when they pass on the device to others, there is a high chance of recovering all the confidential files that result in privacy breaches.

Through AVG AntiVirus Review 2020, we wanted to tell users that the updated version of AVG AntiVirus for Windows 10/7 includes a file shredder tool that keeps your secrets safe by permanently erasing all the confidential files once you don’t need them anymore. Users can enable the option to show the file shredder tool in the Windows context menu. This file shredder tool also lets you switch between three different algorithms, such as random overwrite, Gutmann Algorithm, and DOD 5250.22-M algorithm, and it also allows users to specify the number of passes.

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AVG AntiVirus System Requirements:

  • OS: It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium IV or later.
  • RAM: 1 GB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 2 GB of free space.
  • Developer: AVG Technologies.

Bottom Line:

On the whole, AVG AntiVirus Free Download for Windows 10/7, is one of the best security software that can secure the user’s device from multiple online threats such as viruses and emerging malware programs. Additionally, this program also lets you scan your device based on your preferences.

How to Download and Install AVG AntiVirus for Windows PC?

Step1: Click on the download button available at the bottom of the post, you will receive an executable file of AVG AntiVirus.

Step2: You will be able to find a pop-up or alert that asks you if you would want to allow the program to make changes.

Step3: You can go ahead and click on yes, after this, you will find a setup wizard where you can choose your appropriate language and click on install or you can also customize the installation.

Through AVG AntiVirus Review, we would like to let you know that after completion of the installation process, this program automatically performs its first scan to identify any potential threats on your PC.

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