AVG Internet Security Review 2020: Is it worth paying for AVG?

Through the AVG Internet Security Review, we wanted to explain various features available in AVG Internet Security 2020, such as webcam protection, ransomware protection, enhanced firewall, sensitive data protection, and many more. You may read all the available features of the 2020 AVG Internet Security Free Trial so that you can explore the benefits of the program to a maximum extent. Once you are done reading the entire article, you can immediately scroll to the lower end of the post and click on the download button to download AVG Internet Security 2020. In this article, we also tried explaining various instances in which people across the world have experienced security issues. By reading all about those security issues, you will get to know what not to do when you are online.

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Is it worth paying for AVG?

In the article AVG Internet Security Review 2020, we would like to let you know that the free download available from our software library is a 30-day trial version. Later on, to secure your PC after the trial period expires, you will have to purchase a one or two-year subscription. Experts strictly advise users to pay AVG for subscription as they can stay protected from various hacker attacks, privacy issues, and even from unsafe websites. Considering multiple advantages of the program, we feel it is worth paying for AVG Internet Security 2020.

AVG Internet Security Review:

By reading the entire AVG Internet Security Review, users will get to know how this application secures your device and privacy from various online threats and even several ransomware programs that have the potential to encrypt your files and folders. Before discussing various other details of AVG Internet Security, let us initially get to know how AVG is committed to providing the best security to the user. In order to give maximum protection to the users across the world, AVG has come up with multiple products such as AVG Ultimate, AVG Secure VPN, AVG Antivirus Free, AVG Secure Browser, and also AVG Internet Security. But, through this article, we wanted to tell users that AVG Antivirus Free has only basic protection, which includes file shield, behavioral shield, web shield, and email shield. If you are willing to know in detail about the basic protection, you can read AVG AntiVirus Review Updated Version.

AVG Internet Security 2020 for Windows 10/7 Features:

Enhanced Firewall:

Have you ever tried monitoring your network so that you can track all the data transferred through it? The article AVG Internet Security Review 2020, explains to users how they can thwart keylogger attacks, Trojans, hacking attempts, or any other possible network threat by making use of firewall protection. Nowadays, many internet users are aware of various risks such as keyloggers and hacking attempts, which try to steal their keystrokes information and create a database to pull money out of their online accounts.

In order to secure user’s confidential details from keylogger and hacking attempts, experts advise you to enable the firewall option in the AVG Internet Security 2020. By enabling the firewall, users can add applications to groups, check paths, and even set new application rules. Moreover, this free internet security also lets you review the settings related to automatic switching. Further, you can also enable or disable automatic profile switching, and it can also display notifications about automatic profile switching.

Interested users can also download Kaspersky Internet Security Free Latest Version for Windows as it is also one of the best internet security software available in the market.

Ransomware Protection:

In the recent past, many users have experienced ransomware attacks resulting in loss of huge data that is essential to them. Initially, when the ransomware programs infiltrate into your device, they do not perform any suspicious activity. As they do not indulge in any suspicious activity, they manage to go undetected, and later on, when users initiate the booting process on their device, ransomware programs start encrypting any of the files and folders available on it. Through AVG Internet Security Review 2020, we also want to let users know that there are even ransomware programs that can encrypt system files to prevent your device from booting.

The ransomware protection available in AVG Internet Security 2020 by default protects commonly attacked folders like documents and pictures. In case, if you would like to protect any other folders of your choice, you can click on the add folder button and manually add the folders to secure them from ransomware attacks. Moreover, AVG Internet Security 2020 also allows users to operate in smart mode or strict mode. The smart mode allows only trusted apps to make changes or delete files in the protected folders, whereas untrusted apps will require your permission. The strict mode is one which doesn’t allow any modifications or file deletions in protected folders without your permission.

Webcam Protection:

Did you ever know that webcams can be used for spying on users? Nowadays, almost all internet users acquire webcams as they can help users communicate with their friends, colleagues, and family. Moreover, several organizations have also started using webcams to conduct interviews and conference meetings. Through AVG Internet Security Review, we wanted to tell users that cybercriminals or hackers can take advantage of it to record their private moments to blackmail them.

For this reason, AVG Internet Security 2020 has included webcam protection that can prevent hackers and untrusted applications from hijacking your web camera to spy on you. Users do have the option to add various apps to the blocked list or allow list.

Sensitive Data Protection:

Have you ever experienced situations in which unauthorized users might have accessed the private or sensitive data that you store in the documents present on your PC? Nowadays, most of us store various sensitive details such as contact numbers, address details, login IDs, and passwords in multiple documents available on the computer. In case if there no restrictions to access the files, anyone who has access to the PC can quickly make several changes inside the documents or even delete them.

With the help of sensitive data protection in AVG Internet Security 2020, users can scan their PC for any such documents that contain private info. By reading AVG Internet Security Review, you will also get to know that this best internet security allows restricting document access to the Windows account that you are currently using.

Fake Website Shield:

Did you ever come across phishing attacks or access any malicious websites that indulge in the stealing of online bank account details? As technology started growing, banks began offering internet banking facility to make banking easier. But, as time passed on, cybercriminals started targetting bank customers to grab online credentials. Through AVG Internet Security Review, we wanted to tell you that, if they can manage to gain access to your online banking credentials, there is a high possibility that they might move money out of your online accounts.

In order to avoid phishing attacks or even prevent accessing malicious websites, the Fake Website Shield in the AVG Internet Security Free Trial allows you to secure yourself from people who attempt to hijack your DNS settings. By doing so, this free internet security for Windows safeguards all your online credentials from various phishing attacks.


By reading the entire AVG Internet Security Review 2020, users can get to know that this program allows them to select any of the files, folders, or websites to exclude from all the shields and scans. Adding the files or folders to the exclusion list allows the program to skip them while scanning. To add exceptions, you will have to enter the file path, folder path, or URL of the website.


Through AVG Internet Security Review 2020, we also wanted to let users know that this program consists of two different tools, such as file shredder and quarantine. The file shredder in this security software can ensure none of the sensitive files are recoverable after deleting them. It is done by overwriting files with a secure algorithm. The available file shredding algorithms include random overwrite, DOD (Department of Defense) 5250.22-M algorithm, and random algorithm. Apart from this, the quarantine tool is this program can isolate any infected file and send it for analysis.


By thoroughly reading the AVG Internet Security Review, you will also get to know what to do when you are facing troubles with the program. When you are experiencing any issues, turning on or off specific settings might help. These settings include passive mode, self-defense, hardware-assisted virtualization. By enabling the passive mode in AVG Internet Security, you can use AVG Internet Security alongside another program to secure your PC. Enabling the self-defense option prevents malware programs from deactivating or uninstalling your AVG.


Most of the internet users might be aware of annoying spam mails. In most cases, spam mails may clog your inbox but, in a few instances, spam emails can also be malicious that trap you with phishing techniques. In order to secure your PC and even your confidential details, you will have to install the anti-spam feature. Once you are done with it, AVG Internet Security 2020 blocks all kinds of spam emails.

We also advise users to go through ESET Internet Security Free Trial as it is also one of the top-class security software available in the market.

AVG Internet Security System Requirements:

  • OS: It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium IV or later.
  • RAM: 1 GB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 2 GB of free space.
  • Developer: AVG Technologies.

How to Download and Install AVG Internet Security Free Trial?

Step 1:

Click on the download button available at the bottom of the post to receive the executable file of AVG Internet Security from our software library.

Step 2:

After downloading the executable file, you may double click on it to find a security pop-up that asks you for confirmation, if you would want to allow the app to make changes to your PC. You need to click on yes, to let the program to prepare for installation.

Step 3:

In the next step, you will find a setup wizard where you can find several options such as select language, go ahead with the installation, or customize. Once you click on the install button, the application installation begins.

Step 4:

After the completion of the installation process, the security program automatically performs the first scan of the device.

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