AVG TuneUp Review Latest Version

In this AVG TuneUp Review, we are going to discuss all the features of this PC Utility along with its technical requirements, installation guide, and a link to Download AVG TuneUp Latest Version for Windows and Mac PC.

It is necessary that you optimize your PC regularly to maintain its performance and stability. Windows PCs get slow time-to-time because of several reasons such as junk files, residue files, unwanted programs, and more. Removing all these issues can be a tough and time taking process.

Using PC Optimizer is a good idea as it automatically scans unnecessary files from your PC and lets you delete them to improve your computer’s performance. Hence, we recommend you to Download AVG TuneUp Latest Version to optimize and improve your PC’s performance.

AVG TuneUp Review:

AVG TuneUp is one of the best PC Optimizers for Windows that provides all useful tools that are easy to use. It helps you clean junk and unnecessary files from your hard disk that occupy lots of space. Moreover, it allows you to remove unneeded programs and fix system issues to improve system stability and performance.

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On the AVG TuneUp dashboard, you will see four main options that are Maintenance, Speed Up, Free Up Space, and Fix Problems. These four options help users to fix 99% of their issues regarding space and performance.

Also, it has a percentage bar in the center of the dashboard that indicates the percentage of optimization you performed. Besides that, you can click on the All Functions Menu on the right panel to see more functions like startup program manager, junk cleaner, browser cleaner, software updater, disk defragmenter, and more. 

Installation Steps for AVG TuneUp for Windows:

  • To install this TuneUp Utility, click on the download link provided at the bottom of this AVG TuneUp Review.
  • Once you download, run the executable file from the Downloads folder to Download Manager and click on Yes.

AVG TuneUp Review, AVG TuneUp Images, AVG TuneUp Screenshots, AVG TuneUp User Interface, AVG TuneUp Features, PC Optimizer

  • Next, the AVG setup appears, and you simply need to click on the Install Now button to begin the installation.
  • Also, you can use the language drop-down menu at the upper corner to change the setup language.
  • Finally, it takes a few minutes to install the files in the default installation directory. Then it asks you to run the initial scan, which you can also skip.

AVG TuneUp Review, AVG TuneUp Images, AVG TuneUp Screenshots, AVG TuneUp User Interface, AVG TuneUp Features, PC Optimizer

  • Keep reading this AVG TuneUp Review to check out all the features in detail.

AVG TuneUp Latest Version Features:

Maintenance Scan:

Non-technical and novice users can use the Maintenance Scan to spot all the issues and clear them with a single click. The Maintenance Scan option scans for the broken shortcuts, browser cache, broken registry items, system junk, tracking cookies, and browsing history. You can choose the items to delete as well as check the issues in detail. After making your selections, you can click on the Fix & Clean button to free up disk space, protect your privacy, and optimize your PC.

AVG TuneUp Review, AVG TuneUp Images, AVG TuneUp Screenshots, AVG TuneUp User Interface, AVG TuneUp Features, PC Optimizer

Background & Startup Programs:

AVG TuneUp shows the list of apps running in the background along with its level of slowdown severity. These programs unnecessarily run in the background, occupying system resources, and slowing down your computer. Therefore, you can click on the sleep button to disable the programs/services temporarily.

Remove Unnecessary Programs:

The PC Optimizer for Windows lets you remove unnecessary programs installed on your PC. It scans your PC and slows the list of applications you rarely use. Moreover, it shows the community & expert’s rating from zero to five, so that you can decide to retain or delete the programs.

Clean-Up System Junk:

You can free up some disk space for new files by cleaning up the junk files. It helps you remove programs’ download files, backup files, cache files, history files, log files, setup files, and temporary files.

It also removes recycle bin files, Windows backup files, dump files, logs, cache, history, and temporary files. Moreover, you can also choose to delete old Windows restore points that occupy large space on your disk. You can check out the date of the Windows update before deleting.

Clean-Up Browser Data:

Keeping browser data makes it easy for you to log in to your account quickly and refer your old internet activities like browsing and search history. But it is also risky at the same time as cyber-criminals try to access these data to hack your accounts. Therefore, AVG TuneUp Latest Version helps you safely remove unwanted data from your web browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, and IE. 

It collects and removes data from all browsers, like browsing history, cache, tracking cookies, other cookies, download history, and other traces with one click. Moreover, you can choose to remove only selected data or all data as per your necessities.

AVG TuneUp Review, AVG TuneUp Images, AVG TuneUp Screenshots, AVG TuneUp User Interface, AVG TuneUp Features, PC Optimizer

Update Programs:

Outdated programs are often vulnerable to attack as hackers use them as a gateway to enter your PC. Therefore, AVG TuneUp makes it easy for you by providing the list of outdated programs and lets you update them with a single click.

It shows the current version of your application, along with the latest available version. You can choose to update the apps one by one or click on the Update All button. Moreover, you can turn on the automatic updates on so that AVG TuneUp automatically updates all your installed programs,

Solve PC Problems:

The Best PC Optimizer lets you fix or Solve system issues efficiently. It shows errors about the Windows Registry if there are invalid entries. And it also recommends you disable network access from Windows Registry to prevent data leaks. 

Disk Doctor:

It scans all the partitions and disks connected to your system to find corrupted and unreadable files. These files usually cause system crashes and freeze the PC when you try to open them. 

Therefore, you can use the Disk Doctor tool by AVG TuneUp Utility and remove corrupted files to stabilize your computer. Moreover, you can click on the details options to see the disk’s information like the model number, disk total capacity, file system, free space, and used space in percentage.

Defragment Disk:

When you delete or move data like files and folders from one disk, it creates void (free space), which is later filled by splitting new files. Therefore, it takes time for the file or program to load as the processor needs to collect the program data from all the fragments. This Defragmentation tool helps you bring the pieces together and remove voids as well. You can click on the Details option to see the disk condition in a graphical view, as shown in the image.

AVG TuneUp Review, AVG TuneUp Images, AVG TuneUp Screenshots, AVG TuneUp User Interface, AVG TuneUp Features, PC Optimizer

Auto Management:

You can turn on the Automatic Update option in the settings menu. Moreover, it lets you choose the files to delete, such as system junk, broken registry items, tracking cookies, browser cache, broken shortcuts, and browser history.

Rescue Center:

Moreover, AVG TuneUp provides a Rescue Center that creates a restore point before every action. So, in case you face any issues after deleting files, you can use the rescue center to revert your PC to a previous working state. You can choose the modules in the settings menu and also change the auto-delete option for backups.

You can also check out and Download CCleaner Portable Free Version.

System Requirements to Download AVG TuneUp:

As discussed before in this AVG TuneUp Review, the PC Utility from AVG comes for both Windows and Mac PC.

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (32 & 64-Bit)
  • For Mac: Mac OS 10.14, Mac OS 10.13, Mac OS 10.12, Mac OS 10.11, and Mac OS 10.10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 256 MB Memory
  •  File Size: 1 MB (Online Installer)
  • Hard Disk: 300 MB of free disk space

Conclusion of AVG TuneUp Review:

I like to Conclude this AVG TuneUp Review by saying that it is one of the best PC Optimizers that helps you clean up programs, and junk files, as well as improve your system stability and performance. The Maintenance Scan option is best for novice users as they can solve most of their system issues with a single click. 

Besides that, it provides several tools for advanced users like disk defrag, software updater, junk cleaner, browser privacy cleaner, disk doctor, program uninstaller, background apps manager, and more. Moreover, the Statistic option in the right panel shows details of all the activities like scanning and deleting data for future reference.

You can Download AVG TuneUp for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP on both x32 and x64 bit configurations by clicking on the below provided link. Moreover, we also provided a link to download the PC Optimizer for Mac on Mac OS 10.10 or above versions.

–>>”Download AVG TuneUp for Windows PC“<<–

–>>”Download AVG TuneUp for Mac PC“<<–

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