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Avira Free Security Suite the best PC security software to protect Windows PC from new threats. Avira Security Suite includes all-in-one security stools from essential antivirus to secure search engine even PC TuneUp tools. So, you will be able to guard your PC with complete privacy for your system data. Update Avira Security Suite free for Windows 32/64-bit cost-free the best choice for Windows PC users. Start a free trial of Avira Security Suite Antivirus for Windows the whole software includes much more security features. Click the below download button to get the Windows installer file free from our website.

–> Users also download other Avira security software products free from our software library.

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SETUP Avira Security

Avira Free Security Suite gives easy access for everyone even for non-technical users. It is handy to manage Avira Security for your devices, even more, you will able to protect other devices like friends, family, etc. Avira keeps your PC always up-to-date with overall digital privacy. The setup process of Avira Free Security Suite is of few single clicks. Download the setup file, install and run the program on your required device. As usual for all software installations, The application Avira requires minimum system requirements check out below.

Our website offers direct download of link free Avira Security Suite for Windows from the official portal to ease your search. So, you can download the standalone security suite from our collection of software.

Avira Free Security Suite for Windows 32/64-bit

Well, most of the cybercriminals target Windows OS because it is the widely used OS by all levels of users. To protect your Windows systems from such external attacks, making use of Avira Security Suite becomes an ease. Avira includes essential antivirus, software updater, secure VPN, speed up PC, safe search with complete privacy. Thus, it let you save your PC whether you’re online/ offline. Coming to the software access, all Avira software products easy to understand gives smooth operations.

Avira Free Antivirus

Avira uses several virus detectors to scan & clean old/new virus infections. In fact, Avira features real-time protection which keeps your PC safe from new threats efficiently. Every time, it maintains your PC up to date from the software side to keep your PC applications upgraded. Click here to download the new Panda Dome Essential Antivirus 2018 free for Windows security.

PC Optimization Tools

Additionally, Avira helps to keep your PC clean & safe which free waste memory space & speed up your PC. The system speedup includes several PC Cleaning tools to boosts your PC performance even better. Moreover, you can play games smoothly without any interruptions while playing. Before performing the clean operation, it let you manage backup & restore changes made by system speedup. Avira System Speedup represents your PC health state in Critical, Bad & Good conditions as shown below,

Avira Free Security Suite Logo, Avira Free Security Suite Images, Avira Free Security Suite Pictures, Avira Free Security Suite Photos, Avira Free Security Suite Screenshots, Avira Free Security Suite Snapshots

Secure Browsing

Avira Security Suite secures your internet browsing from every page that let you safely browse the internet. It includes browser tracking blocker to stop access from malicious sites. Its SafeSearch Plus provides secure search results that you want to browse through the search engines. It gives private browsing with complete data privacy also detects PUA programs which creates troubles while working. Likewise, you are enabled to make secure online shopping/banking or any other online transactions safely. Interested users might access various Web Browsers from our website for free give a try on your desktop today!

Most Secure VPN Trial Version for Windows

Avira Phantom VPN /Virtual Private Network keeps your web connections safe & secure from external users. You can access your favorite sites securely with Avira VPN Tunnel. Consequently, it defends your system data with complete privacy when browsing the web. With Avira free security suite, Avira Phantom VPN is free to use to secure your connections. It let you browse 1 GB/month of data as it assures.

Overall, Avira Free Security Suite is the best PC security software to guard Windows PC. As it worths nothing and also offers several Avira security software like Antivirus, VPN, Firewall, Web protection, etc.

Avira Free Security Suite System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Any compatible 32/64-bit CPU
  • Memory 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Space 2 GB

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