Avira Privacy Pal Free Download Full Version for Windows 7/10

The Avira Privacy Pal 1.5 is one of the best security software. It helps you to secure your digital traces to protect your sensitive data.  The personal assistant can manage your online privacy quickly, and effectively. Download the free Avira Privacy Pal by clicking on the below-specified download button. You can install the free security software on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Whereas, the Avira Privacy Pal full version software supports 32/64-Bit of Windows 7/8/10.

Avira Privacy Pal Free Download Overview:

While using the applications on your PC, it creates the digital traces and modifies the privacy settings which might expose your personal data. In order to solve these security issues, you need to protect your digital privacy by best software. The Avira Privacy Pal is well-designed software which acts like a personal assistant to your Windows PC. Whereas, it helps you to protect your online identity by deleting the digital traces that would expose your personal data. With this free privacy tool, you can manage the privacy of your PC quickly and effectively. Moreover, the best PC privacy software can solve 200 + privacy issues. The Avira Privacy Pal free download software can wipe the digital traces left behind which provides the extra layer of security to your computer.Avira Privacy Pal Images, Avira Privacy Pal Photos, Avira Privacy Pal Pictures, Avira Privacy Pal Screenshots, Avira Privacy Pal Logos

Moreover, free privacy software can give you an overview of privacy status, and you can quickly fix the privacy threats. Additionally, you can manage the information on system privacy.  With the help of this Avira software, you can look for the vulnerabilities, and also you can know how you tracked. The Privacy software includes the three profiles which are basic, enhanced and personalized. The basic profile provides the basic protection to your PC. The second is an enhanced profile which can provide basic protection and also, prevent other applications from collecting your private data.  The personalized profile which gives you full control over the privacy protection. The Avira Privacy Pal has the simple and easy to use interface. You can install the free privacy tool on limited system resources. Download the Avira Privacy Pal, lets you protect your online identity. You can also download the ClevX DriveSecurity – USB Disk Security Free Download Full Version.

Avira Privacy Pal Full Version for Windows Key Features:

  • The Avira Privacy Pal helps you to disable the Windows track. Because, hackers tracking your location, browsing history, accessing your contacts and calendar.
  • The best privacy software can quickly and easily fix the 200+ privacy issues and digital traces.
  • The Avira Privacy Pal for Windows can remove the chat logs from Skype to prevent the others to copy your contacts.
  • Moreover, it allows you to disable the web tracking to hide your browsing history and other information.

Avira Privacy Pal Images, Avira Privacy Pal Photos, Avira Privacy Pal Pictures, Avira Privacy Pal Screenshots, Avira Privacy Pal Logos

  • The Avira Privacy Pal full version includes the three profiles such as basic, enhanced and personalized to provide the extra layer of security to your PC.
  • By using this best security tool, you can clean the browser cache, cookies, download history, chat logs, application usage to stay safe in the digital world.
  • Moreover, it can clean the browser history, cache of all browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox. Chrome, Nad Microsoft Edge,

Avira Privacy Pal System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10(both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Processor: Pentium 2 or later
  • Installed Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Drive: 2GB of hard disk space needed

Avira Privacy Pal Conclusion:

Overall, the Avira Privacy Pal is the best privacy tool which protects your online identity by removing the digital traces. Download the free privacy tool those who want to secure your online identity with free of cost.

Click on below-mentioned download button to download the Avira Privacy pal software for Windows PC.

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