AxCrypt Premium for Windows 10 Free Trial

Download AxCrypt Premium for Windows 10, as it not only encrypts your files but, also lets you store all your important files in any of the cloud storages of your choice. Moreover, this free password manager is also capable of storing all your passwords so that you may not experience any hassle while singing into different websites. Besides, AxCrypt Free Trial is compatible with various versions of Windows operating system such as Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and you may also download and install this program on both X86 as well as X64 configurations.

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AxCrypt Free Download Trial Version Review:

Did you ever know why file encryption with robust passwords is very important for data security? As we all know, there are many cybercriminals present in these days who try to steal or hack your data with a negative intention to misuse it or to sell it to others and gain money illicitly. Especially when it comes to corporate data, organizations need to be very careful about their data as there is a high chance of hackers attacking the companies network to steal your data.

In case, if the data present on the network is not encrypted, hackers may learn that the data on the network is not encrypted, and later on, they may easily start exploiting the data. Apart from this, it is also very important to have strong and unique passwords which are not so easy to hack. So experts highly recommend you to check for a top-class file encrypter which can encrypt your files with robust passwords.

AxCrypt Free Download Trial Version is highly capable of encrypting your confidential files so that hackers can steal or exploit your data for illicit gains. More importantly, the password management feature in this software is very efficient in generating robust passwords which are not so easy to hack. Interested users can scroll down to the bottom of the post and click on the download button to install the trial version of AxCrypt.

Salient Features of AxCrypt Premium for Windows 10/7:

  • With the help of AxCrypt Premium for Windows 10/7, users can easily add secure folders and place their confidential files in those folders so that unauthorized users can’t access them.
  • Further, the secure delete option in this best file encrypter is capable off deleting various files from your device so that they are not possible to recover in future.
  • Furthermore, AxCrypt also provides users the option to add any of their friends or dear one’s email address to invite them to use the program.
  • Moreover, users can also enable the offline option so that the program will never use the internet until you disable it again.
  • More importantly, users can also share keys with other users to let them access select encrypted files of their choice.
  • In addition to this, this security software also allows you to manage all your passwords in the AxCrypt cloud so that you can access them at any place and anytime.
  • Apart from these features, this program also includes key management which allows you to export your public sharing key, and you can also import someone’s public sharing key.

We also recommend you to download Cryptic Disk for Windows PC as it is also capable of creating encrypted disks so that you can store all your confidential files in them.

AxCrypt Premium System Requirements:

  • OS: It supports Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium III.
  • RAM: 512 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.

AxCrypt Premium Conclusion:

On the whole, AxCrypt Premium is one of the top-class file encrypters which can effectively secure all your confidential files. Additionally, it also includes key management feature which allows you to export your public sharing key, and you may also import other’s public sharing key.

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