BCWipe Total WipeOut for Windows 10 Free Latest Version

Download BCWipe Total WipeOut for Windows 10, as it not only allows you to wipe ordinary files and folders present in your laptops, PC’s, HDDs, and SDDs but also lets you erase all the locked folders on your drives. Moreover, this free BCWipe Total WipeOut can also eliminate all the traces of your sensitive files so that they are not recoverable by any data recovery tool. Besides, the latest version of BCWipe Total WipeOut supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and this free file eraser is downloadable on 32 bit and 64-bit configurations with BIOS or EFI.

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BCWipe Total WipeOut Free Download Latest Version:

Have you ever tried sanitizing your hard drives before passing on your devices to someone else? Before discussing the sanitization of hard drives, we shall clearly understand what happens when we delete files and what is the problem with regular file deletions. We shall primarily discuss, in which situations you may experience privacy breaches due to the standard file deletions. When computer users delete files or folders from their devices, the operating system usually marks those files as deleted, and they might not be able to view or access those files. Users need to know that those files are just marked as deleted but, they are present on the drive and are recoverable by using various recovery tools. Users might feel like they might not be prone to any privacy issues when the device is present with them.

For instance, let us assume that any of us is trying to dispose of the PC without performing any sanitization. In such a situation, anyone who gets hold of the device might run any recovery tool to get all the previously deleted data. Once they can get back the deleted data, they might access your sensitive files to cause serious privacy issues. So, to help users in performing sanitization of the drives, developers have come up with various free file erasers that can avoid the recovery of your sensitive files. For this reason, experts advise you to install top-class file erasers that can quickly eliminate all the traces previously deleted files.

Jetico Software is the developer of BCWipe Total WipeOut Free Download Latest Version, and this file eraser can securely delete all the traces of recoverable files. More importantly, this free file shredder for Windows can also overwrite deleted data with other files so that they are not recoverable by any recovery tool. Optimistic users who are willing to download and install the latest version of BCWipe Total WipeOut can scroll down to the lower end of the article to click on the download button to receive the executable file.

Interested users can also download and install Eraser Free Latest Version as it is one of the best file shredders available in the market.

Features of BCWipe Total WipeOut for Windows 10/7:

  • With the help of BCWipe Total WipeOut for Windows 10/7, users can wipe their entire disk without leaving any evidence of previously deleted files.
  • Further, this free BCWipe Total WipeOut also includes several wiping schemes for hard disk drives, solid-state drives, and removable drives.
  • Furthermore, after performing the disk erasing this file shredder tool also allows you to verify the erasing process so that you can be sure that no sensitive file is recoverable in any circumstances.
  • Moreover, users do have the option to reset the host protected areas so that they can make available for the wiping process.
  • More importantly, this program also allows you to create a bootable USB disk or ISO image through which you can wipe all the sectors of the hard drive.
  • Apart from these features, it doesn’t have any restrictions on the number of hard disks that you can wipe or erase.

We also recommend you to check for iBeesoft File Shredder Free for Windows 7/10 (32/64-bit) to securely delete any file or folder.

System Requirements of BCWipe Total WipeOut:

  • OS: It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or later.
  • RAM: 256 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.

Final Thoughts on BCWipe Total WipeOut:

On the whole, BCWipe Total WipeOut is one of the top-class disk wipers that can quickly erase the complete hard drive, and it also verifies the wiping process to check if any of the deleted files are recoverable. Additionally, it also lets you wipe various hidden sectors in your drive that are not accessible to all the disk erasers.

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