Best Free WinRAR Alternatives in 2020

Before looking at WinRAR Alternatives and their advanced features, let us get to know why WinRAR is one of the Top Compression tools for Windows. The Best Utility helps you create and extract compressed (ZIP) files. One of the main reasons WinRAR came on top of other Archiver tools is its easy-to-use and simplified user interface.

What is an Archiver & How is it useful for PC users?

Our Hard disks have limited storage, and it quickly gets stacked with Windows system files, installed programs, junk files, temporary files, and user files. You can’t do anything about the Windows files, and clearing junk files will only clear up a little amount of space. Therefore, users look up to compression tools that reduce the file size, which frees up space on your hard disk and also makes it easy to transfer the files.

Almost all Archive Software (Free Compression Tools) help you compress the files to a significant size. As Email Services does not allow uploading large files, you can compress them using an Archiver. Email does not let you upload a folder, which feels troublesome when you need to upload hundreds of smaller-sized files. Moreover, it takes a lot of time for multiple files to upload, and it is also difficult for the other user to download several files one by one.

Hence, Archives can also be useful to stack a group of files together in a Zip folder, which you can easily transfer through Email or other ways. These days it is essential to have a compression tool on your PC as most of the files you download from the internet are in Zip file format. Therefore, even if you don’t compress files or send attachments through Email, you require an Archiver to extract the files from a Zip folder.

WinRAR Archiver Overview:

WinRAR Archiver is easy-to-use and offers several features. You can extract all popular Archive File Format that is .rar, .zip, .7z, .iso, .tar, and many more. But it lets you Archive only in three file formats that are RAR, ZIP, and RAR5. WinRAR has an advanced feature that lets you split a large file into several small archives of the given size. Moreover, it also takes care of your security as you can protect the Archive with a password. 

WinRAR Alternatives Photos, Best WinRAR Alternatives, Free Compression Tools, WinRAR Archiver

Besides all the fantastic features, it is a paid software that you can use only for 30 days. You can still use WinRAR after the expiry for basic functions like compressing and extracting. But the following mentioned WinRAR Alternatives are free to download and offers almost all the premium features of WinRAR Archiver.

You can also check out WinZip File Compressor for Windows 10/7.

List of WinRAR Alternatives in 2020:

  1. 7-Zip
  2. PeaZip
  3. B1 Free Archiver
  4. Extract Now
  5. Ashampoo Zip Free
  6. Hamster Zip
  7. Zipware

1. 7-Zip:

7-Zip is by far the best Free Compression Tool and an excellent alternative for WinRAR Archiver. It is an open-source freeware software with a high compression rate. 7-Zip can extract almost any Archive, and it can compress files in more formats than WinRAR. Also, the Best Free File Compression Software keeps your files secure with AES-256 Encryption. Moreover, it is integrated into your Windows so that you can easily extract and compress files using the right-click context menu.

WinRAR Alternatives Photos, Best WinRAR Alternatives, Free Compression Tools, WinRAR Archiver

Key Features of 7-Zip:

  • 7-Zip Archiver uses LZMA and LZMA2 algorithms to give you a high compression ratio.
  • It has the ability to compress your files up to 70%.
  • It supports several Archive File Formats like AR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, UDF, WIM, CAB, EXT, GPT, XAR, Z, and ISO.
  • Also, it can create Archives in 7Z, ZIP, WIM, GZIP, XZ, TAR, and BZIP2 format.
  • The military-grade file encryption (AES-256) keeps your files safe in the Archive.
  • The Free Compression Tool for Windows claims to have a better compression ratio of 2 to 10% than WinZIP and WinRAR Archive.
  • You can easily extract files from any Archive with a single click.
  • Moreover, it supports more than 85 Languages.
  • 7-Zip Compression Software works on all versions of Windows from Windows NT to the latest Windows 10.
  • 7-Zip is also available for Linux, Unix, Mac, and other operating systems.
  • Furthermore, the executable file sizes less than 2 MB and takes around 5 MB on your hard disk after installation.

–>>”Download 7-Zip for Windows 64-Bit“<<–

–>>”Download 7-Zip for Windows 32-Bit“<<–

2. PeaZip

Initially released in the year 2006, PeaZip quickly became popular as people worldwide started using it as WinRAR Alternatives in 2020. PeaZip is a lite, open-source, and Free Compression Tool that helps you compress and extract files quickly. Moreover, PeaZip offers almost all the features of WinRAR. One notable and unique feature of PeaZip is that you can lock the Archive, and only those with a key file can extract the ZIP.

WinRAR Alternatives Photos, Best WinRAR Alternatives, Free Compression Tools, WinRAR Archiver

Key Features of PeaZip:

  • PeaZip has a simplified and well-sorted user interface that helps users to execute the operation quickly and easily.
  • It can Archive files in over 16 File Formats, including 7Z, ZIP, WIM, XZ, TAR, PEA, and more.
  • While selecting multiple folders, you can choose to add each folder in separate archives.
  • You can protect your files in Archive with a password.
  • Moreover, it offers a password manager as you cannot remember all the Archive passwords.
  • Also, you can let PeaZip directly send the Archive to mail after compression.
  • You can choose to integrate it into your Windows context menu or not during the installation.
  • PeaZip Archiver is also available in Portable Version for Windows.
  • The Free Compression Software is compatible with all Windows versions and works on both 64 and 32-bit configuration.
  • It is a lite Archive Software that occupies less than 20 MB of your hard disk space.
  • Furthermore, PeaZip also lets you schedule to update the ZIP files. So, the software automatically updates the modified data in the Archive.

–>>”Download PeaZip for Windows 64-Bit“<<–

–>>”Download PeaZip for Windows 32-Bit“<<–

3. B1 Free Archiver:

B1 Free Archiver is another WinRAR Alternative, which is free and available for all operating systems. It supports most Archive file formats and archives files with 256-AES encryption for maximum protection. Also, B1 Free Archiver uses its own algorithm and claims to be faster than LZMA compression. The user interface of the B1 Free Archiver is easily understandable and requires only a few steps to archive files.

WinRAR Alternatives Photos, Best WinRAR Alternatives, Free Compression Tools, WinRAR Archiver

Key Features of B1 Free Archiver:

  • It provides a step by step guide when you launch the software so that even non-technicians can use it without any issues.
  • B1 Free Archiver lets you Archive files with a three-step process.
  • You can create Archives in B1, BZip2, Tar, 7Z, GZip, and Zip formats.
  • Moreover, you can even choose the compression mode between smart, store, classic, and maximum.
  • It does not stack your context menu with options like WinRAR Archiver. It only adds Extract and Create Archive options to keep your right-click menu clean.
  • Moreover, you can also decide to integrate B1 Free Archiver options in the context menu or not.
  • B1 Free Archiver comes in more than 36 languages, including French, Romanian, Arabic, and more.
  • Furthermore, the Free Compression Tool lets you apply a password to your Archive.
  • You can split a large file into several short Archives and easily transfer it to CD, DVD, Pendrive, etc.

–>>”Download B1 Free Archiver for Windows“<<–

4. Extract Now:

Extract Now is a simple File Archiver Tool for Windows that lets you compress and extract files quickly and efficiently. It takes the least space on your hard disk and does not demand much system resources. Moreover, it offers some unique features, which are not available in other Free Archive tools in this list.

WinRAR Alternatives Photos, Best WinRAR Alternatives, Free Compression Tools, WinRAR Archiver

Key Features of Extract Now:

  • The size of the installation file is around 2 MB, and it takes less than 4 MB on your hard disk.
  • Even the installation process is easy and completes within a few seconds.
  • It saves all your compression and extraction history for future reference.
  • Unlike other Free Compression Tools in this list, Extract Now Archiver lets you select a destination folder to extract all files.
  • It also offers After Process options like you can enable the option to delete the original files automatically after successfully Archiving it.
  • You can choose to move the original files to a specific directory after the Archive process is complete.
  • It also has the option to rename or delete duplicate files.
  • The simple Archiver Tool supports more than 40 file-formats, including 7Z, ISO, 001, RPM, GZ, JAR, CBZ, and many more.
  • You can even customize the Extract Now program’s user interface as it offers four colorful themes.
  • Furthermore, you can exclude specific files in the Archive before extracting.
  • It can extract files from almost every Archive File Format as it supports more than fifty formats.
  • Users can also set a timer to read or view the Archives as it automatically closes the window after the time limit.

–>>”Download Extract Now Archiver for Windows“<<–

5. Ashampoo Zip Free:

Ashampoo is a well-known organization that produces several utilities for Windows and Mac users. As mentioned in the name, the Ashampoo Zip Free is a freeware application that helps you extract and create Archives quickly and conveniently. All the features make it a great WinRAR Alternative for Windows PC.

It supports only the latest versions of the Windows OS that is Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Though it is free, you need to register with your email ID and use the given free license code to install and use the Ashampoo Zip Free Archiver. Moreover, Ashampoo Zip has a Pro version that gives more features than WinRAR Archiver.

WinRAR Alternatives Photos, Best WinRAR Alternatives, Free Compression Tools, WinRAR Archiver

Key Features of Ashampoo Zip Free:

  • The Ashampoo Zip Free is the most advanced software in this category.
  • The user interface of Ashampoo Zip Free is very initiative and well organized.
  • You can simply right-click on a folder and Archive it with a single click.
  • You can Archive the files into ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, CAB, LHA, and TAR formats.
  • It also lets you Archive files with or without AES-256 Encryption.
  • Ashampoo Zip Free lets you edit and rename the files inside the Archive folder without extracting it.
  • Also, it has a Compress and Email option, that immediately sends the ZIP folder to your mail after Archiving.
  • Moreover, you can even create an executable SFX Archive without any additional software.
  • It lets you split existing ZIP files into multiple Archives so that you can easily copy it to any CD, DVD, cloud storage, or other storage devices.
  • Furthermore, it has a Repair Archive feature that helps you recover files from a damaged or corrupted Archive.

–>>”Download Ashampoo Zip Free for Windows“<<–

6. Hamster Zip:

Hamster Soft provides several utilities for Windows users, which also includes Hamster Zip Archiver. The Latest Version of Hamster Zip 4 uses advanced algorithms to offer you the unusual compression ratio. The Compression Software works only on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 operating systems. 

WinRAR Alternatives Photos, Best WinRAR Alternatives, Free Compression Tools, WinRAR Archiver

Key Features of Hamster Zip:

  • Hamster Zip Archiver has an initiative user interface that is easy to understand and use.
  • It can extract files from several Archive file formats like ZIP, 7Z, GZ, TAZ, JAR, ISO, TAR, DMG, IMG, RAR, and more.
  • Also, you can open and edit the files inside the Archive folder without having to extract them.
  • You can create new Archives only in ZIP and 7Z formats.
  • You can directly upload the created Archive to any cloud storage.
  • Also, there is no need for registration as you can simply install and use Hamster Zip Archiver for your Windows PC.
  • Furthermore, it also lets you repair damaged Archives and recover the files in it.

–>>”Download Hamster Zip for Windows“<<–

7. Zipware:

Zipware is a fast, free, and simple file Archiver Tool that allows you to create & extract Archives conveniently and efficiently. Also, it is of the Best WinRAR Alternatives that is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10, including Windows Server. 

WinRAR Alternatives Photos, Best WinRAR Alternatives, Free Compression Tools, WinRAR Archiver

Key Features of Zipware:

  • Zipware Archiver sizes around 3 MB and takes less than 5 MB on the disk.
  • It can extract files from almost every popular Archive file format but creates Archives in ZIP, 7Z, and EXE format only.
  • You can simply drag & drop files to Archive or select the folder and use the context menu options.
  • It allows you to compress multiple folders as separate Archive folders.
  • Moreover, it makes sure all your files are safe by encrypting your Archive with the AES-256 algorithm.
  • You can protect your files by applying passwords, and you can also save your passwords in the Free Password Manager provided by Zipware.
  • Also, you can split the Archive into several parts by providing the maximum size so that you can easily share larger files in pieces.
  • It asks you whether to add options in the context menu or not during the installation process.
  • You can also make it default program for ZIP and other Archive File Formats.
  • The simple Archiver also lets you create executable self-extracting ZIP files.
  • It is compatible with Windows .NET 4.0, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016, as well as Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP on both x64 and x32 bit configurations.
  • Furthermore, Zipware lets you add files to an existing archive conveniently.

–>>”Download Zipware Archiver for Windows“<<–

System Requirements for Free WinRAR Alternatives 2020:

You need to have the following system requirements to run any of the above-mentioned software. Though most of the WinRAR Alternatives listed above works on any computer with minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 128 MB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB of free disk space

Conclusion for the Best Free WinRAR Alternatives for Windows:

In Conclusion, these are the Top 7 Best Free WinRAR Alternatives for Windows 10/8/7 operating systems. Archive Tools have become a part of our daily activities. These days every downloadable item comes in a compressed file format, whether you download a set of images, games, songs, documents, or other files.

People use Compression Tool so that they can send a set of files together because most sharing websites do not support transferring folders. There are several compression tools on the internet, but we collected some of the Best WinRAR Alternatives in 2020 based on their speed, reliability, features, and stability. 

WinRAR is a paid software, and the softwares mentioned above are Free WinRAR Alternatives with advanced features. You can download the respective Archiver by using the given download link. If you wish to continue using WinRAR for basic operations like extracting and compressing, click on the below download button to Download WinRAR Archiver Latest Version.

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