Bitdefender Premium Security 2020 for Windows 7/8/10 Free Trial Version

Bitdefender Premium Security Free Trial Version is the best security tool for Windows Operating Systems, which is trusted by most of the people worldwide. This free premium security tool defends your personal device from advanced e-threats like viruses infections, rootkits, worms, spyware, trojans, malware, and other digital dangers. In addition to this, it has multi-layer ransomware protection that helps to keep your private folders/files safe and secure from ransomware and other malware threats. Bitdefender Premium Security for Windows 7/8/10 also shields your computer from all identified threats and hidden malware infections.

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After download & installing Bitdefender Premium Security Free Trial, you can secure your online activity as well as internet activity from hackers and data thefts. It continuously monitors all incoming as well as outgoing web-traffic and blocks all identified malicious/suspicious behaviors before they try to penetrate your PC. Moreover, it has an inbuilt Bitdefender Premium VPN that helps to hide your online presence and protect your private data so no one can hack/track your details.

The best free security program can scan & clean all identified issues and threats to keep your device private and secure. This advanced antivirus software also offers some more security features like webcam protection, file encryption, privacy firewall, parental control, password manager, quick optimizer, and others. All those security features help to keep your data private and run your PC at a peak state. Furthermore, Bitdefender Premium Security supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 for both the x86/x64 processors.

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Bitdefender Premium Security Free Trial Version Main Features:

Clean Interface:

Bitdefender Premium Security 2020 is designed with a clean and friendly interface so that everyone (even first time user or technical user) can access easily without getting any troubles.

Real-Time Protection:

It offers real-time protection to shields your Windows PC from all types of e-threats and digital infections like viruses, spyware, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, adware, bots, and other harmful diseases.

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection:

Moreover, it has a multi-layer ransomware protection feature that helps to safeguard your private files, financial information, secret files, and credentials against ransomware attacks before they getting encrypted.


By using this anti-phishing feature, the user can block suspicious websites, fake links, and other corrupted downloads to secure your computer from dangers.

Webcam Protection:

Bitdefender Premium Protection Free Trial comes with webcam protection that helps to notify when third-party applications try to record your PC activity through webcam, and you can take immediate action against unauthorized access.

Privacy Firewall:

The best security tool for Windows 32/64-Bit has a privacy firewall tool that helps in monitoring both incoming/outgoing network traffic for malicious activities and blocks recognized suspicious behavior to protect your personal data.

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Parental Control:

With this parental control feature, the user can safeguard their kids from digital dangers, malicious infections, and online frauds. And you can monitor your kid’s desktop activity remotely by using the Bitdefender Central to control their internet usages like browsing and gaming.

File Shredder:

The trial version of Bitdefender Premium Security has a file shredder feature that helps to remove essential system files, financial details, and other credentials permanently from your Windows computer beyond recovery to protect your privacy.

Password Manager:

Password Manager tool helps to secure your credit/debit card details, passwords, user ids, and other sensitive information in a secure vault so that no one can hack your data without your knowledge.

Bitdefender Premium Security, Bitdefender Premium Security Images, Bitdefender Premium Security Screenshots, Bitdefender Premium Security Logos, Free Security Tool, Advanced Antivirus Program, Virus Protection Tool

Bitdefender Premium VPN:

With this Bitdefender Premium VPN, the user can access the web quickly and securely without worrying about online thefts and intrusions. You can unlock censored/blocked online content and perform secure online payments against third-party applications. And, it can also hide your online presence so that your activity will be safer from snoopers and prying eyes.

Web Security:

Furthermore, the web security tool monitors all incoming web activities and block recognized harmful websites and phishing links to guards your identity and privacy.

Advanced Threat Defence:

This advanced threat defense technology close monitors all active apps on your computer and blocks detected malicious/suspicious behavior to prevent infections.


Bitdefender Premium Security for Windows 32/64-Bit can monitor all inbound/outbound emails/attachments and blocks irrelevant messages to keep your inbox private/secure.

Browsing Protection:

After download & installing this best free security tool, the user protects their browsing activity, internet activity, downloads, and payments from hackers or internet thefts.

Scan and Erase:

On the other hand, you can scan the entire system (top to bottom) for virus infections and malware threats and blocks or remove them to keep your computer secure and up to date.

OneClick Optimizer:

Bitdefender software also scans and cleans all identified junk files, system crashes, invalid registry items, outdated applications, recent data, and PC slowdown issues to optimize system speed and free up disk memory.


Bitdefender Security Tool is a platform-independent program that supports works on several editions of Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS OS.

Supported Languages:

Lastly, the Bitdefender Security program welcome wizard is currently available in multiple languages such as Deutsch, Espanol, English, Russian, Spanish, Italiano, Francais, German, Danish, and more.

Bitdefender Premium Security for Windows 7/8/10 System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (SP1)/8/8.1/10 (32/64-Bit).
  • RAM: 2 GB of Memory.
  • Hard Disk: 1.5 GB of free disk space.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2 GHz) or equivalent.
  • Developer: Bitdefender

Bitdefender Premium Security Conclusion:

After all, Bitdefender Premium Security 2020 is the best total security software for home as well as small and medium business users. This free premium security tool helps to secure your Windows computer from sophisticated threats, internet infections, web attacks, and malicious network threats. The top best security program protects your privacy and identity when you are online (browsing the internet). I personally experience this Bitdefender Premium Security tool and recommend you to download & install on your Windows PC to keep your system virus-free. Lastly, Bitdefender Premium Security Trial Version is free to download for specific versions of Windows, Mac, Android, and Mac OS.

Click on the below-offered download button to get the setup link of Bitdefender Premium Security on your Windows PC (32/64-bit).

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