Bitdefender Premium VPN Review (2020) Updated Version for PC

Bitdefender Premium VPN Review:

Have you the habit of using free Wi-Fi networks while traveling or at the public spots? Are you engaging with a poor browsing experience while using a dedicated internet connection?  Want to improve the protection level whenever you bank or shop over the web? The one-stop solution to all the above problems is Bitdefender Premium VPN. Use the Bitdefender Premium VPN Review to know about its working functionalities and features for protecting privacy. Download the Bitdefender Premium VPN 2020 Updated Version on all your Windows PCs.

This Bitdefender VPN Review says that it works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. You can buy off it with a premium amount to get the activation code for using it on your computer. Bitdefender offers VPN in three different versions, such as Bitdefender Premium VPN in Yearly subscription, Bitdefender Premium VPN in monthly, and Bitdefender Basic VPN (which you can get free by downloading Bitdefender Total Security).

Bitdefender Premium VPN 2020 Updated Version Overview:

Daily we used to visit many unknown websites for finishing our works, like banking, online shopping, downloading, etc. Hackers, ransomers, KeyLoggers, and other cybercriminals always spy on web users to steal their identity and online data. While performing banking transactions, we visit the bank sites and provide the authenticated login & bank credentials. What if they visited a fake bank site? If so, then you can face severe data breach problems. At the same time, hackers or ransomers can demand you for the money or steal everything from the accounts. There are millions of cases related to these types of hackings reporting daily all over the globe. That’s the reason why we came up with the best solution that is Bitdefender Premium VPN. Go through the Bitdefender Premium VPN Review on this article, and get to know how we can protect the privacy-related data from hackers.

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Bitdefender Premium VPN 2020 is the updated version released by the Bitdefender. Bitdefender produces the most useful security products, such as Bitdefender Total Security, Bitdefender Internet Security, etc. This free VPN software is the ultimate software that hides the IP address immediately after connecting to the remotely located servers. By default, Bitdefender VPN connects to a nearby server location. And if you want to connect to any other virtual servers, then you can do so by selecting it from the list. As Bitdefender is the top-most cybersecurity company, it holds a good number of VPN servers situated in various countries of the world. More importantly, the Bitdefender Premium VPN for PC offers data encryption, unlimited network traffic, banking protection, download protection, and other features. The Bitdefender Premium VPN Review 2020 will also help in providing the steps to connect to the remote servers.

How do I connect Bitdefender VPN Premium?

  • After launching the Bitdefender VPN Premium 2020 on your Windows computers, you have to register with your username and password.
  • In the next step, the main user interface of this VPN software appears on your computer, where it is connected to the nearby virtual server. Read More: BullGuard VPN 2020 for Windows.
  • If you want to connect the PC to any other location, then choose the country name from the list and click on it.
  • Thus, the device is connected to the selected virtual server. Now, you can start browsing the web anonymously on your Windows PCs.

Features of Bitdefender Premium VPN 2020 for PC:

Free Wi-Fi Protection:

When people are roaming in public places, they have the habit of connecting to the freely available Wi-Fi hotspots, such as restaurants, railway stations, etc. Though it is free of cost and providing faster service while browsing the internet, it is not recommendable. Due to the increase in hacking attempts, it is safe to avoid free network hotspots. In case if you want to use those Wi-Fi connections, then we suggest you go through the Bitdefender Premium VPN Review and use it on your device. You can download this Bitdefender Premium VPN on your Android Smartphones and start browsing the web safely. By this, no unknown user or stranger can enter your device and steal your personal belongings. And it takes instant actions or sends alert messages when it identifies suspicious activities.

Browsing Protection:

Bitdefender Premium VPN 2020 (updated version) is mainly for providing safe, secure, and faster browsing to all its users. Whenever you connect the PC to the remote virtual server, it masks your identity & allows you to surf anonymously. And it scans each website you visit to check whether it is safe to surf or not. Thus, online privacy and our private data like passwords, usernames, and others are safe from cybercriminals.

Banking/Shopping Protection:

Nowadays, most of us prefer online banking transactions for all types of bank operations. For that, we used to visit the official bank website and provide the bank login credentials to perform the transactions. In case if the bank site that you’ve visited is a fake one, then we can face both financial and data loss issues. To avoid these hacking techniques, go with the Bitdefender Premium VPN Review 2020. This Bitdefender Premium VPN for Windows PC allows you to transact all types of banking operations safely and securely. Moreover, you can do online shopping without visiting any infected or untrusted sites. Thus, the banking details like passwords, bank account numbers, CVV, PINs, and other financial data are safe from all kinds of security issues.

Cross-platform Software:

Bitdefender manufactures this Premium VPN 2020 in such a way that it supports multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. So, you can download and use it on your PCs, iPhones, Android Smartphones, and other devices.

Unlimited Network Traffic:

With the help of this free Bitdefender Premium VPN for Windows PC, the user can browse without any limitations because it offers unlimited bandwidth facility. At the same time, you can stream any quality of video and download any file from the web.

Unblocked the Blocked Web Content:

Sometimes, we come across blocked websites, download links, web series, games, and others while browsing the internet. If you want to unlock all those blocked items, then simply download the Bitdefender Premium VPN 2020 on your PC. It helps in accessing the blocked web content without any restrictions. So, you can freely and safely watch the web series & videos, play the games, and download the files from the web.

Vast Database Servers:

To offer the best free VPN services to the users, Bitdefender Premium VPN came up with the vast database that includes multiple remote servers located in different parts of the globe. Some of the server locations are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, etc.

Bitdefender Premium VPN System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit), and Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: 1 GHz Intel/AMD or Faster CPU
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) & 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Hard-disk: 100 MB of free space
  • Manufactured by: Bitdefender

Bitdefender Premium VPN Review for PC Conclusion:

Therefore, the Bitdefender Premium VPN gives you anonymous surfing of the internet from anywhere in the world. By switching to the remotely located servers, you can hide the identity while browsing, banking, shopping, and other web-related activities. Moreover, this free VPN software also protects whenever you use free Wi-Fi networks. The confidential data like passwords, bank details, videos, and others are safe from different hacker attacks. So, go through the Bitdefender Premium VPN Review, and hit the below download button to download its updated version on your Windows PCs.

Click here to get the link to download Bitdefender Premium VPN 2020 for Windows PC.

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