CCleaner Professional Review 2020 (5.63.7540)

CCleaner Professional Review:

CCleaner Professional 2020 (5.63.7540) is one of the best PC cleaners that can identify and clean all the tracking cookies and even junk files. As you move down, you will find CCleaner Professional Review, in which we will give you a detailed explanation of it can eliminate Windows registry issues, duplicate files, and many more to optimize your PC performance. Later on, once you are done with the CCleaner Professional Review, you can scroll down to click on the download button that can get you the trial version of CCleaner Professional 5.63.7540 which supports various Windows versions such as 10, 7, 8, 8.1, XP, and Vista (32/64-bit).

Piriform Software Ltd is a British enterprise that is located in the city of London, has developed an application CCleaner to ensure user’s devices perform at maximum speed. CCleaner has introduced two versions of the program so that users can try them and choose the best one according to their requirements. Among those two versions, the first one is CCleaner Free Download, and the other one is CCleaner Professional 2020 (5.63.7540). In this CCleaner Professional Review, we will discuss all the features that can help you in enhancing your PC performance. The professional edition of CCleaner is available as a trial version for 14 days, and you can install it on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (32/64-bit).

In short, let us get to know the differences between the free version and the professional version of CCleaner. CCleaner free version has only two features that can speed your PC and protect your privacy. In addition to CCleaner free version features, the CCleaner Professional 2020 version has various other features that allow you to schedule the cleaning process, and receive automatic updates to the program. In addition to this, it also includes multiple other features, such as creating a system restore point and even securely erase all sensitive files to avoid their recovery. By going through the below features, you can quickly understand how important is the entire CCleaner Professional Review.

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Features of CCleaner Professional for Windows 10/7:

Easy Clean:

Most PC users use their devices daily for various reasons, such as to complete their projects, watching movies, and many more. In order to perform their regular tasks, they might browse different websites and also use various applications present on their devices. When users browse multiple webpages, they are very likely to receive cookies and temporary internet files. Besides, while using different applications, your device might also accumulate temporary files that are no longer required. Along with them, your device can even carry several temporary system files and recycle bin items.

When all these unwanted items increase in a huge number, your PC is poised to perform slowly. To avoid slow PC performance, we took the initiative to explain the easy-clean option in CCleaner Professional Review. Initially, you can analyze your PC to check how CCleaner can improve your device performance and help protect your privacy. After completion of the analyzing process, you can review all the cookies present in your browser and even junk files present in your device.

Custom Clean:

At times, users may not be willing to clean all the Windows files or applications. In such situations, users can use the custom clean option to clear any browser cookies, system files, Windows explorer items, and many more. In CCleaner Professional Review, we would also like to let you know that you can set your favorite clean as your home screen. CCleaner Professional 2020 also lets you switch between custom and easy cleaning processes by going into options and settings. Apart from this, users can also enable the option to run CCleaner Professional 5.63.7540 immediately after Windows startup.

Registry Cleaner:

It is a fact that most computer users are not aware of the Windows registry and even about the registry errors that occur over a while. So, in CCleaner Professional Review, we have decided to bring to the users notice that the Windows registry is a huge database that stores all the program settings, application paths, type libraries, and many more. Due to a lack of proper awareness about the registry items, users may not prefer to clean their registry. As a result, the registry starts accumulating too many invalid entries, and the registry grows into a vast database. Over a period, when the registry size increases, it starts responding slowly due to which applications might slow down. Finally, the productivity of the user might come down at the end of the day.

If the user tends to ignore slow PC performance due to registry issues, then it might also cause a hard drive crash at some point in time. So to avoid any such registry issues, CCleaner Professional 2020 (5.63.7540) can scan your registry and fix various registry issues, such as missing shared DLLs and unused file extensions. Along with the above-specified items, it can even resolve fonts, obsolete software, and many more to ensure your registry responds at high speed.


There are even multiple situations in which users may not be using several programs present on their devices. When any of us are not using a program that is present on our PC, experts advise us to uninstall it to free up storage space occupied by the program. Just imagine how many megabytes of space can you recover if you can uninstall several unwanted programs. Moreover, at times, you may also have corrupted applications on your device, which you might have to repair to avoid registry errors. So, CCleaner Professional 5.63.7540 has included an uninstaller that can quickly uninstall various unwanted programs and even repair corrupted programs. Through CCleaner Professional Review, we would want to let you know that this program is also very efficient in renaming any application as per your requirements.

Software Updater:

Many of us might be aware of software updates to applications present on our devices. For a while, let us assume we have not updated different programs for certain reasons, but every one of us needs to know software updates are very crucial for the security of any device. The reason behind this is, in case there are any applications present on your device which are not updated over a period, those programs can be perfect target points for malware programs to enter into your device. In CCleaner Professional Review, we would like to let you know that this program has included a software updater tool that is very efficient in checking for any program updates frequently. By doing so, CCleaner Professional 2020 can ensure no malware can infiltrate into your device.

Reduce Startup Time:

More importantly, at times, users may unknowingly enable several programs to start with Windows operating system. In such situations, startup programs might consume too much time to start with Windows. As a result, your device might switch on after taking a huge amount of time. To reduce the impact of startup items on the Windows operating system, CCleaner Professional 5.63.7540 has allowed users to disable unwanted startup programs. We also advise users to read all other features that are available in CCleaner Professional Review. As you can explore more and more benefits that can ensure maximum PC performance.

Disk Analyzer:

In a few instances, users from across the world found that their device has accumulated large files over a period. When any device collects too many such large files, it is very much likely that the available drive space might fall short to store for other files and applications. Lack of abundant disk space can also slow down the PC to a large extent leading drop in productivity.

To avoid slow PC performance, experts advise you to install CCleaner Professional 2020 (5.63.7540). Through CCleaner Professional Review, we would like to explain the disk analyzer feature, which can analyze different categories of files and drives present in your PC. Initially, CCleaner does a thorough analysis to identify all the files that are occupying more disk space. Later on, from the list of huge files, you can choose the ones which you would like to remove from your PC and delete them.

Duplicate Finder:

Have you ever experienced a situation in which you might have downloaded the same file twice? All most all users in some instances may experience such cases, but they might ignore it and let both files stay on the drive. As time passes on, these duplicates files might increase in number and may also slow down different processes such as virus scanning, and many more. Through CCleaner Professional Review, we took the initiative to explain the duplicate finder feature that can increase your PC performance. CCleaner Professional 2020 (5.63.7540) is very efficient in identifying and removing duplicate files based on various categories such as name, size, content, and modified date.

System Restore:

Most users might ignore creating system restore points to save disk space or avoid unwanted time consumption. But in CCleaner Professional Review, we are willing to explain users the importance of creating system restore points. There are many instances in which users might experience unwanted changes to the system files, which can result in serious issues. CCleaner Professional 5.63.7540 is highly capable of creating and managing system restore points, which can help you in restoring the device to the previous state. In CCleaner Professional Review, we would also like to inform you that this program doesn’t allow you to delete the latest restore point for system safety.

Drive Wiper:

Did you ever get rid of any of your PCs without sanitizing it? Many users are not aware of the importance of the sanitization process in the current situation. As a result, they pass on the device to others without performing secure erasing on their devices. But, in case if the device gets into the hands of cybercriminals, they can retrieve the data by running any data recovery software. Later on, they might use your sensitive data to blackmail you and take advantage of you for illicit gains. CCleaner Professional 2020 (5.63.7540) contains a drive wiper that allows you to choose the complexity of overwriting to ensure none of your sensitive data is recoverable. To create awareness about the secure erasing process among various users, we tried to explain about drive wiper in CCleaner Professional.


In CCleaner Professional Review 2020, we would also want to discuss running the program at a scheduled time, date, or month. This feature is mainly available in the CCleaner Professional 5.63.7540, and the free version doesn’t include it. By scheduling CCleaner, you don’t have to perform any disk cleaning activity manually.

Smart Cleaning:

Apart from these features, the smart cleaning option in CCleaner Professional 2020 can enable you to choose from the available actions such as automatic cleaning, prompting to clean, and many more. Through CCleaner Professional Review we also want to let users know that they can even enable the option that can notify them when there are junk files to clean on your device.

Interested users can also try BleachBit Free Download for Windows 7 as it is also one of the top-class PC cleaners available in the market.

System Requirements of CCleaner Professional:

  • OS: It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or later.
  • RAM: 512 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.
  • Developer: Piriform Ltd.

Bottom Line:

On the whole, CCleaner Professional 2020 (5.63.7540) is one of the best PC cleaners that can perform several activities such as secure erasing, software updating, and disk cleaning to ensure your device runs at high speed. Additionally, it also lets you identify and fix various registry issues to prevent slow PC performance and hard drive crashes.

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