Cent Browser Free Download For Windows (32/64 Bit)

Cent Browser is the most popular web browser specially designed for the users who are using either 32 bit or 64 bit Windows OS platform PC or laptop. So if you are utilizing Windows PC then download the latest version of this application on your computer for free.

Overview of Cent Browser For Windows (32/64 Bit):

Mainly Cent Browser is a Chromium-based web browser so like Google Chrome it is also equipped with a number of features like mouse gesture, scrollable tab bar, and auto hide bookmark bar. As this free software integrated with a number of unique traits. But needs to remember one thing you can make use of all available features in an app with no intricacy. The users can run the application on a low amount of system resources. And on all popular Windows versions successfully. Those are very familiar with Chromium browser they can make use of this software on a PC at ease.

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It offers the most significant and useful “Incognito Tab” option that does not store the browsing information on a disk. More safely and securely the users can browse the information over the internet with the help of an application. Therefore, try to choose this free web browser on your PC.

Some of the features included in the software make your web surfing easy such as automatic memory optimization, customizable tab bar, and super drag. A multiple mouse gesture allows you to reload web pages, navigate forward or back and view downloads or history. Finally, it is the best internet browser to the users in order to surf the information over the internet more fastly and more securely.

Features of Cent Browser Free Download

  • It is an enhanced version of the Chromium web browser. Hence the software offers a number of advantages or benefits to the users like the most popular Google Chrome application.
  • Without using a keyboard, menus, and toolbars the interested users able to execute the commands. But for that need to hold and move the right mouse button.
  • To copy, paste and search immediately just drag something by using left mouse button instead of using a Keyboard.

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  • Even the included most significant and ultimate functions enable lazy session loading and automatic memory optimization in the tool more successfully reduce memory consumption.
  • It prominently protects your privacy while surfing the internet. An app offers a number of privacy-related options which obstruct the online trackers in an efficient way.
  • This highly customizable tool integrated with a lot of tab options, Auto Hide and Bookmark bar options.
  • To hide the browser an included BossKey trait helps a lot and to generate the QR codes from URLs. As the available QR code generator option helps a lot.
  • As the included optional single render process successfully diminishes the impact of a browser on your system. So, your computer runs very smoothly without showing any kind of performance issues.

System Requirements for Cent Browser:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

100 MB of RAM

Any compatible browser

Download Cent Browser Latest Version

Immediately download the safe and free Cent Browser offline installer application by using suggested below download link. This full offline setup installer supports all versions of Windows OS.

                            “Windows 32 bit”

                            “Windows 64 bit”

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