Cisdem AppCrypt 4 for Mac Free Version

Cisdem AppCrypt 4 is the best encryption software for Mac Operating Systems that helps you to lock apps and websites without modification on any system files and data. This free encryption software can improve productivity by blocking social websites in the workplace. Download Cisdem AppCrypt 4 for Mac free version to create an ideal work environment on Mac. It works with Mac OS 10.10 or later versions.

Cisdem AppCrypt 4 for Mac – Best Encryption Software Overview:

Encryption makes your data unreadable by unauthorized users. It is important to keep your data, applications, and websites inaccessible to unauthorized users. Thus, you have the best encryption software to keep your data and application safe from others.  You can see many encryption tools for Mac Operating Systems. In that, the Cisdem AppCrypt 4 is one of the best free encryption designed to protect your data by locking applications and websites. If you ever instructed by messages and notifications from Facebook, Twitter, or any other websites. Just make use of this encryption software on your PC to block such websites and create an ideal environment. In this software, you can blacklist or whitelist any website with a single click. Moreover, it is used by both families and corporate teams.

The AppCrypt for families helps parents to decide which website or application used by their kids. At the same time, it allows deciding when to see the websites. It provides the easiest way to keep focused on all key times. For corporate teams, it improves productivity by blocking unintentional distractions when employees working and keep private data apps protected. Further, you can easily add apps and websites to the encryption software and lock them with a single password. Whenever you want to whitelist them, you need to enter a password. Download AppCrypt 4 free version for Mac, lets you lock apps and websites securely.

Key Points Of Cisdem AppCrypt Free Version for Mac:

  • The Cisdem AppCrypt is free and easy to use encryption software that helps you to lock apps and websites like games, Facebook, twitter on Mac.
  • You can easily block any website with a single click to create an ideal work environment and improve productivity.
  • Additionally, you can drag and drop applications and websites to this website blocker and set a password for all. Whenever you want to unlock them, you need to have a password.
  • When your Mac going to sleep, this best encryption software automatically terminates programs that aren’t currently run.
  • Moreover, the free version AppCrypt can run on the background, and it does take CPU load time.
  • However, it allows you to lock the app and block the website for specific days and times by scheduling them.
  • As well as, it keeps track of failed attempts with date, time, and optional captured photos. Thus, you can review and find suspicious activities.
  • You can use global shortcuts keys to hide and review the main Window and enable or disable website blocker if necessary.

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Cisdem AppCrypt 4 System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Mac OS 10.10 or later
  • Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium
  • RAM: 512 MB memory
  • Hard Disk Drive: 100 MB free space

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac Conclusion:

Overall, the Cisdem AppCrypt is simple and easy to use encryption software that can block websites and lock apps to make productivity increased. Additionally, it keeps locked apps and websites secure. To download Cisdem AppCrypt free version for Mac, click on the below-mentioned download button.

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