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Clearsight Antivirus is one of the best free antivirus 2018 for Windows PC available in trial & paid versions. The software utility features PC protection against all sorts of security threats viruses, spyware and other kinds of malware. The free edition of Clearsight Antivirus offers anti-malware tools, real-time virus guard, multiple virus scanners, up-to-date virus signatures & more. Users also visit related malware removal software to protect PC from harmful malware programs.

Whereas, you can activate Clearsight Antivirus 2018 software through the free mail registration. Get this lighter antivirus solution which is fast & reliable to keep your computer security stable. Eligible users can download the setup file on your Windows machine to test antivirus Clearsight for free. Click the displayed download button inserted below to complete the setup process. The setup of Clearsight Antivirus program is easy & fast which requires minimal system resources. You can get regular virus database updates to detect & prevent active threats which try to infect your system files.

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Clearsight Antivirus Free Download Description:

From Clearsight Technologies, Clearsight Antivirus is an advanced security suite designed to protect PC with real-time protection and outstanding performance. Clearsight Antivirus is also accessible for business users that protects your business with robust security tools. So, you can get trusted endpoint protection from malicious threats. Clearsight is safe to use which gives essential antivirus protection for your PCs, smartphones & tablets of your choice. The application helps to protect your system data from external users with its trusted protection. Clearsight features advanced malware protection & real-time antivirus protection to filter all manners of computer security threats.

Well, the software interface UI design is quite simple to use for all new & advanced users. It assures to secure your PC from all known detected malware with possible malware prevention methods. Also, it includes pre-defined & on-demand scanning modes that even finds idle or inactive malware on your system. Similar to that, it provides USB protection to scan your external removable devices and help to remove the infected files. As well, as to protect your computer from real-time emerging threats, Clearsight features automatic updates to keep your system protection.

To the bottom line, Clearsight Antivirus provides reliable detection of malware virus promptly. So, you can use this application to scan your PC for malware until 15-days trial period. If you want additional security features, choose Clearsight Pro & Premium security suite editions.

Clearsight Antivirus Latest Version Free Trial Features:

  • Clearsight features an easy-to-use virus removal program with its intuitive interface. The application instantly provides real-time protection when you activate the software on your machine.
  • It has a structured overview of the scanner, actions, settings, and account details made in individual areas. It can also download the latest database updates to keep your PC security active from outside threats.
  • Clearsight Antivirus can evaluate your system’s position by its included quick, full, custom & USB media scan modules. So, it benefits to scan removable media to scan & clean shortcut viruses which corrupts your system files.

Clearsight Antivirus Logo, Clearsight Antivirus Images, Clearsight Antivirus Pictures, Clearsight Antivirus Photos, Clearsight Antivirus Screenshots, Clearsight Antivirus Snapshots

  • While performing scanning, you will be allowed to view the entire location, scan time, path and number of objects for a brief idea. Though its active real-time guard protection, it actively quarantines the detected & infected files.
  • On the side, you can ignore some of the files for scan process by adding to exclude list. Go to the settings menu to do this as well as to edit the scan changes, scan schedules, etc.
  • Additionally, Clearsight features a whitelist application to keep your system safe from unwanted software including malware.

Clearsight Antivirus Software System Requirements:

  • The supported OS will be Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Clearsight requires minimum512 MB
  • A800 MHz (32/64bit) processor
  • At least,300MB hard disk space
  • Internet access if required

To conclude, Clearsight Antivirus gives essential antivirus protection for Windows PC as it advertises. Interested users can trial Clearsight for 15-days on Windows (32/64-bit) OS versions.

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