Comparing Best VPNs: TorGuard VPN vs NordVPN

Surfing the internet in the present situation became a risky task. Protecting online secrecy, storing data securely, transferring money through online banking, downloading safe files, and other internet-related works are tougher without using any security suites on our devices. For removing and blocking threats like malware, there are plenty of antiviruses, internet security suites, firewalls, etc. Though the users are using these security suites, they are complaining about the data loss or privacy loss. That’s why the developers came up with another security application that is Virtual Private Network.

What is meant by VPN?

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is the most sophisticated security software that helps in protecting privacy while browsing the web on your computer. It provides a secure tunnel to transfer data from one point to another. For offering online secrecy, the application connects to a remotely located server and hides your original IP address. Thus, no hacker can trace or track your device location. Apart from this, the user can open and access the blocked, censored, and geo-restricted websites using the VPN.

List of VPNs:

There are several virtual private networks or VPN tools in the market, and they are CyberGhost VPN, X-VPN, Hide.Me VPN, Betternet VPN, TorGuard VPN, PrivateVPN, NordVPN, BullGuard VPN, and many more.

In this article, we are going to compare two top-best VPN tools that are TorGuard VPN and NordVPN.

TorGuard VPN Introduction:

TorGuard VPN provides the best VPN service for all the users who download on their computers. With the advanced encryption technology, it encrypts your network and offers hack-free internet access. Moreover, it allocates an unknown IP address to your device so that you can surf the internet freely and securely without tracing your computer location. This free VPN software provides limitless bandwidth to browse the web faster. Want to know more about this TorGuard VPN software? Then scroll down the page and follow the below paragraphs.

NordVPN Overview:

NordVPN is the most used virtual private network software all across the world. The included features of this software are more advanced than other VPN tools. Without any boundary limits, you can browse the internet on your PC. The software contains multiple servers located in different parts of the world. After connecting to the remote server, it assigns an unknown IP address to your device. Thus, hackers, spies, strangers, and others are unable to track your system. Therefore, the NordVPN secures your online identity and protect your sensitive data.

Comparing the Top-Best VPNs – TorGuard VPN Vs. NordVPN:

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  • Cross-platform Software:

The TorGuard VPN is cross-platform software because it works on multiple operating systems. This free VPN software for PC supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Apple. Moreover, you can also get browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

At the same time, the NordVPN software is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux. Even this NordVPN provides extensions to top-best web browsers, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

  • Access Restricted Content:

Some website developers block access to use the content. If you usually surf on web browsers, then you cannot open those sites. But if you want to access the restricted web content, then it’s possible with the TorGuard VPN software. Yes, the user can easily surf various geo-restricted websites, as well as, they can also open blocked and censored websites.

When we talk about the NordVPN software, the user can freely and securely surf the internet by visiting the blocked websites. If you want to access the geo-restricted websites, then you have to login as the local user by connecting to the local server.

  • Fast VPN Connection:

No matter which VPN software you’re using, the application has to provide faster internet access. When we consider both TorGuard and NordVPN tools, you can enjoy a fast browsing experience on these applications. The main reason for this is maintaining more servers and keeping less load on each server located in various locations.

  • Protects Online Secrecy:

Every user who is using the internet worries about privacy and online secrecy. Hackers mainly target when the users are browsing the web on their PC. They can get private data, bank details, and other confidential data by simply hacking your device. But when you use this TorGuard VPN software, you can surf the internet secretly by hiding your online identity. And you can avoid tracing issues because it does not store log records such as web searches, download history, etc.

Maintaining the online secrecy of the users is one of the unique features of NordVPN. Yes, whoever uses this VPN; their identity is always safe. No one can get you while browsing the internet with this NordVPN service. Even it also does not store search history, download history, and cookies to avoid tracking problems.

  • Secure Data Transfer:

While transferring data to others, there has been a chance of stealing the data. But it is impossible when you install the TorGuard free VPN software on your PC because it provides a secure and encrypted tunnel to send and receive data. Even though, if the hackers steal your data, they can’t use it because it is in the unknown encrypted form.

The NordVPN software for PC helps the user to transfer data securely. With the encrypted tunneling facility, you no need to worry about the security attacks. All your data is safe with this NordVPN software.

  • Free Technical Support:

Any software produces some sought of issues, and you need to know how to handle them. In case, if you don’t know, then take assistance from the customer support of that software. If you encounter any issue while using the TorGuard VPN, then the free customer support is always there to help you.

The users who face any problems in using the NordVPN, such as setting up the software on the computer and connecting to remote servers, they can make use of customer service which is available for 24/7 days.


Overall, I can say that Virtual Private Network or VPN plays an essential role in protecting the user’s privacy. Both the TorGuard and NordVPN contain advanced tools, but they are different from each other because one will provide high bandwidth, and another can’t, one contains more servers than another, and so on. Like this, they have unique features and are best in providing excellent service.

Click here to download TorGuard VPN.

Click here to download NordVPN.

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