Coolmuster Data Recovery 2.1.15 Free Version Download for Windows 10

Data loss may take place due to various reasons such as accidental deletions, virus attacks, system reformatting, hard drive loss, and others. Sometimes, you may not be aware of the attacks that cause data losses or forget to backup your data. This may lead to permanent loss of all your important and private files. Therefore, in order to be able to bring back the lost data, you will need a data recovery software that is able to recover data from folders, drives, partitions, and other memory storages. The software which I am talking about is Coolmuster Data Recovery software. Yes, the latest version of this software is very simple and easy to use.

There are many ways in which data can get lost or erased from the system. Coolmuster Data Recovery comes with all the tools that will help you recover all your lost files due to various reasons. It scans the entire system’s memory or the selected folders and identifies all the lost data and recovers it. Download the Coolmuster Data Recovery for Windows 7/8/10. Also, this best data recovery software is compatible with both 32-Bit well 64-Bit devices.

Some of the reasons why your system loses data

Well, some of the basic reasons for data loss are no backup, reformatting of the system drives or the system itself, an improper saving of files, shift+delete actions, and more. The other reasons include virus attacks, malware, bugs, trojans, ransomware, spyware and other infections that corrupt the computer resulting in partial or complete loss of data. Apart from that, remote operators are continuously trying to steal data by sending in malicious programs to your computer. The mechanical damages such as hard drive failures, partition losses, etc also result in data loss. Furthermore, moving or transferring data from one drive to another drive or from one location to another location in the system may cause a loss of data during the process. Therefore, it is very important to ensure safe transferring of files or backing them up.

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The other problem you face with lose of the data is when you delete files accidentally. Yes, most of the times you may do this in some work tensions or due to other reasons. Even when you update your files or format the data, some files may miss and it becomes very hard to search for the missing data. One more issue that commonly comes, and I think is the most common reason, is a power failure. Yes, when the power goes off suddenly and the system shuts down, that wipes away the data if you haven’t saved it. The sudden power shutdown also damages the data but with this Coolmuster Data Recovery, you can fix it.

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How Coolmuster Data Recovery protects data from system issues?

Some of the powerful features that Coolmuster Data recovery software provides are the backup and recovery tools that are explained below. Let’s see how this recovery program helps to backup files smoothly without any damage.

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Coolmuster Data Recovery Key Features:

  • Well, this data backup tool helps you to recover more than thousands of lost files with a single click.
  • The data that is lost due to hard drive issues can also be restored easily without any worries about internal or external hard drives.
  • Well, it also helps to backup partition data which are required to run the system smoothly.
  • It repairs your system’s damaged data that happens due to malware and virus infections.
  • Moreover, it provides you alerts after it detects threats or attacks on the system. Also, it helps you restore or to set a backup function to recover without any damage.
  • Also, it scans the system to search for the missing data that hides in applications and may require a little extra effort to find.
  • You can backup from any kind of hardware including memory card, internal drives, hard drives, floppy disk, etc.
  • It is a user-friendly recovery software.

Coolmuster Data Recovery System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM or more
  • Disk Space: 50 MB Disk Space

You can click on the download button to download Coolmuster Data Recovery software for Windows 10.

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