CPU-Z 1.91 Portable Version Free Download For Windows 10 (32/64-Bit)

CPU-Z Portable Version is a light and freeware tool for Windows PC. It helps users to monitor and know information about all the main components of the computer. The software works based on the Panopsys hardware detection engine. Download CPU-Z 1.91 portable latest version by clicking on the download button provided at the end of the article. This program is fully compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 operating systems that run both 32-bit and 64-bit, respectively.

CPU-Z Download Overview:

CPU-Z is a freeware system monitor software that identifies the features and collects the information of CPU, motherboard, RAM, and other hardware connected to the PC. It includes the processor name and number, speed, cache levels, voltage, process, codename, package, stepping, etc. from the CPU. On the other hand, it also gathers information of manufacturer, version, BIOS, chipset, GPU from the motherboard, brand, type, size, module specifications (SPD), timings, etc. from memory. The user needs all the above information when there is a requirement for improvement or repair.

The detection engine of the CPU-Z Latest Version is available for customization through the CPUID System Information Development Kit. It is a professional SDK built for both Microsoft Windows & Android.

The user can quickly install the application into the PC within a few seconds, but on executing the program, a Window directly opens containing all the system information in it. The program will neither copy any file in any Windows directories nor writes it on the registry as well.

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CPU-Z Free Download for PC Key Features: 

  • The user interface shows different tabs where you can view the connected computer hardware names such as CPU, caches, mainboard, memory, SPD, and graphics.
  • Instead of clicking on each tab, you can get information regarding that particular hardware.
  • There is also a tab “About” that shows information about the application itself.
  • At the bottom of the interface, you can see the Tools button, which shows driver updates and BIOS, as well as save a complete report on the hardware of the computer.
  • Moreover, you can export to HTML or Text for further study.

What’s new in the CPU-Z 1.91 (Portable) for Windows?

  • CPU-Z 1.91 portable version will support the 3rd version of AMD Ryzen Threadripper, such as 3960X, 3970X, and 3990X and TRX40 chipset.
  • It also supports the 10th generation of Intel Core with the codenamed Comet Lake processors. Moreover, it also offers preliminary support to Centaur new CPU with AI coprocessor. 

CPU-Z Software for Windows System Requirements: 

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • Processor: Intel Basin Falls Skylake-X refresh or AMD Threadripper 2000 processors.
  • RAM: 1GB Installed memory or Above
  • Hard Disc: 5MB of free disc space

CPU-Z Portable Version (32/64-bit) Conclusion: 

To put it briefly, CPU-Z for PC is a lightweight, a free tool that provides complete information about the system hardware. This software is indeed a handy freeware that generates useful and technical information about the computer. You can download a RAR file which contains the .exe data file that can be directly run on the system. 

To get CPU-Z 1.91 Portable Version Free Download, you have to click the below download button and get the link. The portable version of the CPU-Z Temperature monitor is fully compatible with both Windows 32/64-bit OS.

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