DMDE Data Recovery Free Edition Download – Recovery Software for Windows

The DMDE is one of the best data recovery software for Windows PC. The free data backup software helps you to search for files, and recover lost files. It has various features which help you to recover the lost data. Although it has a not too appealing user-interface, DMDE recovery tool is simple to use and occupies less space. Download the  DMDE data recovery free edition or portable version for Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and, 10. It supports both 32-bit as well as 64-bit architectures.

DMDE Data Recovery Free Download Overview:

For those of you who are wondering as to what DMDE Data Recovery is, it stands for DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery. It does all the work from editing your data to recovering them, just as you would expect from best recovery software. This free recovery tool has many features like disk editor, partition manager, RAID constructor and, clone function. Partition manager mainly undeletes or restores lost partitions with the help of FAT, NFTS, HSF, and their backups. Partitions mainly come in use during analysis and detecting errors. RAID constructor supports RAID-0 to RAID-6 along with custom striping.

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Although, there is limitation i.e. number of files you can recover at once. With this free file recovery software, you can recover the maximum number of files is 4000 in one search. However, you can break them down into groups of 4000 files and carry on the recovery process any number of times. You do not have to worry about installing this recovery tool on every device. DMDE also comes in a portable version that can be carried around in a USB or pen drive and starts running immediately after installing. DMDE data recovery software also supports large disks, national file names, large sectors, sector conversions, and many other features. It is the best data recovery software for personal use.

DMDE Free Edition – Recovery Software for WindowsKey Features:

  • The DMDE Recovery tool is also portable and can be carried on a USB drive and installed on any computer.
  • Moreover, it used to search for files that you lost or may have accidentally deleted and also recover them.
  • In case of small damage issues, it is possible to find the data with the help of a quick scan.

DMDE Data Recovery Images, DMDE Data Recovery Logo, DMDE Data Recovery Screenshots, DMDE Data Recovery Pictures

  • Disk editor tool allows you to view, edit and, search through files and also you can use custom templates and various disk structures like file tables, boot sectors, file entries, etc.
  • Disk cloning comes handy when you want to create clones, put images back in the disk and while handling input-output errors.
  • The RAW recovery function helps you to find files by searching them by file signatures when you are not able to recover them by the file system.
  • Moreover, the partition manager helps you finds accidentally erased or removed partitions and also restores them.
  • NFTS tools enable you to bypass NFTS drivers and copy files, create or delete them, repair and remove directories.
  • You can use the cluster map function to search for files that lie in specific groups or clusters.
  • The RAID constructor mainly configures RAIDs virtually and detects them automatically.

DMDE Data Recovery System requirements:

Operating system: Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and, 10

File size: 1.07 MB

RAM: 512 MB

Processor: Intel

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