Download Advanced SystemCare 13 Free Version for Windows PC

Download Advanced SystemCare 13 Free Version for Windows PC that helps you optimize your PC, clean up junk, improve internet speed, secure personal data, and enhance PC performance. This PC Utility by IObit allows you to resolve all system issues and works on all Windows OS from XP to 10.

Is your system performing slow or keeps crashing very often? If yes, then you don’t need to buy a new PC. You just need to optimize your old PC to make it work like a new one. Windows PCs need to be optimized regularly to maintain their stability. Home users or novices are unaware of how much unnecessary junk is filled in their PC, or the programs running in the background. Moreover, several professional users find it difficult to optimize their PC manually as it a time-consuming process. 

Therefore, there are several PC Optimizers in the market that helps you resolve system issues and enhance Windows PC performance with ease. Out of which, we recommend you to Download Advanced SystemCare 13 Latest Version, which is completely free for Windows users. The free PC Optimizer helps you find issues and resolve them with a few mouse clicks. Keep reading this article to find out all the features offered by IObit Advanced SystemCare Free.

Advanced SystemCare 13 Free Version Overview:

Advanced SystemCare by IObit technologies is one of the Best PC Optimizers for Windows users. And the most fantastic thing about this PC Optimizer is that it is entirely free. IObit developed Advanced SystemCare 13 Free to help you delete hidden junk files, speed up your computer, boost internet speed, and protect your privacy.

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As soon as you launch the PC Optimizer, you can see the user interface with six tabs that are Care, Speed Up, Protect, Toolbox, Software Updater, and Action Center. Under the settings menu, you can choose the program skin between black or white, or download custom themes from IObit forums. You can also change the Advanced SystemCare Program’s background by adding a custom image from your PC. Moreover, you can change the Font Size, Language, and adjust the Transparency of the user interface:

Tools Offered by Advanced SystemCare for Windows:

1-Click Optimization:

The default tab contains a large Scan that helps you find and rectify all the system issues. It is useful for novice users as they can optimize their Windows PC with a mouse click. It resolves problems like startup optimization, privacy sweep, junk file clean, shortcut fix, internet boost, registry clean, security reinforce, spyware removal, system optimization, Windows registry defrag, vulnerability fix, and disk optimization. After the scan, it displays the result, and you can choose to clear all items or only the selected items.

Advanced SystemCare Free Images, Download Advanced SystemCare Photos, Advanced SystemCare for Windows Screenshots, IObit Advanced SystemCare, Free PC Optimizer

Turbo Boost:

The Turbo Boost mode by this Advanced SystemCare Tool helps you boost the system performance temporarily. You can choose between Work Mode, Game Mode, or Economy Mode, and the PC Optimizer will close all the unnecessary services running in the background. Therefore, you can work or play games much faster by using all the system resources and RAM. Moreover, you can click on the configure button for changing the default settings.

Hardware Acceleration:

The Hardware Acceleration Tool helps you stabilize your Windows PC. It scans and displays all the outdated drivers that are slowing down your PC’s performance. Moreover, it lets you update all the drivers with a single click.

Deep Optimization:

Advanced System Care 13 Free provides a deep optimization tool that scans your PC deeper and finds issues. You can resolve these hidden issues to optimize your PC further. With the deep optimization tool, you will find topics like optimizing the boot sector, disabling automatic debugging, increase image buffer, automatically close frozen programs, and more.

Privacy Shield:

The Privacy Shield feature helps you protect sensitive data like passwords, credit card numbers, and other confidential details from hackers and cyber-criminals. Moreover, it also detects and blocks malicious and phishing sites from loading on your browser. It also has a Homepage Advisor tool that prevents third-party applications from changing your default search engine and home page.

Advanced SystemCare Free Images, Download Advanced SystemCare Photos, Advanced SystemCare for Windows Screenshots, IObit Advanced SystemCare, Free PC Optimizer

Surfing & Email Protection:

The Free PC Optimizer for Windows not only improves your PC performance but also protects your privacy from online trackers/cyber-criminals when you are surfing the web. It also includes an Ads Removal tool that prevents ads from appearing on your browser window. Moreover, the newly added Email Protection feature in Advanced SystemCare 13 Free Latest Version blocks spam and phishing emails. Note that you need to install the browser extension for some of these features to run effectively.

Face Unlock:

One of the advanced features of Advanced SystemCare is the Face Unlock feature. It prevents other users from logging into your Windows PC and accessing your data. Besides that, it captures intruder’s pic when someone tries to access your computer without your acknowledge. Therefore, no other user can access or steal your data when you are away from the PC. Moreover, you can manually set a time for Advanced SystemCare to monitor your computer.

IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Toolbox:

The IObit Advanced SystemCare provides a Toolbox that contains a bunch of useful tools divided into categories like system optimize, system clean, and security & repair. There are over 20 tools, and most of them are available in the Free version. 

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  • The built-in Startup Manager helps you disable or delay startup applications, which will slightly improve your Windows PC startup speed. Moreover, it also lets you disable browser startups and system services.
  • The Program Deactivator disables startup programs, background services, and scheduled tasks to decrease the load on your CPU.
  • Advanced SystemCare for PC has a built-in Registry defrag tool that reduces fragments, recover unused memory, and repair structural errors to stabilize your PC.
  • Moreover, the IObit System Information tool provides you brief information about every component on your device.
  • Now you can schedule your Windows computer to shut down automatically at the given time with the help of Auto Shutdown feature by IObit.
  • The ASC Portable Tool allows you to generate a portable version of Advanced SystemCare software and use it on other computers without installing it.
  • Also, the Context Menu Manager lets you remove unnecessary items from the right-click context menu to make it look clean.
  • The Disk Doctor tool scans individual drives to find and resolve disk errors.
  • MyWin10 is specially designed for Windows 10 users with options to show/hide icons on the desktop, optimize start menu, modify Cortona settings, manage Windows update, disable privacy features, fix problems, and more.

Advanced SystemCare Free Images, Download Advanced SystemCare Photos, Advanced SystemCare for Windows Screenshots, IObit Advanced SystemCare, Free PC Optimizer

More Tools:

  • The Undelete Tool by Advanced SystemCare for Windows lets you recover recently deleted files from the local disk and recycle bin.
  • Moreover, the free PC Optimizer has a DNS Protector tool that prevents hackers or malware from changing your DNS settings.
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare 13 Free lets you change and set default applications for browser, image viewer, media player, etc.
  • You can use the File Shredder tool to permanently delete confidential and personal files/folders from your hard disk.
  • Also, the Empty Folder Scanner scans and removes all empty folders from your hard drive.
  • The Shortcut Fixer finds and fixes invalid and broken shortcuts on your PC.
  • Cloned File Scanner works a duplicate finder that scans and removes cloned/duplicate files from your hard disk to free space.
  • Moreover, the Large File Finder finds and suggests you delete the files occupying a huge space on your Windows PC.
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare for Windows PC also provides an advanced task manager called Process Manager. It helps you manage all the processes and services running on your PC. Furthermore, it also shows the CPU and memory usage of each Windows service along with its priority.
  • It also has a built-in Software Updater so that you can update all the outdated apps with ease.

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System Requirements to Download Advanced SystemCare for PC:

You can Download Advanced SystemCare 13 Free even on low-end PCs as it the PC Optimizer by IObit does not demand much system resources.

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 256 MB Memory
  • File Size: 48 MB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free disk space

Advanced SystemCare 13 Free PC Optimizer Conclusion:

In Conclusion to Advanced SystemCare 13 Free Version Software, I like to say that it is one of the best PC Optimizers for Windows. It provides several options to protect your privacy, clean up disk space, and, most importantly, it offers dozens of tools to help you optimize your PC. After using the software, you will experience better speed, performance, and stability. 

The Free Version of Advanced SystemCare is good enough for novices to optimize their PC as it provides most of the tools. You can also upgrade to the Pro version to access features like Program Blocker, Browser Anti-Tracking, Real-Time Protector, Smart RAM, Win Fix, Registry Cleaner, and Disk Cleaner.

Click on the below-provided link to Download Advanced SystemCare 13 Free for Windows PC. Moreover, the Free Optimizer by IObit works on both x64 and x32 bit operating systems on all versions of Windows.

–>>”Download Advanced SystemCare for Windows 32/64-bit“<<–

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