Download Avast Premier 30 Days Trial for Windows (32/64-Bit)

Download Avast Premier for Windows to protect your PC from viruses as well as optimize it for better performance. Avast has Leading Products in the PC Security Industry. Avast Premier is one of its products, and it is the Powerful Antivirus Software for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. This free virus protection software for Windows has served millions of users with specialized Features.

The best security software offers PC protection, Data Security, Safe Web, and Improved Performance. This top-best antivirus software has many advanced Tools to secure PC without any flaws like gaming mode, sandbox technology, and more. So what are you waiting for? Download & install the Avast Premier Trial on both the 32-Bit and 64-Bit processors by using the links provided at the bottom of this page.

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Why Choose Avast Premier for Windows?

Avast Premier is the Best Antivirus program to secure PC against all kinds of malware. Unlike other Antivirus Softwares, it offers optimization tools such as Password Manager, Safe Zone Web Browser, File Shredder, Gaming Mode, Silent Mode, and Browser Cleanup Tools. Safe zone Browser is the Avast Product to help the user to surf the web with more security. Furthermore, this program works with User Commands, and it can work in the background without distracting the other active applications.

Avast Premier Trial Important Features:

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PC Protection:

Smart Antivirus: It also detects all kinds of malware, including ransomware, spyware, and adware. Moreover, it traces all the infected files and removes them from the system permanently.

Cyber Threats: Also, the Avast Premier Trial blocks all the threats with Active Protection and reports the complex Malware threats to the Avast Experts.

Real-Time Protection: Avast Provides Real-Time Protection for your PC to detect all the suspicious software by observing their behavior after a particular time of Installation. It immediately warns the user and blocks the program.

Quick Scan: Quick Anti-Virus Scanner scans for the most critical sections of your hard disk for potential virus infections. Then the antivirus software asks the user to resolve or delete the files altogether.

Powerful Firewall: It acts as a Powerful Layer, which monitors all incoming/ outgoing traffic and blocks all the unauthorized network-based activities.

Sandbox Technology: The Antivirus Software runs suspicious activities in a Sandbox, which is an advanced technology that prevents Suspicious Applications from making changes or infecting other files.

Wi-Fi Protection: The free antivirus protects all your Wi-Fi connections and avoids unknown users from accessing your Home Network.

Web Browser Tune-Up: Moreover, it also clears all the Temporary files like browsing history, cache, cookies, search history, and other activity logs to speed up your browser speed.

Password Manager: Keep all your Passwords safe in Avast Password Manager and remember only a single password (master password) to access the password manager.

Silent Mode: By turning on the Silent Mode, the Antivirus program runs in the background to avoid distraction while working or playing games. Also, the silent mode turns off all notifications and only alerts you of critical warnings.

Data Protection:

Auto-Updates: As you should be aware of the Latest and different kinds of malware that could infect the system. You can Download Avast Premier that Automatic Updates its Virus Database to be able to detect new viruses as well.

File Shredder: File Shredder helps to delete all the private and sensitive Data permanently before selling the computer.

Online Safety:

Secure DNS: It protects the Wi-Fi Connections as well as the Router from getting modifications that allow the unknown user to access the Network.

Anti-Phishing: It also helps to detect spam and unsafe links in the Emails with the help of the Anti-Phishing feature.

Advanced Secure Browser: Avast developed a Web Browser that helps you perform banking activities and online transactions safely.

User-based Security:

Gaming Mode: Add all the essential running applications into Game Mode and Switch it on. The free antivirus software stops all the background programs and services others to provide maximum processing Speed for the program.

System Requirements to Download Avast Premier:

  • It is available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (both 32-Bit and 64-Bit).
  • It requires 256MB RAM and 1.5 GB Hard Disk Space
  • Intel Pentium IV or Later

Download the Latest Version of Avast Premier for Windows (32/64-Bit)

Therefore, click the below links to download Avast Premier for Windows devices. Also, the best antivirus software is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

–>>”Windows 32 Bit“<<–

–>>”Windows 64 Bit“<<–

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