Download Avast Secure Browser for Mac

Download Avast Secure Browser for Mac that protects and guards your privacy while surfing the internet. It is one of the Best Web Browsers for PC, and it uses Chromium Engine. The Avast Browser is free to download for both Mac and Windows PC.

The internet has both its pros and cons. While the internet lets you search and get any information, it might also leak your info. Hackers try to trace your IP address and track your activities on the internet to get your details. They will later use all your collected data to hack you. Hence, it is necessary to take safety measures while you are surfing the web, and especially when you are performing banking or payment activities.

An Internet Browser helps you browse the internet and visit websites. You get a pre-installed internet browser with your OS, whether it’s Mac or Windows, but those browsers lack security and other functionalities. So, you need to have a secure web browser to protect your privacy and information from getting leaked.

Therefore, we recommend you Download Avast Browser that helps you browse faster, be secure, and stay private. Also, check out the Advanced Installation Options before installing the program. You can Download Avast Secure Browser for Mac from our website for free by using the download link.

Why Download Avast Secure Browser?

Avast is one of the leading companies that produce Antivirus and Security Software for both Mac and Windows. It offers programs like Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Premium Security, SecureLineVPN, Password Manager, Driver Updater, Battery Saver, PC Optimizer, and more security programs.

Avast Secure Browser works on Chromium Engine so that Chrome users can migrate and use this Secure Browser conveniently. The user interface of Avast Browser looks similar to Google Chrome Web Browser but includes several security options. Moreover, it blocks ads, prevents tracking, guards your privacy, and lets you browse the web four times faster than your default web browser.

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You can install it on any PC, is Avast Browser does not require much system resources. As you launch the web browser, you see the Bing search, which is set by default. But you set your desired search engine as the homepage in the settings menu like Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, or other. In the extensions section, you can notice a shield icon (Security and Privacy Center), which contains all the security tools offered by Avast Web Browser.

It includes Anti-Tracking, Stealth Mode, Anti-Phishing, Ad-block, and Anti-Fingerprint Tools. As you scroll down, you will find more tools like Privacy Cleaner, Hack Check, Webcam Guard, HTTPS Encryption, Extension Guard, and Password Manager. You can enable or disable any of these features by using the on/off switch. Therefore, stop using the regular browsers and Download Avast Browser now to start protecting your privacy.

Avast Secure Browser for Mac Key Features:

Advanced Installation Options:

During the installation process, you can click on the Options button and pick a web browser from the drop-down menu. In the Options window, you can also choose to launch Avast Browser after setup and make Avast Secure Browser the default web browser.

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It also lets you choose to create shortcuts on the desktop, taskbar, and Start menu. Furthermore, you can change the browser interface language from the Language Drop-down menu. It supports more than 50 different languages from all around the world.

Import from other Web Browsers:

Avast Secure Browser makes it convenient for new users by letting them import their data from other web browsers. You can transfer your data like saved bookmarks, passwords, user settings, and more from top internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You can import the data during the installation process, or from the settings menu after you install the browser. 


Avast Secure Browser helps you work peacefully without any interference by blocking unwanted ads. You don’t have to install separate plugins as this Free Secure Browser comes with a built-in ad-blocker. Moreover, it not only blocks ads from websites but also social media sites and video streaming sites. Now you can watch your favorite tutorial, cooking, educational, or music videos without any interruptions.

Easy Video Downloader:

The Web Browser has an integrated video downloader that automatically activates when it detects any video or media playing on the website. You can see the video grabber on the upper right side of the video. You can select the resolution and click on the download button to get the video, or you can also disable the video grabber from that website by clicking on the settings icon. Furthermore, you can even choose to download it in MP3 audio format.

Stealth Mode:

For more advanced protection, the Avast Secure Browser provides a Stealth Mode, which is similar to Incognito and Private Browsing Mode. When you browse in stealth mode, the secure browser doesn’t save any of your browsing or search data. 

Also, when you close the Stealth Mode window, it automatically clears your visited pages history, temporary files, download history, searched keywords, cookies, website cache, and other traces. Furthermore, Avast automatically activates Anti-Tracking, HTTPS Encryption, and Anti-Phishing features when you get into Stealth Mode.

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Privacy Cleaner:

The privacy cleaner helps you clean out the junk and traces quickly. Click on the Security and Privacy Center (Green Shield Icon in the extensions section) then select the Privacy Cleaner option. As you Launch the Cleaner, it brings up a window from which you can clear all your online traces. First, you need to choose either Basic or Advanced tab, then select the items you want to remove. Moreover, you can also decide to delete only the last hour or last 24 Hrs history, or you can choose to delete entire data.

Hack Check:

Do you want to know whether your email ID or credentials are leaked on the internet? Then Avast Secure Browser will help you find the answer with its Hack Check feature. First, you need to launch the hack check tool from the Security and Privacy Center and enter your Email address (ID).

The hack check feature tracks your email, checks every linked account, and searches the dark web for any possible leaks. In case your account is compromised, it warns you to change your password or delete that account permanently. Also, you can turn on the hack check feature so that it can automatically check your email when you enter it on any website.

Webcam Guard:

Some hackers try to access your webcam when you visit their websites silently. Therefore, the Webcam Guard prevents unauthorized users from accessing your webcam without your awareness. Also, by clicking on the advanced settings, you can choose to whitelist and blacklist websites manually. Moreover, you can enable the option to ask before accessing the webcam.

HTTPS Encryption:

By enabling the HTTPS Encryption, you can prevent any third-party users from collecting the data between you and the website. Avast Web Browser makes sure you are secure even when visiting non-HTTPS Encrypted websites.

Extension Guard:

There are lots of add-ons and plugins available to install on the Chrome web store. Though most of them are secure, there might also be some untrusted add-ons that let hackers take control of your PC. The Free Internet Browser prevents you from installing such malicious and harmful extensions (add-ons) and also examines the pre-installed add-ons.

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Password Manager:

As you Download Avast Browser for Mac, you will also get a built-in Password Manager with it. These days, you need to create an account on almost every website that you use frequently. By having so many accounts, it’s hard to remember all your usernames and passwords. Therefore, you can save all your passwords in Avast’s Password Manager vault and remember only one master password.

Also, storing your passwords in a password manager or a safe-vault is more secure than noting it on a paper, notepad, or in the Email account. After you enable it, Avast Password Manager automatically saves the credentials you enter and help you by auto-filling the credentials with a single click.

Read more about it in this Avast Password Manager Review.


We all know that websites use your IP address and cookies to get your information and to understand your likes and dislikes. Most users prevent this by stopping cookies and disguising their IP address using any Free VPN Service. But these days, Websites are also using your browser configuration to identify you. Therefore, the Anti-fingerprint feature in Avast browser masks your browser’s fingerprint to stop websites from recognizing you.


Anti-Tracking prevents websites, hackers, and advertising companies from tracking your online activities. The Anti-Tracking feature is turned on by default, but you can even disable it from the Security and Privacy Center.


Hackers make several attempts to attract you to click on a specific link or advertisement. Clicking on such phishing links will give access for them to enter your PC. The Anti-Phishing tool identifies phishing links and blocks them on the webpage.

Also, check out and Download Tor Browser for Mac Free Latest Version.

System Requirements to Download Avast Secure Browser:

Before you Download Avast Secure Browser for Mac PC, check out the minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Apple macOS 10.15, Apple macOS 10.14, Apple macOS 10.13, Apple macOS 10.12, Apple macOS 10.11, and Apple macOS 10.10
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory
  • File Size: 94 MB
  • Hard Disk: 300 MB of free disk space

Conclusion on Avast Secure Browser:

To conclude, I like to say that you need to Download Avast Secure Browser to keep your privacy secure. The Free Internet Browser guards your privacy, block ads, and lets you browse with 4x speed. It is the most advanced and secure web browser by Avast that provides several built-in security tools.

Some of the highlighted features are Webcam Guard, Stealth Mode, Privacy Cleaner, Password Manager, Video Downloader, and Adblocker. Also, as it uses the Chromium engine, migrated users won’t have any problem in understanding and using the software.

Just click on the below-provided link to Download Avast Secure Browser for Mac PC.

–>>”Download Avast Secure Browser“<<–

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