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Connectify Hotspot 2020 Free lets you convert your Windows computer into a secure WiFi Hotspot so that you could share the internet with other devices. You can download Connectify Hotspot Free Trial Version for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Moreover, this Internet Software is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit configurations.

In the past, you might have faced several problems while connecting all your device through the internet. For instance, when your WiFi router is damaged, or you forgot the password. Also, when you only have a LAN cable, and you need to connect all your laptops and mobile phones to the internet. Moreover, some hotels provide free WiFi only for one device and charge for more devices.

For all the issues mentioned above, there is a straightforward solution. You just need to Install Connectify Hotspot for Windows that lets you convert your desktop or laptop into a WiFi Hotspot.

Connectify Hotspot 2020 Overview:

Connectify Hotspot is a Networking Software that lets you turn your desktop or laptop into a secure WiFi Hotspot. With Connectify Hotspot Free, you get to share the internet with other devices without any router. Moreover, all the connected devices will not appear on the network source. With the help of this Free Hotspot Software, you can even share the internet from 4G USB card or LAN wire.

It not only lets you share the internet but also services like VPN. It is the best way to protect the privacy of all your devices with a single VPN subscription. Also, it offers a free Ad-blocker that blocks all the ads and let you surf the webpages faster. Furthermore, you can monitor the data usage and speed of all your clients (connected devices).

How To Setup and Use Connectify Hotspot for Windows?

  • First, you need to Download Connectify Hotspot Free Version by using the link provided at the end of this post. 
  • Your Web Browser or Download Manager will download the file in a few seconds as the file size is only about 12 MB.

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  • You will find the executable file in the Downloads Folder. There you have to double-click on the Connectify 2020 installer to start the setup.
  • Click on the Yes button when you see a User Account Control pop-up window from Microsoft Windows.
  • Next, the setup window appears and asks you to accept the User-End License Agreement. Click on the Agree button and proceed further.
  • Again, you need to accept to the Privacy Settings by Connectify Hotspot by clicking on Agree.
  • Next, the setup will install Connectify Hotspot Latest Version on your PC. And, it also checks for software compatibility to avoid conflicts. 
  • Finally, you need to Restart/Reboot your Windows PC by selecting the option and clicking on Finish.

Connectify Hotspot Photos, Connectify Hotspot Free Screenshots, Connectify Hotspot Installation, Connectify Hotspot Setup, How to use Connectify Hotspot, Connectify Hotspot, Free Hotspot

How to Setup Connectify Hotspot:

  • After restarting your PC, the program will automatically pop-up on your desktop along with a few ads to promote their other products.
  • The interface of Connectify Hotspot 2020 Latest Version is simplified, and you can choose to create the type of connection from three options:
    • WiFi Hotspot
    • Wired Router
    • WiFi Repeater
  • You need to click on the WiFi Hotspot tab, then select the internet to share. (Choose Wired Router, if you connect your PC through wired LAN cable. WiFi repeater option is only available in the Connectify Hotspot Pro version)
  • By clicking on the drop-down menu, you will see a list of all the available networks. Moreover, you can even choose the Automatic option in the Pro version, which will automatically pick up the best WiFi network based on its network strength.
  • Next, you need to select Network Access between Bridged and Routed, which are briefed later in this article.
  • Then you can rename your Hotspot Name and set a password. Moreover, there are no specific rules to set a password except that it needs to have between 8 to 63 characters.
  • You can also choose to enable or disable the Ad-blocker. Also, you get to disable local network and internet access in the Pro Version.
  • Finally, click on the Start Hotspot button to start sharing the internet.
  • Once you activate the WiFi Hotspot, you can connect other devices by using the Hotspot name & password or by scanning the QR Code.

Connectify Hotspot Trial Version Key Features:


As you turn on the Connectify Hotspot, it prevents all the ads from displaying from your device so that you can have a safe and fast browsing experience. Also, it not only blocks ads on your device but also on all the connected devices. Blocking ads will help the webpage load faster as well as save lots of internet data.

Routed & Bridged Network Access:

By choosing the Routed Network Access, it will appear as the internet traffic of all the connected devices is generated from this PC. Therefore, nobody will be able to find that you connected multiple devices through WiFi Hotspot. Whereas, by selecting the Bridged Network Access, all your connected devices will appear to be using the WiFi on the network source.

Connectify Hotspot Photos, Connectify Hotspot Free Screenshots, Connectify Hotspot Installation, Connectify Hotspot Setup, How to use Connectify Hotspot, Connectify Hotspot, Free Hotspot

Share VPN Connection:

With Connectify Connectify Hotspot 2020, you don’t need to buy and install a VPN on all your devices. You can simply buy a Download VPN service on your primary device and share it with all the connected devices. It protects your identity as well as lets you unblock and watch Geo-restricted programs.

Manage Clients:

Under the Clients Tab, you can see all the connected devices. It pop-ups a notification whenever a device is connected to the Hotspot. The Ad-blocker menu shows the number of ads blocked so far, and the Privacy Monitor menu displays your IP address, which you can hide by using any Free VPN service.

Moreover, you can see the download & upload data usage by particular devices along with the network speed. Also, it stores the history log of previously connected devices for future reference. Right-Click on a specific client, and you will get options to disable internet access, rename client, disable local access, copy the IP address, and enable gaming mode.

Multi-language Support:

You can download Connectify Hotspot from anywhere around the world as it is available in several languages. The New Version of Connectify Hotspot 2020 supports ten languages: Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Russian, Romanian, French, Spanish, Turkish, and English.

Dark Mode:

The Latest Version of Connectify Hotspot 2020 now comes with a dark mode. The Dark Theme makes it convenient for your eyes at night and saves battery power on your laptop. Moreover, you can shift between light mode and dark mode whenever you want.

Password Protection:

You can turn your Windows PC into a WiFi Hotspot and secure your WiFi network with a password. Only the users with the right password can access your WiFi Hotspot. 


You can enable/disable Connectify Hotspot to resume sharing WiFi when you turn on your computer. The startup option is available in the settings menu.

Connectify Hotspot Photos, Connectify Hotspot Free Screenshots, Connectify Hotspot Installation, Connectify Hotspot Setup, How to use Connectify Hotspot, Connectify Hotspot, Free Hotspot

No-Log Policy:

Connectify Hotspot does not collect your personal data such as visited websites, and other online activities. It only collects your IP address, Windows version, and device information temporarily. Therefore, you can be sure that your privacy and identity are safe.

You can also check out and Download MyPublicWiFi Free for Windows.

System Requirements to Download Connectify Hotspot Free:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2012 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 256 MB Memory
  • File Size: 12 MB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: Connectify Me

Final Words on Connectify Hotspot:

In conclusion, Connectify Hotspot Free is the best Free Hotspot Software that helps you share the internet without any router. It also lets you share VPN and hides the connected devices from the network source. Moreover, you can monitor and manage your clients or connected devices easily. 

Also, if you like the Connectify Hotspot Trial Version, you can upgrade to the Pro or Max version. The Max version offers advanced features like Firewall Controls, WiFi Repeater Mode, Bridging Mode, Custom DHCP & IP Controls, and more. 

Click on the below download button or link to Download Connectify Hotspot 2020 Free Trial Version for Windows 10/8/7 PC. Moreover, the Free Hotspot Software is compatible with both 64-bit as well as 32-bit (x86) configurations.

–>>”Download Connectify Hotspot“<<–

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