Download CoolUtils Total PDF Converter Full Version

Download CoolUtils Total PDF Converter Full Version that lets you convert PDFs into other formats as well as modify them. This Free PDF Converter Software is compatible with all Windows versions and works on both x64 and x32 (x86) bit configurations.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which was first introduced by Adobe in the year 1993. Since then, it is the most used file format for transferring documents on the internet. Most people prefer using PDF over other docs for sharing because it appears as it is.

When sharing Docs on the internet, you may have encountered issues like missing fonts, changed layout, etc. So, when you transfer a PDF document, the other user will receive it as it is. Also, the Word files you created in the new version of MS Office are not supported by older versions, so the other user cannot open the documents until they buy the latest version. 

Therefore, it’s better to share the documents in PDF, which can be opened with Adobe Reader or any Web Browser. So, if you need to convert the received PDF documents with advanced settings, you need a special program. Hence, we recommend you to Download CoolUtils Total PDF Converter Full Version that helps you covert as well as modify PDF documents easily and quickly.

CoolUtils Total PDF Converter Overview:

The Total PDF Converter by CoolUtils is one of the best PDF converting softwares that helps convert PDFs into several other formats. Also, the well-designed user-friendly interface makes it easy for new users to understand and use the software. Moreover, it does not need an internet connection, so you can use the converting software offline to convert documents.

It is also easy to set up (install) the software as you simply need to click on the next button for a couple of times and hit install. Also, the software provides a tutorial so that the new users can utilize all the features conveniently. Moreover, you can merge or split documents, convert document pages into images, extract only images, add a digital signature, apply password, remove usage rights, schedule conversion, and perform many other actions.

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Before you hit the convert button, you can enable the options to delete original files after conversion or move them to a specific folder. To keep a log of all converted files, you can download the full conversion report in Text, Excel, CSV, PDF, or HTML formats, including columns. You can Download CoolUtils Total PDF Converter Full Version from our website by using the download link.

Total PDF Converter Full Version Key Features:

Well-designed User Interface:

The User Interface of Total PDF Converter contains a file menu at the top followed by a shortcut bar that helps convert your documents with a single click. The left panel shows a tree view of your hard disk from where you can add files/folders to convert.

You can click on a PDF file to see the preview on the right-side preview panel before converting it. It also shows you the PDF file properties like file type, modified date, size, author, page size, and page count. You can use the advanced filter option to file the appropriate document.

Supported File Formats:

The Free PDF Converter Supports a vast number of file formats besides PDF, like PS, XPS, PRN, OXPS, and EPS. You can convert the documents mentioned above into several other formats like DOCX, DOC, TXT, XLS, CSV, PDF/A, HTML, EMP, PS, RTF, and more. Moreover, you can turn the PDF document pages into a set of images in JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PNG file format. 

Conversion Features:

When you are converting the PDF into other formats like DOC, TXT, HTML, or PDF/A, the CoolUtils Total PDF Converter offers advanced options. You can choose to include or exclude images and shapes in the document in the render items options. Also, you can rotate the pages, set page size, select page orientation (portrait or landscape), and add margins. The Free PDF Converter also lets you combine or merge several files into one.

Moreover, you can choose to extract specific pages only by entering the page numbers. Or you can choose to extract only odd pages or even pages. Also, you can split documents page by page, by bookmarks, by blank pages, by file size, or make a custom selection. Furthermore, when converting the document to PDF/A, you can compare the file size, change PDF version, and add custom size as well.

Converting Documents to Images:

When converting docs into images, you get several additional options. You can rotate as well as flip the document pages, Set image size and DPI, combine pages into one image, add header, footer, and page numbers.

It lets you add header and footer text and enables you to adjust the position as well as change text font, size, and color. You get similar options while adding footer and page numbers. Moreover, you can even upload and add custom images in the header and footer area.

Total PDF Converter Full Version Images, Download Total PDF Converter Photos, CoolUtils Total PDF Converter Screenshots, Total PDF Converter User Interface, Total PDF Converter Features, Total PDF Converter, Free PDF Converter

Encrypt Documents:

Besides converting the PDFs, you can even protect the documents by using password encryption. You need to select the doc and click on the Encrypt option to apply a password. Moreover, you can apply for additional permissions or restrict other users from copying, modifying, printing, or altering the PDF file. 

Digital Signature:

You can even add a digital signature to your PDF documents. You can upload and add a PFX certificate file from your local drive with a certificate password. Or you can also enter the sign name, location, contact details, and description to appear on the document.

Remove Usage Rights:

Some PDF files come with restrictions or usage rights that prevent you from copying the file content or editing it. But, with CoolUtils Total PDF Converter, you can easily remove the usage right with a couple of clicks. The PDF Converter Program creates a duplicate copy without any restraints.

Advanced Filter:

When your hard disk is filled with several unorganized files, it isn’t easy to find the appropriate documents to convert. Therefore, you can use the advanced filter option that helps you find the required documents without wasting your time or effort.

You can click on the drop-down menu on the upper-right edge to select the type of files. Or you can click on the advanced filter option beside it for a precise search. You can quickly find the appropriate documents by using a word in the file name, by entering approx file size, or by using the date.

Print Document:

You can directly print your PDF documents without opening them in other software. It also provides advanced printing options like you can change the size, orientation, and add margins. You can further choose to print the current page, all pages, or specific pages.

Extract Only Images:

Besides converting the PDF document into images, you can also decide to extract only the photos from the file. Select the PDF files, then click on the Extract Images option on top. You can select the destination folder and extension type and then click on the Start button.

Total PDF Converter Full Version Images, Download Total PDF Converter Photos, CoolUtils Total PDF Converter Screenshots, Total PDF Converter User Interface, Total PDF Converter Features, Total PDF Converter, Free PDF Converter


The Automate option in Total PDF Converter Full Version lets you schedule the software to run the conversion process on a specific given time. In order to set a schedule, you need to select the source folder, output file format, and destination folder along with the attributes like rotate, rendering items, header, footer, PCL options, filename template, and more.

Batch Conversion:

It supports batch conversion so that you can convert several PDF docs at the same time and save your time. You can select different files from different folders with the help of the tree view, or you can also add an entire folder.

System Requirements to Download Total PDF Converter Full Version:

Before you Download Total PDF Converter Full Version, check out the minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory
  • File Size: 104 MB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free disk space

Conclusion of Total PDF Converter:

In conclusion, we recommend you to Download Total PDF Converter Full Version by CoolUtils that helps you convert PDF files into several other file formats, including images. It offers you several features like merging docs, splitting, encrypting, adding a digital signature, adding/removing usage rights, and many more.

You can also convert an entire folder or all selected files at once to save time and effort. Moreover, CoolUtils Total PDF Converter can convert your PDF, XPS, PRN, OXPS, EPS, and PS documents into 25 other file formats, which include PDF/A, PNG, JPEG, HTML, GIF, CSV, PPT, XML, and more.

You can click on the below-given download link or button to Download Total PDF Converter Full Version Free Trial for one month. You can try out the PDF Converter before subscribing or buying the License Key. Moreover, Total PDF Converter is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and works on both 64 and 32-bit machines.

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