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Are you interested in recording the troubleshooting activities while doing on your Windows PC? Want to capture the video chat conversations of your webcam device connected to your computer? Want to edit the clumsy videos that are captured or recorded by your digital gadget or recording tool? Then here is the best solution for all your requirements, which is FlashBack Pro. Yes, the FlashBack Pro 5 is the best free screen recorder that helps in capturing the desktop activities on your Windows PCs.

The FlashBack Screen Recorder supports recording almost all kinds of sources, such as Webcams, to capture the live video chat via Skype. After capturing the videos, you can save them on any format like MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, WMV, etc. Moreover, this FlashBack Pro also works as video editing software because it contains a huge number of editing tools, such as Trim, Split, etc. By this, you can redesign the captured video that you’ve recorded on your desktop computer. With this FlashBack Pro Free Download, you can either capture the entire desktop or part of it by selecting the wanted area using the mouse pointers. You can download and install this FlashBack Recorder on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. By using the download link at the end of this article, you can download the FlashBack Pro Trial Version for Windows PC.

FlashBack Pro 5 Trial Version Overview: 

On special days like marriage days, festivals, birthday functions, and others, we capture videos through digital devices like Smartphones, iPhones, and others. At the same time, while working on our PC, sometimes, we want to capture those activities to review them later. If we are engaged in the important Skype call, we want to record those video conversations done through the webcam device. In all these cases, we need the best video editing software and desktop recorder. Normally, we install both editor and recorder on our devices and perform the actions. But in this article, we provide a single application where you can edit the videos, as well as record the desktop that is FlashBack Pro. Download the FlashBack Pro 5 Trial Version for your Windows PC from our website for free. Check out the TalkHelper Screen Recorder Latest Version.

FlashBack Pro 5 Screen Recorder serves you a lot in recording the desktop monitor to capture the running actions on it. If you want to capture the YouTube videos, then you can do so by using this FlashBack Recorder. After capturing these online videos, you can save them in any file format you want and play on any device. Apart from that, game lovers can use this free screen recorder to capture the games. Like this, there are many advantages of this FlashBack Pro 5 Trial Version that are discussed in the below paragraphs. So, immediately download this FlashBack Pro Screen Recorder for Windows PC for free. After downloading, you can make use of the below installation steps to perform the Setup process.

How to Install FlashBack Pro Free Download for PC?

  • After downloading the FlashBack Pro 5 on your Windows PC using the below link, you can hit on it to begin the Setup process.

Download FlashBack Pro Images, FlashBack Pro Trial Screenshots, FlashBack Pro Free Pictures, FlashBack Pro for Windows Photos, FlashBack Pro for PC Logos

  • It immediately opens the User Account Control pop-up window, where you need to click the Yes button to allow the changes of this FlashBack Pro.
  • Thus, the welcome window of this free screen recorder opens on your desktop screen. Now, it recommends you to close the active applications to perform the Setup process smoothly. In the next step, read the license agreement and accept them by enabling the required option.

Download FlashBack Pro Images, FlashBack Pro Trial Screenshots, FlashBack Pro Free Pictures, FlashBack Pro for Windows Photos, FlashBack Pro for PC Logos

  • For installing the desktop recording tool, you need to choose the destination folder. For that, select it from the PC by clicking the browse button or else go with the default one, and press the Next button. Moreover, the Setup will also create the program’s shortcut in the specified start menu folder. So, provide the name for your start menu folder and click the next button.
  • In the next step, you can choose the additional settings of the software, such as desktop shortcuts and shortcuts on quick launch bar. After selecting or deselecting the additional settings, click the Install button. Thus, it starts installing the FlashBack Pro 5 Trial Version on your Windows PC.

Download FlashBack Pro Images, FlashBack Pro Trial Screenshots, FlashBack Pro Free Pictures, FlashBack Pro for Windows Photos, FlashBack Pro for PC Logos

  • After completing the installation of FlashBack Pro Free Download, click the Next button to continue further. Finally, click the Finish button after enabling Run FlashBack Pro 5 Now option.
  • In the next step, the user has to choose the Continue Trial option to use the free trial edition. If you own the premium version, then click the Buy Now option. Interested users can visit the TunesKit Screen Recorder for Windows.

Download FlashBack Pro Images, FlashBack Pro Trial Screenshots, FlashBack Pro Free Pictures, FlashBack Pro for Windows Photos, FlashBack Pro for PC Logos

  • At last, the FlashBack Pro 5 Free Download interface appears on your Windows desktop. Now, you can start using this free screen recorder for capturing anything on your PC.

Download FlashBack Pro Images, FlashBack Pro Trial Screenshots, FlashBack Pro Free Pictures, FlashBack Pro for Windows Photos, FlashBack Pro for PC Logos

FlashBack Pro Free for Windows PC Key Features:

Video Recording Tool:

  • The FlashBack Pro 5 for Windows PC includes a friendly user interface so that the user can easily record the videos on their desktop computers.
  • With this free video recorder, one can effortlessly capture the online streaming videos and movies with the user-specified quality.
  • This FlashBack Recorder supports you to record the live video chat of the webcam device connected to your desktop.
  • All the recorded videos of this desktop recorder are saved in multiple media formats, such as FLV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, etc.
  • Moreover, the free screen recording tool captures the entire desktop screen and part of the screen, depending upon your requirements.
  • The inbuilt scheduling option helps in recording the target device at the specified time and date. So, it automatically records the screen without user intervention.

Video Editing Tools:

  • When you’re recording the desktop, the screen recorder also records unwanted things like startings, other pop-up windows, and endings. It does not like nice while watching those recorded videos on our Smartphones or media players. For that, the FlashBack Pro 5 for Windows PC came up with the video trimmer to remove unwanted footage from the recorded video.
  • More importantly, you can enhance the video look by applying different effects and adjusting the colors.
  • Even you cut useless parts and rearrange the video to watch only the desired file on your computer.
  • Apart from that, the free screen recorder allows you to edit the audio that was recorded by this software. Yes, the FlashBack Recorder also captures the audio through the Microphone or system-generated sound.

Annotate the Videos:

  • While recording the videos on your Windows computer, you can apply various annotations to the videos. So, by using this FlashBack Professionals, you can add arrows, shapes, lines, images, etc.
  • And you can also highlight the text & mouse cursors to gain the user’s attention on that particular text.

Other Features of FlashBack Screen Recorder for Windows:

  • The main advantage of this FlashBack Pro 5 Free Download is recording the desktop to create online tutorials, webinars, demos, lectures, and video presentations.
  • In addition to the above, you can use it to record the games to improve the gaming style in the next time. It helps a lot to all the game lovers who want to finish the game quickly.
  • This free desktop recording software includes the upload option to export the recorded & edited videos to social media sites like YouTube.
  • With the help of the screen capturing tool, you can create the Picture-in-Picture videos on your desktop computers.
  • If you dislike the audio of any favorite video file, then you can alter it by giving your own voice through this software. It records the audio for the recording video through the Microphone and system sounds.
  • You can play and watch the captured media files on any device you want, such as mobile phones, Smartphones, iPods, iPhones, etc.

FlashBack Pro System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit), and Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or Faster
  • RAM: 2 GB or Above
  • Hard-disk: 50 MB of free space
  • Manufactured by: Blueberry Software

Download FlashBack Pro for PC Conclusion:

Therefore, the FlashBack Pro 5 is the latest screen recording & video editing software that works on modern editions of Windows PCs. You can use this free screen recorder for capturing the ongoing elements of your desktop computer, in both full screen and customized area. At the same time, the users can make use of this top desktop recorder for recording the webcam videos, games, webinars, tutorials, How-Tos, and many more while performing on your Windows computer. You can download the trial version of this FlashBack Professional for free of cost. Clicking the below download button will download the FlashBack Pro on your Windows PC.

By using the following link, you can directly download the FlashBack Pro on your desktops.

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