Download JetBoost v2.0.0 for Windows 10/7

Download JetBoost v2.0.0 for Windows 10/7 that helps you optimize your PC and improve its overall performance. The PC Utility works on all versions of Windows and is compatible with both 64 and 32-bit configurations.

When you buy a new desktop or laptop, it performs fast with no lags or errors. But when you start installing software and use it for a few months, its performance starts to reduce. Therefore, PC optimization tools are very important to have these days.

As you install, uninstall, and run applications on your PC, the softwares use your RAM and processor. There are also some unnecessary services and programs running in the background and slow down your PC. It becomes frustrating when the system lags, crashes, or slows down while you are working on a project or playing game. Hence, it is necessary to optimize your PC often to maintain its performance.

Though there are several Tuneup Utilities in the market, most of them require much system resources and does not finish the job. Therefore we recommend you Download JetBoost, which is a lite and reliable PC optimization tool for Windows.

Why Download JetBoost for Windows?

JetBoost v2.0.0 temporarily close unwanted programs running in the background so that you can use all the RAM. It is the Best Free PC TuneUp Utility for beginners as you can optimize your PC with 1-click. The program even temporarily disables background services when you run full-screen applications. Hence, it is also useful for gamers who experience lag and low FPS. You can Get JetBoost for Windows 10/8/7 from our website by using the link at the end of this topic.

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How to Use JetBoost?

The user interface is kept simple so that even non-technical users can use JetBoost to optimize their PC without any prior knowledge. You can launch the Free Optimization Tool by using the desktop icon and see a mini interface with a Boost button at the center. You can just hit the Boost button to start optimizing your PC.

However, advanced users can click on the customize option to see more advanced features. It displays four tabs that are Processes, Services, Non-Windows Services, and Other. All the advanced features are further explained in detail. Note that making modifications or terminating some programs may cause system errors. Therefore, you can click on the Recommended option to see the services that are less risky to terminate.

JetBoost for Windows 10/7 Advanced Features:

Manage Processes:

The Processes tab shows the list of processes running on your Windows PC along with its description, CPU usage, and Memory usage. You can click on any service and click on the boost button to force close the process instantly. Clearing up the Memory (RAM) will reduce the load on your processor, which results in better performance.

JetBoost Photos, Download JetBoost Images, JetBoost Screenshots, JetBoost, PC Optimization Tool, Tuneup Utility

Advanced Services:

Under the Service tab, you can see come advanced services by JetBoost PC optimization tool. You can enable them to temporarily disable background file transfer, disable hotkeys that activate other apps like music player, disable Windows themes, and more. By stopping these services temporarily, you can see a significant rise in performance.

Terminate Non-Windows Services:

JetBoost for Windows shows separate lists of Non-Windows Services, like Intel Graphics, Antivirus Program, and other applications. It allows you to select and terminate the services to increase the computer’s speed. Note that stopping some of the Services without proper knowledge may lead to a system crash. Also, Disabling the Antivirus Service may put your computer in the risk of virus attacks.

Other Services:

Under the Other Services tab, you can see options to Clear RAM, Clear Clipboard, Enable JetBoost Power Solution, Close Explorer.exe, and Disable automatic update. By enabling the JetBoost Power Solution, you can improve your laptop’s battery backup.

Advanced Settings:

The Settings menu on the top right corner opens up the settings window. Here you can set a custom Hotkey to start JetBoost quickly. You can also edit the service list, change update settings, enable/disable proxy, and change user language. Moreover, you can use the transparency slider to make the JetBoost user interface transparent.

JetBoost Photos, Download JetBoost Images, JetBoost Screenshots, JetBoost, PC Optimization Tool, Tuneup Utility

System Requirements to Download JetBoost:

As discussed earlier, the Free Optimization Tool does not require much system resources. Therefore, you can Run JetBoost Latest Version on any Windows PC with minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or Later
  • RAM: 128 MB Memory
  • File Size: 4 MB
  • Hard Disk: 20 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: Blue Sprig

Final Words on JetBoost:

I like to conclude that JetBoost v2.0.0 is a lite and free tuneup utility that helps you optimize your PC and improve its performance with a single click. The Free PC Optimization tool also provides advanced options to stop background processes and terminate services to clear up RAM.

You can temporarily disable these services and programs to boost the performance of your PC when you are working on something important or while playing high-end games. Moreover, it comes in several languages besides English. Under the settings menu, you can change the user interface language to Italian, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Deutsche, Espanol, Portuguese, and more.

Just click on the link given below to Download JetBoost for Windows 10/8/7 (32/64-bit) for free.

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