Download Nero BackItUp 2020 Free for PC

Download Nero BackItUp 2020 for PC that helps you backup your important files and folder easily and conveniently. Also, it is one of the best Backup and Recovery Software for PC. Check out all the latest features and system requirements to install Nero BackItUp Free on your Windows computer.

There are often times when you lose your valuable data due to system crash, sudden power loss, hard disk failure, operating system malfunction, a virus attack, or other reasons. Though it is possible to retrieve your data by using any Free Data Recovery Tool, it is safe and wise to back it up beforehand.

As the recovery software does not guarantee a 100 % recovery, you may lose your valuable data. Also, when sharing the computer with multiple users whether, at home or office, other users may likely delete your important files unknowingly. Therefore, to avoid such incidents, it is recommended to use a reliable Backup Software that can conveniently backup all your crucial data and store it safely.

Hence, we recommend you to Download Nero BackItUp Free that helps you back up and store your important files like documents, images, videos, archives, music, games, and other files safe and secure.

Nero BackItUp Free Overview:

Nero is a well-known and trusted organization that produces several System Utilities like Duplicate Files Manager, Video Editor, Media Organizer, Free Backup Software, DVD Ripper, Burning ROM, and other CD/DVD Tools. 

The Nero BackItUp 2020 Latest Version not only backs up your valuable data but also compresses it to save space. Also, it makes sure your data is safe by encrypting it with AES-256 bit high-level Algorithm. Moreover, it supports all file formats and never skips any files while backing up.

You can back up everything on your PC like family pictures, captured videos, office files, scanned copies of your certificates and ID proofs, massive games, favorite movies, and more. After backing up your valuable data with Nero BackItUp Free, you will have peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about permanently losing your valuable data ever again.

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Nero BackItUp even gives you the privilege to save the backup files wherever you want. You can also save the data to your preferred folder on the internal hard disk or external storage devices like external hard drive, Pendrive, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and more. Moreover, you can save it on any cloud storage services like Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Before installing Nero BackItUp Latest Version, make sure you have an active internet connection as it downloads necessary files, latest updates, and prerequisites before extracting the files on your PC. Also, it asks you to enter an Email ID to start using the free backup software. After you enter the Email, you need to check your mail inbox for a password. As soon as you enter the given code, your account will be active and you can start using Nero BackItUp for PC.

Nero BackItUp 2020 Latest Features:

The Latest Version of Nero BackItUp offers several new features that are discussed below.

Convenient User Interface:

As you launch the program by using the desktop icon, you can see the Nero Multimedia Suite graphical user interface. You will notice that only Nero BackItUp and Nero Control Center are highlighted because you did not install other tools.

Nero BackItUp Free Images, Nero BackItUp Screenshots, Nero BackItUp Photos, Nero BackItUp, Free Backup Software, Backup and Recovery Software

And as you click on the Nero BackItUp program, you can see a friendly user interface from where you can backup and restore your data quickly and conveniently. It also has tools and options on the upper section of the dashboard that lets you Erase Re-writable Disc and change proxy settings.

Multiple Backups:

To keep your valuable files more secure, Nero BackItUp Free allows you to save the backup in multiple places. You can save the backup on your local disc and later copy it to other devices. Or you can directly save the backup in an external storage device like a CD, Blu-ray disc, hard disk, USB drive, or DVD. Moreover, you can also store the backup at a much safer place like cloud storage. Note that you need to have a re-writable disc to update the backups stored in Blu-ray discs, CDs, and DVDs.

Selective Backup:

Nero lets you select the data to back up like Photos, Videos, Music, and Documents. You can also choose the customize selection option to pick individual files and folders from your local disk to backup. As you make your selection, it shows the number of files & folders selected, as well as their total size.

You can not only select files and folders from the drive partitions but also system folders like documents, downloads, favorites, music, pictures, saved games, links, etc. After that, you need to select the export/destination location from your local drive, external drive, or network devices.

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Scheduled File Update:

Once you backup your data, you don’t have to update it every time you make any changes to the files as folders. While backing up the data, Nero BackItUp gives you the option to schedule the backup to update your files. You can choose a specific date and time if you choose the monthly or weekly option.

Moreover, you can even choose to update the backup files daily at a specific time or select the continuous option to let the software update your files as soon as you make any changes. If you store the data in an external drive, it will automatically update the backup files as soon as you connect/insert the removable drive.

Restore Backup:

Similar to the Backup process, the Restore process is also very convenient. You can choose to recover the entire folder, or you can also choose to restore only some particular files. It provides a list of backups with the backup date, time, and updated date.

Moreover, it provides some advanced options like restoring the backup. Like you can choose to retrieve the files in the same path or choose a different destination folder. Also, you can choose to replace existing files, rename and keep both files, skip existing files, or make custom selections for each file.

Mobile Backup:

The Latest Version of Nero BackItUp 2020 also lets you backup your mobile device. For this, you need to install Nero BackItUp mobile App, then select the backup target as PC. Besides PC, you can also choose phone memory, SD card, or cloud storage options. By choosing the backup target as PC, the Free Backup Software lets you manage the files on your computer. Note that you need to be connected with the same WiFi network while backing up your mobile files to PC through Nero BackItUp.

Nero Control Center:

The Nero Control Center automatically installs itself as you install Nero BackItUp Software. The Control Center shows your product registration details and provides other options. You can check for the latest updates, enable automatic updates, change proxy settings, upgrade to the premium version, and more. Furthermore, you will also find an option to change the Nero BackItUp user interface language.

Nero BackItUp Free Images, Nero BackItUp Screenshots, Nero BackItUp Photos, Nero BackItUp, Free Backup Software, Backup and Recovery Software

System Requirements to Download Nero BackItUp Free:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (32-Bit and 64-Bit)
  • File Size: 3 MB
  • Disk Space: 200 MB of free space
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM minimum
  • Processor: Intel Pentium, AMD or later version

Conclusion of Nero BackItUp for PC:

In conclusion, Nero BackItUp Free Backup Software helps you back up your valuable files and folders very conveniently. The Recovery Software lets you choose specific files, folders, disk partitions, or entire disk to backup. Moreover, you can store the backup files on multiple locations like internal storage, external devices, or cloud storage.

Besides that, it has an option to update the data manually or automatically on the scheduled date. Nero BackItUp 2020 has a friendly user interface that helps beginners to understand and access the software easily and quickly. 

You can quickly Download Nero BackItUp Free for PC by utilizing the download link or button given below. Moreover, The Backup and Recovery Software works fine on 10/8/7/Vista/XP and compatible with both 64-Bit and 32-Bit machines.

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