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NetBalancer Free Overview:

NetBalancer Free is one of the Best Network Software for Windows that helps you monitor and control local network traffic. It is an advanced network utility that lets you set rules and filters for every program and service on your computer. Moreover, NetBalancer provides charts and graphs so that the users can analyze and monitor the exact data flow.

When multiple computers or devices are using the same bandwidth on a local area network, you may observe fluctuations in incoming and outgoing traffic. For Instance, one person in an office chooses to download/upload a large amount of personal data, which causes other devices to slow down. Hence, other computers may face slow webpage loading because that one application is eating up all the bandwidth. Also, it is hard to find which app is using the most bandwidth on which computer.

Therefore, you need to Download NetBalancer for Windows, which is a reliable networking tool that not only helps you monitor the traffic but also controls it by setting limits. After you Download NetBalancer, you can set a download/upload limit and restrict a particular software from using more than the given amount of data or speed. 

You can Download NetBalancer for Windows 10 and other versions by using the link provided below the conclusion of this content. The Free Network Manager is compatible with both Windows configurations that are 32 & 64 Bit. The installation process is easy, and you need to restart your PC after completion of the installation process to make the program run precisely.

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User Interface of NetBalancer for Windows 10/8/7:

The Engaging and simplified user interface of NetBalancer for Windows 10 makes it easy for users to understand and access the services. Below the title bar, you can see a menu bar with file, edit, statistics, language, window, and help menus. Below the menu bar, you will find a quick access toolbar that allows you to access the tools instantly without wasting much time.

You can select a program/service and use the quick access toolbar buttons to set low download priority, medium download priority, high download priority, low upload priority, medium upload priority, high upload priority, reset priority, block all traffic networks, unblock all traffic networks, filters, rules, and more.

It presents all the programs and services using the internet in a tabular list. You can see each program’s download load rate, upload rate, priority, amount of data downloaded, amount of data uploaded, number of connections, the username (system name), and more. Moreover, you can select the columns to show as well as sort the programs/services in the list.

You can also choose to view the list of programs by specific network adapters. From the Adapter dropdown menu in the quick access toolbar, you can choose to see the programs or devices connected through WiFi, Local Area Network, or All Network Adapters. Moreover, you can also search for the specific service/application by using the search bar. In the meantime, you can also see a live graph in the bottom section of the NetBalancer window that shows the download/upload traffic in real-time.

How to Set a Program/Service Priority by using NetBalancer:

  • To set priority, first, you need to select a particular application/service
  • Then, click use the tools in the quick access toolbar. The green buttons indicate download priority, whereas the red buttons indicate upload priority.
  • You can choose to set a priority between low, normal, or high, as the networking program will automatically select the appropriate upload/download limit.
  • You can also manually set the speed limit of a program to use. For that, you need to right-click on a specific service and select the Edit Priority option.
  • There, you can see two different sections for upload and download limit. Click on the dropdown menu and select the option Custom to set the speed limit manually.
  • After setting the limit, click on the OK button to save the changes.
  • Note that you can also reset the limit whenever you want by clicking on the blue color reset button in the quick access toolbar or from the right-click menu.
  • Moreover, NetBalancer Free also works as a personal firewall as you can also block any service or program from connecting to the internet. You can block an application from the right-click menu or by clicking on the block option in the upper toolbar.

NetBalancer Free Images, Download NetBalancer Pictures, NetBalancer Photos, Free Networking Software

NetBalancer for Windows 10 Key Features:

Monitor Usage:

The NetBalancer for Windows 10/8/7 helps users to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic of every program and service in real-time. The Free Network Software also shows a live graph at the bottom of the interface. The statistics menu gives users more detailed information on internet usage with interactive charts. 

Traffic Charts and Statistics:

The program shows internet traffic in interactive graphs so that even non-technical users can easily understand it. Select the Totals option in the Statistics menu that shows the hourly chart of the data used for uploading and downloading. You can even change the view from hours to minutes, seconds, days, weeks, months, and years. Also, you can choose to view the traffic information on a specific date or period. Moreover, you can click on the values to see the data used by each program and service.

Similarly, you can check out Tops and Event Log options for further traffic details. The Tops options show the amount of data used by an application/service. And the Events Log option shows a comprehensive tabular list of each service from time to time. Moreover, you can also export the logs in CSV format for future reference.

Set Priorities and Limit:

NetBalancer Free lets you set priorities and limits for specific programs as per necessity. For example, you can set download manager and torrent client at low and web browsers at a high priority so that you can browse the internet with high-speed bandwidth while downloading files at a slower pace. 

NetBalancer Free Images, Download NetBalancer Pictures, NetBalancer Photos, Free Networking Software

Define Traffic Rules:

You can control the broadband usage to save data by setting custom rules for individual services and applications. First, you need to select the traffic rules option in the quick access toolbar and click on the add button to get rules templates. You will see templates for daily usage, monthly, weekdays, weekends, and night usage. Moreover, you can also create a new rule using custom settings.

Block Internet Access:

Many users utilize the firewall for blocking internet access for specific programs, which is complicated for non-technical users. But with the help of NetBalancer Free, you can conveniently and efficiently block/unblock programs & services anytime with a single click. You can stop any program from transferring incoming or outgoing data. It is helpful for users who use the cracked version of softwares.

System Tray Toolbar:

Once you activate the NetBalancer tray, the program will provide a small widget on the desktop that shows current download and upload internet speed in both numeric and graphical views. By default, it always stays on top of other windows, but you can change the settings by right-clicking on it. You will also find other options in the right-click menu such as opacity percentage, enable/disable click-through, show/hide ping, blur, and more. Moreover, you can also see uploading and downloading speed in the system tray. You can right-click on it for more advanced options.


One of the advanced features of NetBalancer Free is the Sync option. You can control and manage your system traffic remotely by syncing your device. First, you need to create a free account (register) to use the Sync function. 

Password Protection:

As NetBalancer contains advanced network settings, it is risky while using it on a multiuser computer. Therefore, it offers password protection options that help the users to secure all their settings with high encrypted software. Moreover, the NetBalancer keeps the user settings, system information, and usage logs safe as it employs AES-256 Algorithm Encryption. 

System Requirements to Download NetBalancer:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free disk space

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In conclusion to NetBalancer Free, it is an advanced yet easy-to-use networking software that helps you monitor as well as manage incoming and outcoming traffic. Also, you can set priority for individual programs, and you can also set a speed limit for specific applications. It shows you the traffic logs in a detailed graphical view so that non-technical users can understand it better. Furthermore, it is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. 

Click on the below-provided link to Download NetBalancer Free for Windows 10 for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. Also, it is compatible with both 32 and 64 Bit configurations.

–>>Download NetBalancer for Windows 32/64 Bit<<–

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