Download PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Full Version

Download PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Full Version that helps you Read, Edit, Modify, and Create PDF files quickly and efficiently. The Latest Version of this Free Editing Software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 on both 64 and 86 (x32) bit configurations.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Version Overview:

PDF-XChange Editor Plus is an all-in-one PDF Reader. It not only lets you view PDF documents, but also edit, modify, convert, and create them. The built-in Optical Character Recognition Tech smartly identifies characters and extract them as text. Also, you can convert PDF documents into other file formats as well as convert other documents into PDF. 

Besides that, PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable has more features than any other PDF editing software for Windows. You can even add text, geometric shapes, stamps, images, weblinks, and more. The PDF editor also lets you manipulate the document, such as merging, splitting, swapping pages, and lots more. Furthermore, you can protect your documents with a highly encrypted AES-128/236 bit and 40/128 bit RC4 algorithm.

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The most fantastic thing about PDF-XChange Editor Full Version is that it comes in a portable version. Therefore, you can simply Download PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable, extract it using any compression software, and run it. It will not only save space on your device, but you can also carry it in a removable drive and pass it to your friends, family, and colleagues. 

PDF-XChange Editor Plus Full Version Key Features:

OCR Tech:

One of the highlighted features of the PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Version is the OCR Tech. Sometimes it’s not possible to copy text from a PDF document as they appear as images. Therefore, PDF-XChange Editor Plus Full Version uses Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR) that scans the document, identifies the text in pictures, and converts it into text. Moreover, this process takes less than a minute to save a single page. The PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Version comes with a built-in OCR feature, whereas you need to download the plug-in separately for other versions.

Convert to PDF:

PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Version Software lets you convert Microsoft Office Docs in PDF Documents, which most of the Free PDF Editing Tools fail to offer. Besides that, it also allows you to convert other file formats into a PDF such as Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, RTF, Text, TIFF, PNG, XPS, BMP, and other image formats.

Convert from PDF:

You can also convert PDF files into other file formats such as Plain Text Files, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF/A, PDF/X, and Optimized PDF file formats.

Save & Open Sessions:

You could save multiple sessions of a file so that you can restore the previous version if you made a mistake in the latest version. Therefore, even if other users edit your document, you can quickly revert it to the earlier version. Moreover, it provides the date and time of every version of the file to make it more convenient.

Find Text:

You can easily find required text like name, roll no, card number, dates, and more using the find option. Also, you can move to the previous and next keyword by using the virtual arrows or keyboard arrows as well. You can make the search more accurate by enabling options like case sensitive, whole words, and ignore diacritics. Moreover, in the drop-down menu beside the search bar, you can choose to include/exclude page text, bookmarks, comments, fields, and external links in the search results.

Zoom In and Out:

To improve readability, PDF-XChange Editor Plus Full Version lets you zoom in and zoom out as per your requirements. It allows you to zoom in up to 6400% percent and zoom out to 0.75%. The zoom-in feature will come handy for engineers when they are viewing a large plan (map) as it increases their precision. You can select the zoom percent from the drop-down menu or just move the slider to left or right by using the mouse. Or you can also make use of the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out.

Multiple Pages View:

While viewing documents in PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Version, you can choose to see it in a single page view or book view as per your comfort. The book view will show two pages in the interface, and you can scroll your mouse for continuous reading. 

Editing PDF Files:

PDF is the most used file format for sharing documents all around the world. The reason people prefer to transfer docs and confidential data in PDF format because it is not easy to edit or modify the text in PDF compared to Word or Doc files. But PDF-XChange Editor Plus Full Version lets you edit PDF documents as if they were Word files. 

Beginners won’t have any problem in modifying PDF files as the user interface of PDF-XChange Editor Plus looks very much similar to MS Word and Google Docs. All the options are available in the toolbar so that the users can easily find and access the required tool.

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Add Text and Objects:

PDF-XChange Editor Plus Full lets you add custom text anywhere in the document just by clicking on it. Also, you can add geometrical shapes like line, arrow, square, circle, and more to make the PDF document more engaging. Moreover, you can add annotations and highlight useful points in the PDF document.

Protect PDF Documents:

You can make sure your confidential or valuable information in the document is safe by protecting it with a password. Moreover, the password is encrypted with high-security AES-128/236 bit and 40/128 bit RC4 algorithms that make it impossible to hack the document or steal the content.

Manipulate Documents:

PDF-XChange Editor Plus gives the user full permission to manipulate the PDF documents as per their requirement. You can add several PDF files and merge them to create a single document. Also, you can extract particular pages or selected text into a new PDF document. Moreover, you can manage the whole PDF and swap pages if required.

Manipulate Objects and Items in Documents:

PDF-XChange Editor Plus not only lets you edit and modify the text but also other items in the document. You can add, remove, or replace images and web links, as well as re-compress pictures to reduce file size.

Measure Distance:

The Best PDF Editing Software also provides tools to measure distance, perimeter, and area of the figures in the document with ease.

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System Requirements to Download PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Version:

  • As mentioned earlier, you can Download PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Version for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32 & 64 Bit)
  • Processor: Intel or AMD
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 150 MB Free Hard Disk Space required
  • Developer: Tracker Software

Conclusion of PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable:

In Conclusion to PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Version, it is an all-in-one tool that helps you read, modify, edit, convert, and create PDF documents easily than any other software. You can even add text, images, highlight text, merge documents, split, and perform several other activities.

Click on the below link or download-button to Download PDF-XChange Editor Plus Portable Version. The PDF editing software is compatible with all versions of Windows on both configurations.

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