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Download PDFescape Editor for Windows that helps you read, edit, convert, compress, and protect your PDF documents. This Editing Software is only compatible with the latest versions of Windows that are Windows 7, 8, and 10 on both x64 and x32-bit machines.

PDFs are mostly used by professionals and business persons, but it also comes handy for home users. PDFs are the most popular format for sharing documents online. When we share a word file with other users, they must have the same software, version, supported fonts, and more to access the PDF. Even after that, some PDF files may lose their layout.

Whereas, the Portable Document Format (PDF) doesn’t require any special software, plugins, or additional fonts. You can even open a PDF file in your web browser without any change in the document. Therefore, PDF editors have become one of the essential softwares for PC users. Though there are dozens of PDF editors for Windows, we suggest you try out and Download PDFescape Free Trial.

PDFescape Editor for Windows Overview:

PDFescape Editor for Windows lets you read, create, edit, compress, convert, and encrypt PDF documents with ease. It has a similar interface as MS Word and Google Docs, making it easy for users to understand and access all the editing tools. The PDFescape comes in three versions that are Free, Premium, and Ultimate version.

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After the installation is complete, the PDF editor asks whether you want to continue with the Free version, or try Premium and Ultimate version. The Free Desktop Version allows you to view, print, and create PDFs, whereas the Ultimate version offers several features like view, edit, compress, convert, protect, create, and more. The premium version has similar features as the ultimate version except for a few features like creating PDF forms, electronic signing, erase tool, and password protection.

Also, you must create an account on PDFescape, or log in with your Google or Facebook account in order to use the free version or the trial version. Once you logged in, you will be able to try out all the features offered by PDFescape Editor for Windows. Besides the features mentioned above, PDFescape Ultimate provides lots of features like creating forms, setting permissions, splitting documents, merging, adding signature or watermark, and many more.

PDFescape Free Trial Key Features:

Simplistic User Interface:

As discussed earlier, the user interface of PDFescape is simplified to be useful for both professional and home users. It contains a menu bar with menus like view, create, edit, convert, insert, secure, and more. It is followed by a toolbar that contains all the tools. There is also a custom menu that allows you to add all the most used or your favorite tools. The PDF editing software offers a tab view so that you can open multiple documents simultaneously. Moreover, it also has a zoom-in slider with page number and other icons like full screen, page view, and document view.

PDF Converter:

PDFescape Free Trial also includes a PDF converter that allows you to convert the PDFs into other document types. You can save the PDF into TXT, PowerPoint, Word, PDF/A, HTML, Excel, RTF, and even Image formats like GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG. You can choose to convert all pages or selective pages from the document. Moreover, PDFescape provides batch conversion option, so that you can convert multiple documents at the same time. 

PDFescape Editor for Windows Images, PDFescape Ultimate Photos, PDFescape Screenshots, PDFescape User Interface, PDFescape Features, PDF Editor, PDF Editing Software


The doc compressor by PDFescape Editor for Windows lets you save space on your disk by compressing the PDFs. You can choose between five modes of conversion that are No Compression, Original Quality, Print Quality, Office Quality, and Email Quality. Compressing the documents is useful while sharing through email or saving it on cloud storage.

Organize PDF:

As it is one of the best PDF editing software for Windows, it provides several tools to organize and modify your documents. You can rotate the PDF or selected pages from 90 to 180 degrees. It also allows you to replace the document’s white background with another color or a picture. Moreover, you can also add margins, crop pages, and replace pages as per the sequence.

Merge, Split, and Extract:

The PDF Editor for Windows provides a merge option in the Create menu that helps you merge multiple documents as a single file. You can arrange the docs in order as well as select the page range to merge. The split tool lets you split a single PDF into several parts. You can split the document by pages or by the number of docs. Moreover, you can also choose to extract only specific pages or images from the PDF. 

Encryption and Protection:

The Encryption option is only available in the PDFescape Ultimate Version, which helps protect your data from hackers and other users. You can choose the encryption level between 128 bit AES, 128 bit RC4, or 256 bit AES, as per your requirements. Besides that, you can also add a digital signature by choosing an image file or entering your name. Moreover, you can prevent others from reading or changing your documents by assigning permissions. You can prevent others from opening it, filling the form, commenting, extracting pages, inserting, deleting, and editing the PDF.

PDFescape Editor for Windows Images, PDFescape Ultimate Photos, PDFescape Screenshots, PDFescape User Interface, PDFescape Features, PDF Editor, PDF Editing Software

Advanced Form Creation:

The PDFescape Ultimate offers the most advanced Form Creation tools. You can add text fields, push-button, combo box (drop-down menu), radio button, and list box. You can even add buttons like submit, email, and print. Moreover, you can save/export your form pattern and use/import it while creating other documents.

Insert Menu:

You can add images, text, and links on your document from the Insert Menu. PDFescape also allows you to add Header, Footer, Page Numbers, and lets you choose the position. Besides that, you can add Bates Numbering and Watermark. You can add an image or text as your watermark and change its appearances like rotation, position, and opacity. Moreover, PDFescape Editor for Windows provides a preview of the document so that you can see the changes in real-time.

Professional Tools:

Under the Review menu, you will find several professional tools that increase your productivity. You can highlight the relevant text, underline text, as well as strike text. It also lets you add sticker notes and draw with a pencil. Also, you can add stamps from the available presets or create a new one. You can even highlight a word or object by adding shapes like an arrow, line, block arrow, oval, rectangle, cloud, and more. The distance tool is helpful for engineers as they can measure the distance, area, and perimeter of the down-scaled object. Moreover, the whiteout tool works as an eraser that removes selected objects and text in the document,

PDFescape Editor for Windows Images, PDFescape Ultimate Photos, PDFescape Screenshots, PDFescape User Interface, PDFescape Features, PDF Editor, PDF Editing Software

Compare Documents:

One of the unique functionality of this Free PDF Editing Software is the compare documents tool. It lets you insert two documents side by side so that you can compare the content conveniently. You can also compare the changes made between the original and revised docs.

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System Requirements to Download PDFescape Free:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory
  • File Size: 12 MB (Online Installer)
  • Hard Disk: 60 MB of free disk space

PDFescape Free Conclusion:

I like to conclude that PDFescape is one of the best and advanced PDF editing softwares for Windows users. The PDF Editing Tool by Red Software lets you create new documents, convert PDFs into other professional file formats, compress the documents’ size, protect docs with a password, and many more.

Besides that, you can also split, merge, and rotate documents as well as extract specific pages. PDFescape Ultimate version also lets you add permissions and restrictions to protect your data. You can add watermark, header, footer, page numbers, shapes, text, and links. Moreover, you can create forms, highlight text, convert into image format, extract images, and more.

You can Download PDFescape Editor for Windows 10, 8, and 7 by clicking on the download link provided below. Furthermore, you can choose to use the free version or try the PDFescape Free Trial of Premium and Ultimate version.

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