Download Private Internet Access VPN for Mac

Download Private Internet Access VPN for Mac PC to protect your privacy and surf the internet anonymously. This Network Software has one of the largest networks and provides several other features as well.

A VPN is a must-have software for internet users. Internet usage is increasing day by day, and it is risky to surf the web without a secure network. When you visit websites, they store your IP address, and hackers may misuse it to track your online activities and find your home location.

Therefore, most business organizations and professional users VPN services to hide their real IP address and surf the net with a fake one. It is also important to have a reliable VPN service. Therefore, we recommend you Download Private Internet Access VPN that not only hides your IP address but also provides lots of privacy features.

Private Internet Access for Mac Overview:

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the best VPN services for Mac PC. It lets you unblock/watch Geo-restricted websites & programs, and you watch them anonymously. It also helps you protect your privacy as nobody can track your online activities or locate your physical location. Moreover, it is very easy to set up and use the VPN Software even for non-technicians.

The user interface is simple as you just need to select the server and turn it on to use the unlimited VPN service. After installing the software, it asks you to choose a light or dark theme. You can make the selection as per your necessity. You can also change the icon style, dashboard appearance, internet protocol, name servers, proxy preference, and interface language in the settings menu.

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Private Internet Access is a premium VPN Software that offers you several premium features. Some of the useful features are encrypted WiFi connectivity, ad-blocker, unlimited bandwidth, no logins, split tunneling, kill switch, and more. Moreover, it is available in over 20 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and more.

Private Internet Access VPN Key Features:

Largest Network:

Private Internet Access VPN has one of the largest networks with over 3300 servers in around 50 countries. With the extensive network, you can choose to browse from any server you wish.

Encrypted WiFi:

Most people use public WiFi at airports, coffee shops, shopping malls, etc. without knowing the risk. While using public WiFi, a hacker can easily monitor all your activities, including your banking activities and personal conversations. Also, there is a change that malware from another device can crawl into your through the WiFi router. Therefore, Private Internet Access for Mac provides end-to-end encryption with the AES algorithm so that no third person can interfere with your network.

Data Encryption:

As mentioned above, it uses data encryption to prevent your data from getting leaked or deleted due to cyber-attacks while using open WiFi. This VPN Software lets you choose the level of data encryption. You can select the encryption level between AES-128 GCM, AES-256 GCM, AES-128 CBC, or AES-256 CBC. 


Private Internet Access can secure up to 10 devices simultaneously with a single subscription. It protects not only your Mac PC but also Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, Linux PC, and Android Smart Phones. Moreover, you can also integrate it into your Internet Browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and more.

Split Tunneling:

With the help of the Split Tunneling feature, you can simultaneously connect specific programs with VPN and other applications directly. For instance, you can browse the internet with VPN privacy without interfering with the on-going downloads. In the settings menu, you can add specific apps or domains that need to connect through the VPN connection.

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Uninterrupted and Safe Browsing:

PIA VPN blocks pop-up and unwanted ads so that you can have an uninterrupted session when browsing the internet. It also protects your privacy and prevents trackers from tracking your online activities.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

Unlike other Free VPN Services, you can use the VPN service unlimited as it does not limit your data usage. Also, because of the extensive network, it offers you the maximum speed compared to other softwares.

No Traffic Logs:

One of the cons of using a free VPN is that they store your online activities in their logs. But Private Internet Access values the user’s privacy and does not store any records. Moreover, you can even make the payment anonymously by using gift cards.

Kill Switch:

Private Internet Access for Mac offers a Kill Switch feature that will automatically block all traffic when your VPN is disconnected. It will prevent your privacy and identity from getting leaked. You will find the kill switch in the settings where you can set the kill switch always on, always off, or auto.

Private Internet Access for Mac Images, Private Internet Access VPN Screenshots, Private Internet Access Photos, Private Internet Access VPN, PIA VPN, VPN Service, VPN Software

Unlock Geo-blocked Content:

Some countries restrict their users from accessing certain websites. Some programs are restricted to certain regions only, and you cannot watch them outside the country. Moreover, these days there are also some YouTube videos that are Geo-restricted. You can overcome all these issues by using Private Internet Access (PIA). 

By changing the server to other countries, you can unlock all the Geo-restricted programs and browse any website you like without your internet service provider’s knowledge. Moreover, US Citizens can use the PIA VPN service while traveling abroad to watch Netflix shows that are limited to US network only.

If you also own a Windows PC, then check out and download the Top Best Free VPN Services for Windows PC.

System Requirements to Download Private Internet Access:

  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.12 or Later Version (64-bit only)
  • RAM: 512 MB Memory or More
  • File Size: 25 MB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: Private Internet Access

Conclusion of Private Internet Access (PIA VPN):

In Conclusion to Private Internet Access VPN, it is one of the best internet security software that protects your privacy and hides your identity when surfing online. Besides providing protection, it also lets you browse blocked websites, Geo-restricted programs, and more anonymously. Moreover, it is effortless to install, set up, and use the VPN Software even for beginners.

Advanced users can make use of the extensive network of over 3300 servers and advanced features like WiFi encryption, unlimited bandwidth, ad-blocker, P2P support, Multiple VPN gateways, kill switch, SOCKS5 Proxy, and more. Besides all that, the PIA VPN does not store any of the users’ credentials.

You can click on the provided link to Download Private Internet Access for Mac PC.

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