Download QtWeb Portable Internet Browser for PC

Download QtWeb Portable Internet Browser for PC, which is a lite, portable, and secure web browser for both Windows and Mac users. The Web Browser lets you browse the internet securely and runs smoothly even on older versions of Windows & Mac Operating Systems.

A Web Browser is an essential software for PC, as you cannot surf the internet without it. If you ever used Windows built-in internet explorer, you might have experienced its slow speed and lack of features. Therefore, we recommend you to Download QtWeb Portable Internet Browser for PC that not only let you surf faster but also provides several useful features.

QtWeb Portable Browser Overview:

QtWeb Browser is a lite software that occupies less than 10 MB of your hard disk space. Also, QtWeb Internet Browser comes in a Portable version, which means you don’t have to install it on your PC. After you Download QtWeb Browser for PC, you need to extract the archive by using WinRAR Archiver or any other tool. After extracting, you can simply open the folder and launch the browser application whenever you need it.

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It has a built-in ad blocker that prevents ads from loading on your QtWeb Browser. You can also go to the settings and manually add websites to the blocklist or exception list. Besides that, it is also one of the best privacy browsers for PC that provides several privacy features. Furthermore, You can browse privately by using the private browsing (incognito) feature. 

It also provides you options to enable/disable auto-fill, popups, images, plugins, cookies, and JavaScript. You can use its virtual keyboard while typing sensitive credentials and also use mouse & keyboard shortcuts for quick access. Moreover, it also provides professional tools like web inspector, torrent manager, text encoder, and more. Keep reading and check out all the fantastic features offered by QtWeb Portable Browser in detail.

QtWeb Internet Browser for PC Key Features:

Customizable User Interface:

The user interface of the QtWeb Portable Browser may look outdated, but it is easy to use. It has a menu bar, tools bar, and tabs bar on the top and a bookmarks bar on the right of the user interface. You can also move the toolbar and bookmarks bar to any edge of the browser using the drag-drop method. Moreover, you can go to View Menu to change the theme and customize other items.

Private Browsing:

The Private Browsing in QtWeb Browser is similar to Privacy Browser and Incognito Window in other top Browsers. You can use it to hide/protect your privacy while surfing the internet. When you browse through QtWeb Private browsing, all your private data like browsing history, email ID, passwords, and more will be deleted as soon as exit the browser. Therefore, it prevents trackers or other users from tracking your recent activities. You can use it to access internet banking or while performing any online transactions.

Privacy and Security:

Besides offering the private browsing window, QtWeb Portable Browser also provides several privacy & security features. It blocks malicious websites from loading on your browser as well as warns you while you try to open infected links. Under the privacy menu of the QtWeb Internet Browser, you will find reset and full reset options. Moreover, it supports SSL and shows you the certificate information of the websites you visit.

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By using the Full Reset option, you can clear all your private data. Full Reset will remove custom bookmarks, website cookies, browsing history, searches, username & passwords entered, download history along with downloaded files, websites cache, all custom & registry settings, and customization. Whereas, by selecting, the Reset option, you will get a chance to choose the items to delete manually.

Disable Images and Plugins:

Plugins can be useful in many ways, but they can also cause your pages to load slowly, and there is a possibility for hackers to hack your PC through some plugins. Therefore, by keeping your privacy in mind, QtWeb Internet Browser lets you block/disable plugins. Images also cause the websites to load slow. So, you can disable the pictures from loading and increase the loading speed.

Disable Pop-ups, Cookies, and JavaScript:

QtWeb Browser has a built-in popup blocker that prevents websites from creating popup windows or ads. There is also an option to disable cookies from collecting your data. In the settings, you will find the option to enable/disable cookies from specific websites. You can choose to keep the cookies until they expire, or for 90 days, or till you exit the app. Moreover, you can also disable JavaScript to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities through it.

Enable/Disable Auto-fill:

The Free Internet Browser offers a convenient feature called auto-fill. When you enter anything on the website like username, password, or credentials (except credit card details), QtWeb Browser will automatically save them and automatically fills them the next time. Through it is useful for many users, other users find it risky. Therefore, you can choose to enable or disable this feature as per your requirements. Moreover, under the privacy settings, you will find a password manager where you can manage all your saved passwords.

Mouse Gestures & Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can use mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts to access QtWeb Browser quickly and conveniently. It has several preset gestures like holding RMB (right mouse button), and scrolling down will close the current page. Similarly, pressing the RMB and scrolling left or right will take you to the previous/next tab. There are also many keyboard shortcuts like closing the current tab, reloading page, open new tab, and more. 

Web Inspector:

One of the most advanced tools of QtWeb Portable Browser is the Web Inspector Tool. Professionals and web designers mostly use it to find performance bugs and to modify the webpage elements. Moreover, you can also read the webpage scripts by enabling the debugging option.

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QtWeb Internet Browser also has a built-in torrent client that lets you download, upload, and manage torrents. Torrents are useful when you want to share large files with multiple users at a time. The QtWeb Torrent client has an easy-to-use and compact user interface. It contains only a few buttons on the toolbar like start, stop, pause, move up, and move down. Besides that, you will also get two sliders at the bottom from where you can increase and decrease upload/download speed.

Virtual Keyboard:

The Virtual Keyboard tool prevents hackers or keyloggers from stealing your details through keyboard stroking. Therefore, you can avoid using your keyboard while entering sensitive or confidential data like credit card numbers and passwords. Instead, you can use the virtual keyboard and type the keys with your mouse. Furthermore, you can activate the QtWeb virtual keyboard from the tools menu or by using the shortcut Ctrl + K.

Additional Features:

QtWeb Portable Internet also has additional features like you can import bookmarks from other browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more. You can also schedule QtWeb to remove the history daily, manually, or once a week, month, year. Under the settings menu, you will find advanced customization options. You can add custom search engines as well as assign custom shortcuts. Moreover, the Free Internet Browser comes in more than ten languages.

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System Requirements to Download QtWeb Browser for PC:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Mac PC: Mac OS X 10.3 or Higher
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or Later
  • RAM: 128 MB Memory
  • File Size: 8 MB
  • Hard Disk: 20 MB of free disk space
  • Developer Website: QtWeb

Final Words on QtWeb Browser:

To conclude the topic, I like to say that the QtWeb Browser is one of the best Internet Browsing Softwares for both Windows and Mac PCs. It is also a lite browser that Neither occupies much space nor slows down your computer. Moreover, QtWeb Portable Version is a secure web browser for PC that protects your privacy. Furthermore, you can block ads, disable cookies, plugins, and images to load the pages faster while protecting your privacy.

Besides that, you can also use the QtWeb private browsing window to hide your web activities. The mouse and keyboard gestures save time and make it easy for users to access the web browser. It offers several other tools like full Reset, virtual keyboard, web inspector torrenting, and much more.

Therefore, click on the respective download links to Download QtWeb Portable Browser for Windows or Mac PC. Moreover, the Free Internet Browser is compatible with all Windows and Mac versions on both x32 and x64 processors.

–>>”Download QtWeb Browser Portable for Windows“<<–

–>>”Download QtWeb Browser Portable for Mac PC“<<–

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