Download Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 Free Trial for 30 Days

Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 Free Trial Introduction:

Get the Free Download Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 Trial Version for 30 days by using the download link provided at the bottom of this article.

Quick Heal Internet Security is the award-winning antivirus software that makes the computer safer from all those present and newly emerging viruses. Along with PC protection, it guards the users’ online activities and their privacy from dangerous e-scams and cyber threats. For securing the user’s digital life, it offers different protection tools, which are discussed in the below sections. The Quick Heal Internet Security Trial Version shows high detection rates in detecting and blocking the virus infections when compared with other security apps. Like other top best internet security suites, it also provides clean and secure banking, shopping, streaming, gaming, and other online activities on your computers.

The users interested in setting this Quick Heal Software as their default antivirus software must satisfy the minimum system requirements. It means installing your PC with any edition of the Windows Operating System (From Windows XP to Windows 10). For other details of system specifications, follow the below sections.

Quick Heal Technologies Limited manufactures this Quick Heal Internet Security, along with Quick Heal Total Security, Quick Heal Antivirus Pro, Quick Heal PCTuner, etc. It is available in two editions, free trial for 30 days and paid edition. You can get the free download Quick Heal Internet Security trial version for 30 days from our website. After completing the trial version, you can renew it by purchasing it with a limited amount.

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Free Download Quick Heal Internet Security Advanced Features:

Anti-Ransomware Protection Tool:

In this 2020 generation, cyberattacks are gradually increasing all over the world. With the simple hacking code, they are hijacking the user’s PC and stealing the essential data like highly confidential documents, videos, passwords, banking details, etc. If these details have gone into the hands of unauthorized users, they misuse it like demanding a huge ransom. Most of the ransomers are taking it an advantage and targeting the sensitive data of the online users.

That’s why this Free Download Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 offers the latest anti-ransomware protection tool. With this, it blocks the known and unknown ransomware threats before stealing your essential data. Thus, your privacy and online data are safe from WannaCry, Petya, Cerber, TeslaCrypt, and other ransomware attacks.

Parental Control:

Protecting our kids while surfing the internet, streaming online data, and playing is much more important than any others. If you want to give your children 100% protection from hacking methods, then immediately download and install this Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 on your Windows PCs that work for 30 days. The inbuilt parental control or Kids protection tool helps in safeguarding the Kid’s online activities. It includes three different parent controls, such as Internet Browsing Control, Application Control, and PC Access Control.

The Internet Browsing Control helps in blocking and restricting the children to access malicious and censored websites.

You can transfer all those applications that harm your children like gaming, media, and messaging apps to the block list. Thus, they cannot open and use blocked apps on their desktops.

Moreover, you can set the time limitations on your children’s desktop computer to use it in the specified time limits.

Auto Backup:

Sometimes, ransomers and hackers delete your essential documents from the desktops. Quick Heal Technologies Limited’s Quick Heal Internet Security offers the Auto Backup feature to escape from the data loss situations. By using this backup option, it stores all your confidential and useful documents, videos, pictures, and other files in the secured location. Whenever you want, you can restore them from the backup area.

Virtual Keyboard:

We need to be very careful while typing the passwords, banking passwords, PINs, and others. Even after taking advanced precautions to protect sensitive data, the KeyLoggers can easily and effortlessly steal the passwords and other data that you typed on your keyboard. For escaping from all these Keylogging attacks, Quick Heal came up with the Virtual Keyboard facility.

You can enable the virtual keyboard to securely type your passwords, PINs, and others by using your mouse. Thus, no unauthorized users like KeyLogger can steal your logins and other data.


Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 for 30 Days guards your privacy by blocking the infected emails and attachments using the anti-spammer tool. By scanning the mailbox effectively, it detects and blocks the infected messages and notifications on your inbox.


In order to safeguard the running processes and services of the Quick Heal, it injects the self-protection option. You can enable this self-protection feature to block all those spying eyes while trying to change the default settings of this software, and thus, you can avoid the weakening of your antivirus software.

Vulnerable Remover:

Due to some vulnerabilities included on our desktops, we engage many security attacks. By scanning the entire computer with this Quick Heal Scanner, it identifies all those vulnerabilities, such as OS settings, weak security settings, antivirus flaws, etc. By using this vulnerable remover tool, it blocks and safeguards the system from any more virus infections.

USB Scan:

The Quick Heal Internet Security Free Trial for 30 days also contains the USB Scan feature. Whenever you connect the external sources like USBs, flash drives, memory cards, SD cards, and others, it starts the scanning process. By this, it completely removes all those virus-infected files and apps and secures the device.

Safe Banking/Browsing:

Browsing, shopping, banking, and downloading files from different online sources are becoming riskier day-by-day. With the evolving digital world, the hacking attempts on innocent online users are also increasing. While surfing the internet or banking transactions, the spies are paving the way to steal the essential data by using malicious ads, pop-ups, and infected add-ons.

This Quick Heal Internet Security for Windows PC puts an end to all these surfing issues. With the inclusion of safe web surfing and safe banking features, all digital users can surf and bank securely without any privacy problems.

Quick Heal Internet Security System Specification:

For downloading and installing this Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 on your Windows, your desktop must satisfy the below system requirements. Check out the following specifications and make sure your PC satisfies them.

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)
  • 1 GHz CPU or Faster
  • 1 GB for 32-bit and 2 GB for 64-bit
  • 72 GB of free disk space
  • Developed by Quick Heal Technologies Limited

Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 Conclusion:

To sum up everything, I can say that the virus protection tools offer the best security from dangerous and real-time threats. With this, we can make our computers free from all kinds of security threats. Even though we have many virus removal apps for Windows computers, we suggest you download the Quick Heal Internet Security 2020. Using this Quick Heal Internet Security Trial Version, the user can secure their banking transactions, web surfing, and other online activities. The advanced scanning technology scans and lists the phishing attacks, Trojans, worms, bugs, and other e-threats.

There are many useful security tools in this Quick Heal Software, such as Browser Sandbox for running suspicious online activities, Anti-KeyLogger to secure keystrokes, firewall for blocking network intruders, etc. You can enjoy the free trial version of this Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 for 30 days. After that, you can switch to the premium edition by purchasing it with a small amount. Even it provided free technical support to fix all those issues encountered while using it on the PCs. By using the download button given below, you can start the downloading process of this Quick Heal Internet Security 2020 on your Windows computers.

Click here to get the trial link to download and use the Quick Heal Internet Security for 30 days.

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