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Download R-Drive Image 6 Free, which is one of the best disk imaging program for Windows PC. The Desktop Utility helps you back up and restore the entire disk, including the Operating System and user settings.

There are often times when your OS gets corrupted, or you lose specific files due to various reasons like sudden power loss, virus attacks, or hard disk failure. In such cases, it is hard to recover your valuable data. Hence, it is wise to have an image backup of your entire system so that you can quickly recover your Windows back to its working state. Therefore, you can Download R-Drive Image Free that is capable of making a byte-by-byte copy of your drive speedily and conveniently.

R-Drive Image 6 Overview:

R-Drive Image 6 Latest Version helps you create an entire backup of your computer, including the Operating System and user settings. It makes an exact byte-by-byte copy of your disk and let you restore it entirely within a few minutes. After backing up the disk, you can store it in any removable drive like CD, DVD, Pen Drive, and more. 

The User Interface looks a bit outdated and complicated at first, but you can understand it entirely after a couple of uses. The interface contains eight tools that are Create an Image, Restore from an image, Copy a Disk to Disk, Connect Image as Virtual Logic Disk, Create Startup Disks, Check an Image File, Scheduler, and Disconnect Virtual Logical Disks. 

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R-Drive Image Free Tools:

Create an Image:

With the R-Drive Image Free Version, it is easy to create disk images within a few minutes, even for beginners. Even beginners can back up their entire disk by following a few simple steps. R-Drive Image offers lots of advanced options while creating an Image such as backup type, splitting backup, compressing image ratio, and protecting it with a password. You can choose to back up sector-by-sector or only the actual data. Also, you can set the image compression ratio to faster speed or smaller size. Moreover, Splitting the Image will make it easy to transfer the file to CDs, DVDs, or USB Drives.

Restore from an image:

Restoring an image file is much more comfortable, which takes only a few minutes to restore all your data. From the main interface, select the Restore from an Image option and click on Next. From there, you need to choose the backup file from your local hard disk or external drive and click on Next. Then, you need to enter your password and click on Start to being the recovery. The recovery process will take only a few minutes to restore your computer. 

Copy a Disk to Disk:

The Copy Disk to Disk option helps you copy the entire old hard disk to a new hard disk. This option comes handy when you want to migrate from one PC to another. You can also choose to copy particular partitions or the entire drive.

R-Drive Image 6 Latest Version Key Features:

  • The simplistic wizard makes it easy even for beginners to use this advanced software.
  • Create an Exact byte-by-byte backup of your hard disk without having to restart Windows OS.
  • Secure your drive image file with highly encrypted password protection.
  • The Free Backup Software also compresses the image file size to save disk space. Also, you can choose to split the file into several parts to be able to transfer it to removable drives.
  • R-Drive Image Free also lets you run/connect an Image (ISO) file as a virtual logic disk.
  • You can Create Startup disks and ISO image files by using the Create Startup Disks option. You can burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD by using any Burning ROM software.
  • The Free Image Creator program also lets you check the integrity of an Image File. You can check the Image file after creating and Image or before initiating the restoration process.
  • Moreover, you can schedule a task like creating an image, or restoring an image on a particular date and time as per your convenience. It represents all the tasks in a neat tabular form and also lets you modify the tasks.
  • You can copy your entire hard disk, including the operating system and user settings by using the sector-to-sector backup type.
  • Also, R-Drive Image 6 has multi-language support as it comes in many languages such as German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, English, and more.
  • The Image Creator Software supports almost all drive formats such as FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ReFS, HFS, APFS, UFS1, as well as Ext2, Ext3, Ext 4 FS.
  • Furthermore, R-Drive Image Free also has a Self Monitoring Analyzing and Reporting Technology (abbreviated as SMART) that monitors your hard disk and warns you of any hard disk failure.

How to Create an Image:

Follow the steps to create a disk image using R-Drive Image. 

  • As you launch the Free Image Creator, it gives you a brief description of the program along with Registration and Update options. Click on the next button to proceed.
  • Here you can see all the main interface of R-Drive Image Free containing all the tools. Click on the Create an Image option and then the Next button. Or you can also double-click on the option to proceed further.

R-Drive Image Free Images, Download R-Drive Photos, R-Drive Image Screenshots, Free Backup Software, Image Creator Program, Free Image Creator Program

  • The Image Creator Program asks you to select a partition. You can click and pick specific disk partitions or click on the hard disk icon to select the entire drive. 
  • Note that the chosen partitions are indicated with a red underline. You can also deselect specific partitions by clicking on them and click on the Next button.
  • The program will ask you to select a destination folder to save the backup. Note that the source partition and destination location cannot be the same. You can also connect removable drives like external hard disk or pen drive as a destination folder.
  • After selecting the folder, click on the Next button to get advanced settings.

R-Drive Image Free Images, Download R-Drive Photos, R-Drive Image Screenshots, Free Backup Software, Image Creator Program, Free Image Creator Program

  • Here you can pick the backup type, split Image, set conversion ratio, and enter a password before hitting the next button.
  • Next, the program provides few more advanced settings like backup process priority, CPU cores to use, and more.
  • Clicking on next will show a review of all the preferences you choose and disk details. Finally, you can click on the Start button to begin the process.
  • The process will take a few hours depending on the size and data in your disk. Your image file will be ready in the selected destination folder.

You can also check O&O DiskImage Professional Edition Download for Windows 64-bit.

System Requirements to Download R-Drive Image:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or Later
  • RAM: 256 MB Memory
  • File Size: 77 MB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: R-Tools Technology

Conclusion of R-Drive Image Free Download:

I like to conclude that R-Drive Image is one of the Best Image Creation and Backup Tools for Windows. It uses advanced drive imaging and restoration technology that copies your drive byte-by-byte without damaging your files. Also, it offers lots of advanced options like encrypting your backup with a password, splitting the backup into several parts, choosing the backup type, and setting a compression ratio. Furthermore, the compression and restoration process is much safer, precise, and faster compared to other similar softwares.

Click on the below link or download button to Download R-Drive Image 6 Free Latest Version for Windows PC.

–>>”Download R-Drive for Windows 32/64 Bit“<<–

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