Download Slimjet Browser (64-bit) Portable Version for Free

Everyone wants to browse the web pages securely and smoothly on their desktops. If you want to open and access the sites without any security and loading errors, then go through this article to the end. In this post, we are presenting the most popular Slimjet Browser for Windows 64-bit/32-bit PCs. You can use the Free Download Slimjet Browser (64-bit) Portable Version for browsing the web protectively, quickly, and smoothly on any Windows PC. Though there are dozens of free web browsers, we recommend this Slimjet because of its simple and understandable user interface.

The user might come across different types of web browsers, but compare to them, the Slimjet Browser for 64-bit loads the page faster. That means it does not take much time to load when you give any browsing input. One of the main reasons for loading faster is the blockage of advertisements on the webpage using the AdBlocker. Even it does not allow the pop-ups and notifications from unknown senders to optimize the browser performance. With this, everyone can save their private data and banking information. For example, account numbers, credit details, and usernames. All these details are secured from fake, malicious, and untrusted sites.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 users can download this Slimjet Browser Portable Version on their devices. This top best internet browser is compatible with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit processors. Follow the below sections to know more about this browser software.

About Free Download Slimjet Browser 64-bit:

FlashPeak manufactures this Slimjet Browser for all Windows PCs for free. So you can use the download link at the end to get this on your PC. Whenever you want to surf the web, you can type the URL on the large address bar. For referring to those sites in future times, you can bookmark them on your browser. Using the synchronizing option, the users of Slimjet Browser can access their bookmarks, passwords, and other information from other devices.

Even you can download your favorite YouTube video songs or movies through the YouTube Video Downloader. At a single time, you can download multiple video tracks and manage all of them with the inbuilt download management option. You can change the queue, stop, pause, and resume the downloading process whenever you want.

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You can allow Slimjet Browser to fill the login forms like usernames and passwords on the most visited websites. Even beginners and technical users can modify the toolbar by adding or deleting the essential tools. In this way, they can access the desired content quickly. One can download Slimjet Browser 64-bit on their devices to record the desktop screen while solving network-related errors or streaming online YouTube videos on this Slimjet.

More importantly, you can add plugins or extensions to the Slimjet to ease your web browsing, such as RoboForm, LastPass, Adblock Plus, etc. The user can quickly download this free internet browser on all their Windows PCs because of its small file size. You can follow the below section to see more features of this Slimjet.

Slimjet Browser Portable Version for Windows Key Features:

  • Do you want to post an image or link or document on your Facebook Timeline? Then you can use the Slimjet Browser because it contains the Facebook Toolbar. With this, you can directly share the required item on your Timeline.
  • The private mode or incognito window offered by this Slimjet Browser for Windows allows everyone to visit the sites secretly on their PCs. Even internet service providers cannot trace the whereabouts of the user and their browser details. It will not store the cookies and searches on the browser history.
  • On the homepage or the interface of this Slimjet Browser, you will see the current weather information.
  • You can add all those regularly visited websites to the homepage. By doing this process you can quickly open and access them on your Windows computers.

Recommended SlimBrowser Portable Version Download for Windows 32-bit.

  • If the Webpage opens in some language that you did not know, you can use the Webpage translation option to convert it into your understandable language.
  • Moreover, the Free Download Slimjet Browser 64-bit Portable Version contains the cloud sync option to synchronize the bookmarks, history, password, and other settings of this browser.
  • In addition to the above, the inbuilt AdBlocker option detects and blocks the advertisements and promotions to speed up the browser speed.
  • Compared to other internet browsers, it downloads files or videos 12 times faster with multiple connections.

Slimjet Browser System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Intel Pentium IV or Faster
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 100 MB of free disk space
  • Manufactured by FlashPeak

Bottom Line:

Therefore, I conclude that the Slimjet Browser is the best web browser for Windows PC. On this web browser, we can browse the internet safely and securely on your desktop computers. With this top-most web browser, we can visit the restricted websites privately on the incognito window.

There are many advanced features in this Slimjet Browser, such as bookmarking the important links or URLs or webpages, downloading videos through a video downloader, and many more. The high-level privacy protection of this web browser helps you in securing your browser data like cookies, cache, and searches from unwanted tracking issues. It will transfer all these browser details to any third-party user, including Internet Service Providers.

When we talk about the user interface of this Slimjet Browser, you can see the effective user interface on your desktop screen. The users of any stream can handle this Slimjet Web Browser and easily surf the web on their PCs. You will not see any advertisements or pop-ups while browsing on this Slimjet because it blocks them from using the AdBlocker. Like this, there are many other benefits to installing the free internet browser on your computer. Click the following download button to download the Slimjet Browser 64-bit Portable Version on your desktop.

Click here to get the link to download the Slimjet Browser for Windows PC.

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