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Download SMPlayer Portable Version, Extract the ZIP file and use the media player without any installation. It is one of the best multimedia players for Windows and other Operating Systems. Moreover, SMPlayer Latest Version (20.4) comes with built-in media codecs that help you play any audio and video file format.

Media Player is one of the essential software for Windows or any other Operating System. Desktops and Laptops come with pre-installed media players like Windows Media Player for Windows PC and iTunes for Mac PC. These pre-installed Media Players lack many features, and they support only a few file formats. Therefore, Windows users use other multimedia players. Released in 2006, SMPlayer has been giving a tough competition to top media players like VLC Media Player Free and GOM Player. 

SMPlayer Portable Version Overview:

SMPlayer is a Free Media Player that offers several features like auto-resume, audio equalizers, speed control, video modifications, and more. Also, the users don’t need to download extra codecs as SMPlayer Portable Version comes with built-in codecs that help you play any media file format. You can even capture screenshots while watching a video by using the camera icon the toolbar or by using the keyboard shortcut S. Moreover, you can also adjust audio and subtitles to sync with the video by using keyboard shortcuts.

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SMPlayer 20.4 User Interface:

SMPlayer 20.4 Latest Version retains the older user interface, which is simple and easily accessible. It looks similar to Microsoft’s Windows Media Player but provides more controls on the interface. It has a menu bar on the top, followed by a tools menu. You will find the playback controls like play, stop, rewind, forward, full screen, volume slider, time stamp, and a seek bar at the bottom layer.

Moreover, you will find useful tools on the toolbar like screenshot, previous media, next media, change audio, turn on/off subtitles, and more. All the remaining advanced tools are hidden in the menus to keep the user interface clean and simplified. You can also use the Stay On Top option in the video menu to keep SMPlayer on top of other videos when multitasking.

SMPlayer Latest Version Key Features:

Resume Video:

Resume Video is the latest feature, which is available only in some top media players. For Instance, many times, you leave a video partially in the middle because of any urgent work. But when you come back and reopen the video, you need to search for the last scene and adjust your preferences all over again. Therefore, SMPlayer Portable Version smartly saves the previous session history and resumes back the video/movie from where you left. Moreover, it also remembers user preferences like audio volume, equalizer settings, video settings, and more.

Speed Control:

With SMPlayer Portable Version, you can fully control the video playback with various tools. The Media Player for Windows allows you to slow down or speed up the video speed. And you can also play a particular section of the video/movie in loops. You can slow down the video to 10x and speed it up by 100x. The speed control options are available in the play menu, or you can use the keys [ and ] to slow down and speed up the video in real-time.

Video Adjustments:

SMPlayer Latest Version lets you make adjustments to the video as per your necessity. You can flip the video horizontally or vertically as well as rotate it to 90 degrees anti-clockwise or clockwise. Also, you can increase/decrease the size of the video from 50% to 400%. The Media Player also lets you Zoom in to a specific region of the video. Besides that, you have lots of other options such as add/remove noise, add black borders, blur, sharpen, and more.

Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts:

You can quickly access any tool and execute any action with the help of the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. First, Go to the options menu and click on preferences, then go to the keyboard & mouse tab. There you can modify and assign new mouse and keyboard shortcuts as per your necessity and convenience.

SMPlayer Portable Images, Download SMPlayer Photos, SMPlayer Latest Version Screenshots, SMPlayer, Free Media Player

Loop Video:

The loop option is also available in the Play menu with the name A-B section. You need to place the A section at the starting point and the B section at the end. The video will keep repeating (looping) until you stop the loop or restart the player.

Subtitles Support:

Now, you don’t have to search Google for the appropriate subtitles, as you can do it from the player itself. Go to the Subtitles menu and click on find subtitles. It automatically searches for the right subtitles and presents you in a list. If the auto search doesn’t work, you can also use the manual method by entering the movie title, selecting the subtitle language, and clicking on search.

The SMPlayer Portable Version gives you an option to adjust the subtitles delay to sync with the audio & video. Furthermore, you can change the font style, size, color, as well as the position of the subtitles.

Play Online Videos:

While streaming videos online, you won’t get many playback control options as the online videos run in a flash player. Therefore, you can use the URL feature to play online videos in SMPlayer with advanced controls like speed control, loop, video adjustments, equalizer, and more.

Audio Controls:

The Best Free Media Player also lets you make audio modifications like adjusting the delay, selecting the channels, changing stereo mode, and adding filters like karaoke, base, etc. It also provides an equalizer where you can choose the presets or adjust the frequency manually.

SMPlayer Portable Images, Download SMPlayer Photos, SMPlayer Latest Version Screenshots, SMPlayer, Free Media Player

System Requirements to Download SMPlayer:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32&64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or Later
  • RAM: 128 MB Memory
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free disk space

Conclusion of SMPlayer Portable:

In Conclusion to the SMPlayer Portable Version, it is one of the best media players that offer lots of premium features while taking fewer system resources. Besides all the features mentioned above, there are lots of tools available for advanced users, hidden in the menu bar.

The best thing about SMPlayer 20.4 is that you don’t have you install it. You can simply extract the file and start using the software on any computer. Click on the below links to Download SMPlayer Portable for your respective Operating System.

–>>”SMPlayer Portable for Windows 64 bit“<<–

–>>”SMPlayer Portable for Windows 32 bit“<<–

>>”SMPlayer Portable for Ubuntu“<<

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