Download SpeedOptimizer Free for Windows

Download SpeedOptimizer Free for Windows that helps you optimize your PC for better performance. This PC Utility is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, and works on both 64-bit as well as 32-bit machines.

Most computer users are unaware that their PC gets stocked with unwanted files as they keep using it. These junk files and residue files not only occupy your precious space but also consumes system resources and slow down your PC’s performance.

Hence, we recommend every Windows user to use a reliable PC Optimization Tool. While most of the tuneup utilities are massive in size and complicated to use, you can Download SpeedOptimizer Free that is easy to use and occupies less than 20 MB on your hard disk.

SpeedOptimizer Free Overview:

SpeedOptimizer 3 is a product of Speedbit that produces fantastic utilities like Download Accelerator Plus, Online Video Downloader, FileFlyer, Cloud Manager, and more. It is one of the Best PC Optimizers for Windows with advanced tools to enhance your PC’s speed.

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It also has an understandable interface that is suitable for both non-technicians and professional users. The SpeedOptimizer helps you clean junk files, temporary files, and invalid files that occupy your disk space. Also, it lets you change Windows default settings to optimize your PC. Moreover, it offers several tools like Windows Optimizer, Registry Cleaner, Network Optimizer, Startup Manager, and more.

Beginners and non-technical users can use the 1-Click Optimization option to optimize your PC with a single click. SpeedOptimizer automatically scans and removes recommended items to speed your computer within a couple of minutes.

SpeedOptimizer for Windows Key Features:

Simple User Interface:

To keep the PC Optimization Tool lite, Speedbit designed the user interface to be simple and easy-to-use. Even non-technicians can understand and use the tools to optimize the PC. It shows a welcome screen with a 1-Click optimization button on the right and remaining tabs on the left. The tabs on the left contain all the tools with settings and help options below them.

Registry Cleaner:

Cleaning Windows Registry improves the performance of your PC drastically. But manually deleting the Registry entries is risky as it may cause your system to crash or freeze. Therefore, you can use SpeedOptimizer Free that cleans your Windows Registry safely. It removes invalid file extensions, redundant DLLs, invalid icons, shortcuts, and other broken entries from the Windows Registry.

SpeedOptimizer Free Photos, SpeedOptimizer Screenshots, SpeedOptimizer for Windows, SpeedOptimizer User Interface, PC Optimization Tool

PC Cleaner:

It is one of the Best Tuneup Utilities that lets you delete junk files from your Windows PC with a single click. It helps you remove temporary Windows files, temporary internet files, obsolete OS uninstallers, obsolete backup files, GID files, invalid shortcuts, and other junk files from your disk. Moreover, you can manually select the items to delete before hitting the optimize button.

Windows Optimizer:

Windows comes with some default settings to provide usability, but SpeedOptimizer Free lets you optimize these settings to enhance the system’s performance. It provides options to optimize the recycle bin size, temporary internet files folder size, enables background management for Windows temporary files, disable office indexing service, and disable hard drive indexing service. Also, note that these are advanced Windows optimization settings. Therefore, we recommend you create a system restore point before making any changes.

Network Optimizer:

The Network Optimizer tool solves network issues like connectivity, low speed, and more. You need to go to the Networking tab and click on optimization. Then you need to select your connection type and adapter from the dropdown menu and follow the steps. SpeedOptimizer for Windows will scan your network and optimize it to resolve all the networking issues.

SpeedOptimizer Free Photos, SpeedOptimizer Screenshots, SpeedOptimizer for Windows, SpeedOptimizer User Interface, PC Optimization Tool

Startup Manager:

When you install softwares, some of them automatically add themselves to the Windows Startup list. The programs added in the Windows Startup list launch faster when you run them. But, adding several applications to the Windows Startup list will slow down Windows boot speed.

Therefore, you can use the Startup Manager by SpeedOptimizer and remove unwanted softwares from the list to boost the Windows Boot Speed. Note that there are also some programs that need to start with Windows to work precisely, such as Antivirus Softwares, Printer Software, etc.

Scheduled Tasks:

You can schedule the Free PC Optimizer to run the scan and clean the PC at specific times as per your convenience. You can schedule the task once, weekly, monthly, daily, at every system startup, or when the PC is idle. Moreover, you can create multiple schedules and enable the option to stop the scan when your laptop is running on battery mode. There are several other advanced options in the schedule’s setting menu.

System Requirements to Download SpeedOptimizer 3:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or Later
  • RAM: 128 MB Memory
  • File Size: 2.5 MB
  • Hard Disk: 20 MB of free disk space

Conclusion of SpeedOptimizer:

In Conclusion, SpeedOptimizer 3 by Speedbit is a lite and advanced optimization tool for Windows PC. It helps you clean junk files, Windows temporary files, internet files, and other useless files to free up hard drive. Also, it optimizes your network and solves Windows Registry issues by deleting invalid and broken entries. Furthermore, it creates a System Restore Point before performing any action as you can efficiently recover your computer in case there was an issue during the optimization process.

Click on the below link to Download SpeedOptimizer Free that helps you optimize your PC quickly and conveniently. Moreover, the PC Optimization Tool is compatible with all Windows OS and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.

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