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Viber Messenger is one of the top best free instant messaging software for Mac and Windows Operating Systems. With Viber Messenger, users can make free calls and send messages to their friends, colleagues, and family members whenever needed. Moreover, users can send their texts, videos, photos, and many more in just a few mouse clicks.

Download Viber Messenger for Mac that helps all users to make free video calls and communicate with others easily. 

The latest version of Viber Messenger is highly compatible with all versions of Mac Operating Systems, such as Mac OS X 10.13, Mac OS X 10.14, and Mac OS X 10.15. 

Viber Messenger Free Download for Mac Overview:

Do you want to send your favorite pictures, videos, or texts to your friends or family members? Want to make video and voice calls with your clients and business people? If you are searching for the answers to these issues, the only reason is to use the best messaging software. Most of the software producing companies designed excellent messaging applications. Some of the best-performed tools are Trillian Messenger, LINE Messenger, Slack Messenger, and more. All among these, we recommend one of the secure and high-riched messaging software known as Viber Messenger that mainly designed for Mac and Windows devices. The Viber Messenger for Mac OS helps users to make online communication with others very easy.

Moreover, this best free Mac instant messenger is perfect for both personal purposes and business purposes. The interface in this Viber Messenger is reliable, initiative, and even user-friendly so that both the non-technical and technical users can access it freely whenever they needed for their Mac devices. With the group chat feature, users can invite unlimited participants they want. Furthermore, users can send text messages, pictures, videos, audio recordings, and others. Apart from this, you can use this Mac Viber Messenger to share confidential documents or files with the clients, employees, team members, etc.

By this free download Viber Messenger free for Mac, users can easily make the video or voice calling to people on Viber. Users can turn to Viber Messenger to have an open and authentic conversation with their family members, friends, and colleagues. By using this application, users can always keep their personal chats private and protected. It completely free from all kinds of viruses and helps users to share their data with others without any hesitation. This application works well on all Operating Systems, like Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Viber Messenger Free Version Key Features: 

  • The Viber Messenger free for Mac OS comes with a clean, easily understandable interface. So, both advanced and novices can communicate with their family members and friends easily.
  • This best free instant messenger helps all Mac users to send text messages, pictures, videos, audio recordings, and many more with others. 
  • In addition to these, they can also share confidential documents or files with the employees, team members, etc. 
  • Like WhatsApp Messenger, Viber also delete seen message in no time. 
  • Moreover, users can create hidden chats, follow public accounts and conversations, and even play online games within the Viber Messenger app. 
  • With Viber Messenger free for Mac OS, users can build and even manage their chats or conversations with unlimited participants. 
  • Users can create sticker packs. At the same time, they can simply edit existing stickers, add or remove stickers, change the pack from the public to private. 
  • It comes with a new Group Chat feature, which enables users to create as many groups as they can and chat with them according to their wish. Within a single mouse click, they can send pictures, text messages, or audios/videos or any other to the group members. Also, send stickers, funny emojis, GIFs to have an excellent conversation experience. 

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  • Further, users can perform voice calls or video calls with any of the contacts members. 
  • In the article Viber Messenger for Mac OS, we would like to tell you about the instant voice and video recording function that helps to record quick-sending video and voice messages. 
  • Alternatively, Viber Messenger’s main interface is available in several languages across the world. That includes Nepali, Catalan, Arabic, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Estonian, Italian, Finnish, Slovenian, Korean, English, French, Occitan, Gaelic, Taiwanese, German, Portuguese, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Galician, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, and many more so that all Mac and Windows users can select their own language for a better interface. 

Viber Messenger System Requirements: 

  • Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.13, Mac OS X 10.14, Mac OS X 10.15.  
  • Processor: 64-bit Intel processor or later 
  • Internal Memory: 128 MB RAM required or above 
  • Hard Disk Drive: 50 MB free disk space needed or above 

Viber Messenger Conclusion:

From the above information, I would like to conclude by saying that Viber Messenger is the instant messaging software that mainly designed for Mac, Windows, and Linux devices to have better online communication. With Viber Messenger for Mac, users can send and receive messages in just a few mouse clicks. It supports audio chat, video chat, or text chat with their office collogues or near and dears. Furthermore, users can save all the essential and favorite conversations sent by their employers, friends, team members, and others. 

Viber Messenger free version for Mac supports to work on all platforms of Mac Operating System, such as Mac OS X 10.13, Mac OS X 10.14, Mac OS X 10.15. So, you can communicate with others at anytime, anywhere.  

Click here to get the link to download Viber Messenger free Version for Mac Operating Systems. 

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