Download XtraFinder 1.5 Free Trial Edition for Mac

XtraFinder 1.5 Overview:

XtraFinder 1.5 is a free utility software that adds extra features, dual-panel, and additional tabs to the native Finder of Mac operating systems. The latest released XtraFinder v1.5 software can support Mac Catalina systems and also Mac 10.6 to 10.15 versions. This smart Mac utility software can combine all the Finder options that have located on different menus and let the users access them smoothly. As well as, it can add more applications and features to the existing list. This free program is helpful for the designers and the people who need to switch between different menus to finish their tasks.

Interested users can download this best XtraFinder 1.5 free trial version for Mac operating systems from our website for free. The user interface of this smart XtraFinder trial version software is simple but might be confusing. But, it is offering plenty of useful Mac applications for its users. Let’s see what features are provided by this trial version software.XtraFinder, XtraFinder Download, XtraFinder Free, XtraFinder for Mac, XtraFinder Images, XtraFinder Screenshots, XtraFinder Logos, XtraFinder Photos, XtraFinder Pictures.

XtraFinder Free Trial Key Features:

Tabs and Dual-panel:

This free file manager tool is offering a tabbed and dual-panel file management system to the Mac users.

Menu Commanders:

  • With XtraFinder software, you can get quick access to dozens of applications that have located on the context menus, menus, and toolbars.
  • Those applications include Attributes, Copy Path, Contents, Attributes, Workspace, New Terminal Here, New File, New Symbolic Link, Show Hidden Items, Copy to, Move to, Hide desktop, and more others.

Cut and Paste:

Similar to the Windows keyboard, it offers -X to cut the selected text and -P key to paste the content wherever you want.

Copying Queue:

It allows the users to copy and paste multiple times for multiple numbers of files without any limitations instead of waiting until the end of the pasting process.

Keeping Folders on the Top:

It keeps all the folders above the list of files.

Adjusting the Width:

Additionally, this smart XtraFinder trial version software can change the width manually so that users can find out the full name of the file.

Enhanced Appearance:

It is offering a pretty label drawing, full row label, custom color, legacy finder, transparent window, colorful icons in the sidebar, and more others.

Other Features:

  • Users can click on the Enter button to open the Selection menu.
  • If the user clicks on the middle click, then the folder will open in the new window.
  • It displays the folder item count if the user has clicked on the Shift-select icon.
  • It also displays the size of the item in the status bar.

XtraFinder 1.5 for Mac System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Mac operating systems 10.6 or later
  • Processor: Intel, 64-bit processor

How to Install XtraFinder 1.5 on Mac Systems:

Step-1: Download the XtraFinder application directly from our website. The download link has given below the article.

Step-2: Add the saved file to the download folders and double click on the file to let it run on your Mac.

Step-3: Click on the Install button on the newly appeared window to end the installation procedure.

Conclusion for XtraFinder Free Trial Edition:

Finally, we can conclude that XtraFinder is the best software utility that adds extra features to the local Finder application of the Mac operating systems.

If you want to download this smart XtraFinder 1.5 free trial edition for Mac operating systems, hit the direct download button given below the article.

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