Dr.Web Anti-virus Download Free For Windows 8

Dr.Web Anti-virus application Free For Windows 8 offers the most powerful and reliable protection for your system and data. Interested users who are using 32 bit or 64 bit Windows OS based PC. They should download this Antivirus software definitely on a computer to defend the essential data and computer from malware.

Overview of Dr.Web Anti-virus Free For Windows 8:

Mainly Dr.Web Anti-virus keeps the malicious threats away from user’s data, therefore, try to choose it. As the software more effectively detect a different kind of malicious threats like adware, Trojans, and rootkits. Usually, this ultimate Antivirus software scans your overall computer thoroughly and detects found malware. If once you installed the software on a PC it automatically wipes out the harmful viruses, worms, and spyware from a device. It successfully defends file and mail servers, separate workstations and corporate networks. As this is one more beneficial thing offered by the tool to the users.

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If you are using Windows OS computer or Mac OS X device. Then precisely prefer this free Antivirus application in order to protect the device against potential risks. The most popular and easy to use Dr.Web Antivirus contains the ability to safeguard the PC or laptop from all kind of intricate malicious threats.

Both the novice and advanced users feel more convenient and more comfortable while utilizing the software. Because the included features in an app are easy to access and simple to understand. Finally, it is the best Antivirus tool to detect malware from a PC. And to defend the Windows OS, Mac OS X and Android devices against malicious risks.

Features of Dr.Web Anti-virus Free Download

  • As this comprehensive tool in an efficient way detect the already entered malware from a PC. Apart from that obstruct or block the malicious risks before entering into a system.
  • It offers an advanced Firewall component as the main function of this trait is block the assaults of intruders or hackers and constantly protect the online data from unauthorized users.
  • Web Scanner is also one of the significant features that detect all kind of intricate threats from a computer. And always safeguards the PC against all types of potential risks.

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  • To detect the malware permanently or enduringly from a system this sophisticated tool thoroughly scans the RAM, boot sectors, hard drives, and removable data storage devices.
  • In a quick and efficient manner, the included Dr.Web Shield Anti-rootkit provides the most excellent protection against complex or intricate viruses.
  • Included complete scan option allows you to scan the whole computer and USB hard drives.
  • Express scan option permits to scan the significant system locations. Like memory and operating system successfully.
  • Apart from the Email Scanner thoroughly scans the emails otherwise the malicious threats enter into the computer through email and destroy the available data on a PC.
  • It is more effective and showing the best results in detecting the viruses, Trojans, and spyware.

System Requirements for Dr.Web Anti-Virus

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

512 MB of RAM

750 MB of free hard disk space

Download Dr.Web Anti-virus Latest Version

To download the Dr.Web Anti-virus Free Trial application at ease just click the suggested below free download link. This free Antivirus software supports all versions of Windows OS.

            Dr.Web Anti-virus Free Download

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